2nd PAU Run…Done!

I will have a more detailed account of this race in my next post. I just want to extend my thanks to all the runners—veterans and the newly-baptized ultramarathoners, for their participation to this road race and their support to the objectives of the Philippine Association of Ultrarunners (PAU). This race, to include all the races being organized and directed by the Bald Runner’s Events, would not be possible without the untiring efforts of the men and women behind the scene who implemented our plans and for making sure that the support/logistics were available to all the participants.

A total of 125 runners started at the Plaza fronting the Municipal Hall of Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte few minutes before 5:00 AM last Sunday. After 15 hours, 122 runners reached the Finish Line and they were declared as Finishers!

Gathering from the feedback of the finishers, there are two distinct descriptions of PAU Races—Surprises and Scenery of the Route! The runners were surprised of the exact distance of the race. Instead of registering 65K in their GPS watches, the actual route was measured as 70K!  Runners were also surprised on the type of road to run and in summary, the runners were able to experience running on paved roads, trails, rocks with water, and climbing some rocks and stairs, too! The scenery of the route is beyond compare and it was refreshing to the eyes which was totally new to the “first-timers” in Ilocos! The weather also surprised the runners as the sun started to appear on mid-morning even if the weather forecast was cloudy & overcast brought about by the passing of Typhoon “Florita”. Lastly, the presence of the local folks living in those barangays along the highway who watched and cheered the runners as they passed gave another surprise to everybody.

We have proven to ourselves and to all our runners (once again!) that support (donations) coming from our running friends and the participants themselves made this event a success and worth repeating every year. With the help of these friends and the ultrarunners, we will try our best to bring our runners to other places with different challenges…and more “suffering & pain”!

Thanks also to the local government executives of Pasuquin, Burgos, Bangui, Pagudpud and Ilocos Norte for their warm welcome and cooperation for this event. I am sure more of our runners and readers of this site will be aware of the beauty of the roads, tourist spots, the sea, the rocks, the beach, and the hospitality of the people of Ilocos Norte.

For the 2011 edition of this race, we will add the Blue Lagoon & Patapat Viaduct as parts of the route!

See you on the 3rd PAU Run dubbed as the “Mt Pinatubo 50K Trail Challenge” on October 9, 2011.

Thanks & Good Job, Guys!!! (Photo Courtesy of Mark Hernandez)
Runners In Action (Photo Courtesy of Shiela Compendio)
Banners Provided By Mayor Cris Garcia of Burgos, Ilocos Norte (Photo Courtesy of Mark Hernandez)

Final Instructions: 2nd PAU Run (P2P 65K)

1. All runners are advised to review the final instructions for the 1st PAU 50K Run which was held in Barangay Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal. The same rules and regulations will be implimented in this race.

2. Instead of Race Marshals along the route, there will be painted signs in white on the paved road to direct the runners. They are located either on the right or left edge of the road which will indicate the directions the runners will follow. These are printed with waterproof paint.

Watchout For This Sign

3. Runners are advised to take extra precaution in approaching the Kapurpurawan Rock formation. It would be wise to just walk along the sharp rocks & corals before reaching the turn-around point where one of my staff will be handing the 2nd string-necklace. Be safe on this portion and take time to select your footing on these flat but sharp-edge rocks. Runners can climb up to the white rock formation for their photo-ops.

Stairs Leading To The Kapurpurawan Rocks
Recommended Place For Photo-Ops

4. There are no fees to pay when entering each of these tourist spots along the route.

5. There will be no Aid Station at the Parking Area/Turn-Around point of the Burgos Lighthouse. Instead, the Aid Station will be positioned at the Km #20 point. One of my staff/Marshals will be positioned at the Parking Area to hand each runner the 1st string-necklace.

6. For those who have not yet redeemed or received their Race Packets, my staff will be at the La Elliana Hotel in Laoag City from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM to give your Race Packet or settle your reserved slots. We would like to settle all administrative concerns and clarifications from the runners at this period. On D-Day before the race, we will simply start the race.

7. As in previous races, we would like to be consistent on the start of the race. We will start on or before 5:00 AM on Sunday in front of the Pasuquin Municipal Hall. There will be no VIP to grace the occassion. The VIPs are the brave runners at the Starting Line of this race!

8. The distance of the race is expected not to be accurate. All runners are warned that the race distance might reach up to 68-69 kilometers. After passing the Pagudpud Boundary Arch, prepare for a winding uphill climb up to the Poblacion of Pagudpud and the last 3-4 kilometers to the finish line will be flat.  

9. Have a safe trip and good luck to all the runners and their support crew.

Getting Bigger

The number of runners interested in ultramarathon is growing and getting bigger. This was shown and observed during the Briefing and CLP last night for the participants of the “P2P” 65K Run in Ilocos Norte which will be held on Sunday, August 29, 2010. I saw the “usual suspects”, I mean, the BDM 102 veterans as well as those who finished the 1st PAU 50K Run which was held last May 9, 2010 in the Sierra Madre paved roads. I noted also that I was able to see new faces and new recruits of the BDM 102 veterans.

In my briefing presentation, I emphasized the objectives of these ultra runs being scheduled to be conducted on a monthly basis up to January 2011. Aside from our main objective of promoting ultra running events, we would like also to bring the runners to new running routes outside Metro Manila. Most of the runners I talked during the party also confirmed my observation that the running routes in Metro Manila are already “boring and easy” and that these routes are plainly used as training routes.

PAU is also geared to discover new talents and potentials in ultra running among the runners in the provinces. We are bringing the races to the regions and provinces. I guess, this is what they mean when our sports authorities say about “grassroot level” of sports development. Although this kind of arrangement will be more costly in terms of logistics and travel expenses, we hope we will be able to sustain this program with the help of our runner-sponsors.

Who says running and tourism do not mix? Well, that’s the beauty of running an ultramarathon distance because you have the chance to walk, stop, take some pictures of the places and scenery along the route, see different places in the country, develop closer friendship among runners, and a chance to bring the whole family and friends outside Metro Manila for a change of environment, for rest & relaxation, and other activities like tasting the local foods in the area. So, these series of runs outside Metro Manila will somehow promotes eco-tourism in the provinces.

Runners, I mean, ultrarunners have a craving for never-ending challenges in routes, distance and terrain. These runners want variety and want to push their endurance capabilities beyond their limits. It is hard to explain why these runners keep on wanting for more—more pain and more pain and more satisfaction on themselves as they cross the finish line. Most of the runners that finished their first BDM 102 uttered to me as they crossed the finish line that their experience in the race will be their “first and last”. But you will be surprised that the same people were the first ones who applied for the longer version which is the BDM 151 next year!

Lastly, PAU does not have any objective that will help improve the political, social, and economic situation of the country. Our Sports Federation will not duplicate the mission & objectives of the different departments and institutions of the government as well as to the goals of non-government organizations. We simply want to raise some funds for us to expose our best ultrarunners in international competitions. PAU had been officially invited by the Ultramarathon Sports Federation of Taiwan to participate in the famous Soochow University 24-Hour Endurance Run which will be held on the first Sunday of December 2010. Our best PAU runner will be among the 35 countries invited by the Race Organizer. With this international competition, our runner will be able to set our official national record on the 24-Hour Endurance Run. Hopefully, with these ultra races being organized and conducted by PAU, we would be able to raise some funds to realize our plan of exposing our runners in Asian Ultramarathon events which are sanctioned by the International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU).

For those who have attended in last night’s Briefing and CLP and to the almost 140 participants of the P2P 65K Run this Sunday, I would like to extend my sincerest thanks and appreciation for your support on the objectives and plans of PAU.

P2P 65K Briefing (Photo Courtesy of John Jeff Avellanosa)

Have a safe trip to Ilocos Norte and see you at the Starting Line. Good luck and have fun!

Group Picture (Photo Courtesy of John Jeff Avellanosa)

Food Calories

The devil is in the details. I never discussed or wrote anything about the number of calories from the foods I’ve been eating and this is the same with everybody else. You don’t have the time recalling or counting the number of calories from the foods you are eating. We eat because we want to satisfy our need to eat because the food we eat is the source of our energy to run and do the things on a daily basis. In short, there is no time for us to be computing those detailed numbers before we eat our food. We simply don’t want to be hungry!

I found some data from two books I bought two years ago. One book is entitled “Training Plans For Multisport Athletes” by Gale Bernhardt and the othee book is entitled “Joy of Cooking” by Irma Rombauer and Marion Rombauer Becker. 

For my average weight of 140 pounds, to determine the number of daily caloric intake neded to maintain my body weight is to multiply 30 calories per kilogram of my body weight. To find my weight in kilograms, I have to divide my weight in pounds by 2.2 and the result is 63.6 or 64 kilograms. So, multiply this with 30, the resut is 1,920 calories as my daily calorie intake. However, if I want to run an average of one hour every day, I need to add 770 to 780 calories ( the average of calories I burn when I run as based from the data gathered from my GF 305). In summary, I need 2,800 calories everyday! The question now is where will I get those numbers and what food will I eat for the whole day?

The following is the list of my food I take on a certain day with the corresponding calories based from the book, “Joy of Cooking”.


2 Fried Eggs with Cooking Oil—210 calories

4 Slices of White Bread—250 calories

 1 cup of coffee with cream—60 calories

1 Ripe Banana—100 calories

Morning Snack

Fried Banana with Oil & Sugar + Water—-200 calories


2 cups of Boiled White Rice—400 calories

Fried Milkfish (Bangus)—200 calories

Sauteed Vegetable with Pork—300 calories

Afternoon Snack

Fried Sweet Potato with Sugar + Water—200 calories


2 cups of rice—400 calories

Pork Adobo—300 calories

1 Ripe Banana—100 calories

The total number of calories on these foods is 2,720 calories! I could say, it approximates the number of daily calories needed for my body in order to maintain my weight in 140 pounds.

Basically, my food intake is very simple and without those “fastfood” meals and “sweet & fancy”snacks. If I take such meals, I have to burn more calories by running more than one hour.

If you think you are gaining weight and feel heavy, the reason could be is that you have eaten more food which means more calories had been ingested and stored in your body system. Don’t wait this thing to happen, you need to burn those calories by running or doing some physical activities.

Happy eating!

Running Clinic @ LANDBANK

Annalene Bautista aka The Meek Runner is an avid and passionate runner. She started running almost three years ago and became the role model of her family that she was able to motivate her husband and children to be involved in every road race as runners every weekend. One of her kids is already an upcoming competitive triathlete and her youngest daughter had just finished a half-marathon race. Last May of this year, she became an accomplished marathon (42K) finisher from “The Bull Runner Dream Marathon”

Running Lecture @ TUP Audio-Visual Room

 Her exemplary actions with regards to physical activities and active lifestyle had spread out to her staff and employees at the Land Bank of the Philippines. Her initiative to spread the benefits of running to everybody in her office or area of responsibility led to the conduct of a Running Lecture & Clinic. After exchanges of e-mails and text messages, the lecture & clinic was held last August 2, 2010 at the Audio-Visual Room of the Technology University of the Philippines (TUP) in Manila.

40+ Landbank Staff & Employees Attended

 On that evening, the weather did not cooperate with us as it was raining hard. The lecture and clinic were conducted indoor. After an hour of lecture on the Basics and Training Principles of Training in Running, the Elite Team Bald Runner demonstrated the different stretching exercises while the audience did they own part of doing the same exercises. After the stretching exercises, the elites demonstrated some running drills and the correct form of running. 

Stretching Exercises

An open forum was conducted and questions from the audience was answered, ranging from training, injuries, selection of shoes, and nutrition. After 2 to 2 1/2 hours, the running lecture and clinic was finished with a decision from the group to have a special arrangement for training for the whole group for a minimum of three (3) months.

Exercises Led by Members of Elite Team Bald Runner
More of the Stretching Exercises
Group Picture After The Activity

 At present, the Land Bank Running Group under Annalene Bautista have already attended two (2) sessions of their formal training to become future competitive runners in road races. So, runners out there should watch out for this group as they come in in full force to join the many thousands of road runners during weekend races.

To Annalene, her family, and to the rest of the Land Bank personnel, thank you very much for inviting us to your physical fitness program and for your support to the Elite Team Bald Runner with the hope that each one of you will make running as part of your lifestyle.

Source of Performance

My friends, runners and most of my readers would always ask me the same question–where do I get my strength and endurance in running? My best answer to them is Experience. But the truth of the matter is that I get my strength and endurance from my nutrition and strict adherence to the basic principles of endurance training.

In nutrition, I eat anything that will not cause any “gout” attack in any parts of my body. Most of the time, I eat the following fresh foods:

Fresh Meat (Not Processed or Frozen Meat)
Simple But Nutritious (Salmon Belly & Beef Tapa/Beef Jerky)
Fresh Vegetables Direct From The Plant
My Favorite Ampalaya
Native Chicken
A Little Of Pinapaitan, Kilawen, & Kalderetta
Fresh Fruits
....More Fresh Fruits
And More Fresh Fruits!

Now, from these source of food/nutrition, I can get my 40-30-30 diet (carbo-protein-fat) needed for my running performance. The magic word here is “FRESH”!

In my basic training principles, I always think of “progression”; specificity; and recovery. Do I have to explain each of these words again? Okey, I will explain them in my future posts.

Good luck to those athletes participating in the CAMSUR 70.3 Triathlon this weekend!!!


 Back to Back Runs during weekends is a “must” for runners who are preparing for an ultramarathon event. So, starting this week, I’ve started with a training program that calls for such running workout. There is no specific ultra race scheduled for me as most of my planned races to join need some lottery and qualifications to be included in the final list of entrants. This kind of workout would be able to maintain my endurance level in preparation for an ultra race in the future. 

The Team Bald Runner-Professionals had been efficient in disseminating their weekend runs among the members through the Internet and they included me in their exchanges of information. I am really happy that this arrangement had started since we joined a 10K race at Clark Air Field two weeks ago where we did an ultra tempo run. I guess, I am becoming their “target & motivator” being the oldest among the group. 

Prior to our run to Tagaytay City, I had a 22K easy long run inside Camp Aguinaldo last Saturday morning with an average pace of 6:30 mpk. I used the 7.5K-loop for this particular run. However, on my last 3 kilometers, I started to incorporate “brisk walking” in order to finish the distance. I guess, it was the heat of the sun that made me slower as I was about to complete the 3rd loop. Aside from the heat, I lacked the much-needed resistance as I was able to sleep for only 5 1/2 hours on Friday night. This experience gave me the reminder to have enough sleep on the night before a LSD run. So, after my workout and shower last Saturday, I went to bed for the much needed rest. On Saturday night, I was already in bed at 8:30 PM with my clock set to alarm at 2:30 AM.  

Uphill Run To Tagaytay City (Photo By Ivan Fojas)

 The idea to run from SM Dasmarinas, Cavite to Tagaytay City via Amadeo, Cavite was suggested by Jan Imperio last Monday and it created a positive reaction from the group. The plan was to run a distance of 36K from SM Dasmarinas to Tagaytay City or have the option to run a shorter distance of 26K from Gen. Trias, Cavite to Tagaytay City. So, the event was a “go” among the members in the middle of the week. 

Runner In Red (Photo By Ivan Fojas)

 I joined the 36K group and we started our run at SM Dasmarinas o/a 4:15 AM. Our group maintained a 6:30-6:45 mpk pace as we ran towards General Trias, Cavite (road going to Puerto Azul). Our route was fully lighted by our support vehicle as we ran along the paved sidewalk. Other support vehicles would “leap-frog” every 2-3 kilometers with the baggage compartment and ice box opened for everybody. 

As we turned left to a road from General Trias, the 36K group was still intact with each other and we enjoyed running without much traffic and the air was colder. After completing 10K, the 26K group joined the rest of us and the sun was about to rise but we were glad that the sky was overcast. 

The 26K group pushed the rest of us for a faster pace. I was surprised to see Ivan Fojas joining the group as I know he had concentrated more on the sports of triathlon. I had the rest of the route keeping in pace with Ivan. I was impressed on the improvements of Ivan’s strength, power, speed, and endurance since the time he was a “newbie” and dedicated reader/visitor of this blog two years ago. I was happy for what Ivan had accomplished for the past months as he humbly told me that he was able to finish the latest Langkawi Ironman! I am sure, he learned a lot from my early posts in this blog. 

Photo-Ops In One of the Pit Stops

I was running with the color “red” as my motif. I was using my old & reliable TNF running cap, ASICS shirt & compression short, CW-X compression socks, Adidas Adizero Mana, and my Ultimate Hand-held water bottle. It was my first time use compression socks in a run as I’ve been using them for my “rest & recovery” after my long runs. I would say that these compression socks have given me a boost and comfortable workout during the run. I did not have any cramps or soreness on my lower leg muscles! I got also the same positive remarks from the other runners who joined this workout who were using compression socks/calves support. 

After we reached our designated point to re-group in Tagaytay City, I ran another 3 kilometers along the highway towards Nasugbo while the other runners ran farther. I was able to finish 33K in 3:58+ hours and I did not have any pain or soreness on my body. After a cold & hot shower at Jan Imperio’s place, the group re-assembled at the “Bag of Beans” Resto for our “brunch”, and for more stories, and discussion of plans in running. (Note: These guys always get the “scoop” for my plans in our PAU races!)

Group Picture After "Brunch" In Tagaytay City

To the Team Bald Runner-Professionals, thanks for the company and the feedback I got from you about running. I could see that you will become very good ultra runners in the future. On my end, I will always join you in your long runs.

See you at the “speed” training sessions this week!

“P2P” 65K Run Update: Registration; Briefing & CLP

1. Whether August 30 is declared Non-Working Holiday or not, the 2nd edition of PAU run will push through. Whether it will rain or shine, the “show” will go on!

2. Last day of registration is August 15, 2010.We are not after the number of runners joining the PAU races. We are after the quality of runners who find the challenge & enjoyment in running along the roads outside Metro Manila; promote camaraderie among ultra runners; and enjoy the tourist spots in the province.

3. Finally, individual trophy for the Finishers had been delivered and soon to be transported to the Finish Line. I hope the runners will like and treasure their Finisher’s Trophy for this road race.

Individual Trophy For Finishers
Replica of the Bangui Windmill

4. A Briefing & Carbo-Loading Party will be held at the Main Restaurant, AFP Officers Clubhouse in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City at 6:00 PM on August 24, 2010 (Tuesday). Each participant shall be asked to pay P 200.00 at the entrance/registration table. A briefing will be presented to orient the participants on the route/race course. Each runner must be able to reach or pass on the following tourist attractions in Ilocos Norte as depicted on the following pictures.

Kapurpurawan Rocks In Burgos, Ilocos Norte (Picture Courtesy of Dr Chester Puno)
Guys, You Have To Bring Your Camera!!
"Puraw" In Ilocano Dialect Means "White"
Burgos Lighthouse (Photo Courtesy Of Rey Jimenez)
Bangui Windmills & The Trail
Finish Line @ Saud Beach, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

5. For those who were not able to read my tweets, the Official Hotel in Laoag City is the La Elliana Hotel along Rizal St, Laoag City. (Guys, this is not a 5-star or 3-star hotel but it is near one of best restaurants in the city that offers the best Ilocano cuisine!) To make a reservation, please contact Joel Bagay, the owner, at CP# 0917-568-1968. And for those who are opting to stay in Saud Beach, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, you can make your reservation at Terra Rika Hotel & Dive Resort (location of the Race Finish line) through their website at www.terrarika.com. (Note: Mention that you are one of the participants of the P2P 65K Run being Race Organized by Retired General Jovie Narcise).

6. Race Bibs will be distributed during the Briefing & CLP. If you can not join us for the Briefing & CLP, you will get your Race Bib at the Starting Line in Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte. (Note: For those who will get their Race Bib during the Briefing & CLP, please make sure to bring them with you on your trip to Ilocos Norte).

Good luck to all the ultra runners!!!

Bushwhacking @ “BM”

After one month, I am back to “Brown Mountain” for my mountain trail training. I really miss the place which is totally different from the hills & mountains of Marin Headlands. BM trails has a lot to offer aside from the fact that the uphill climbs and trail texture & condition are more challenging. As for comparison with the Headlands trails, the terrain at BM is more abrupt on its uphill climbs which is good for short & fast “surges” as you go up to the mountain. Seldom did I see many abrupt uphill/downhill terrain at the Marin Headlands.

Back To "Brown Mountain"
"Django", the Father of 5 OFW Children

My run towards the mountain ended at the place or hut of the guy whom I named as “Django”, the man who was riding on a horse when he led us to one-track trail into the mountain. His hut is exactly 6.3 kilometers from the place I started my usual run. I always stop in his hut to greet him and his wife. While taking a sip of water from my Camelbak, we had a brief conversation. He asked me why I was absent for the past one month and I told him about having a rest and recovery while the place was often visited with rains almost everyday.

I observed that his vegetable farm/plots of ampalaya, string beans, okra, and corn were bountiful. I made some remarks about his vegetables and he invited me for the time he will harvest his corn. He wants to share a part of his harvest. In our conversation, I found out later that he has five (5) children and all of them are presently working in key cities in the Middle East countries. His children are all OFWs and I assume that he and his wife has a decent house at the center of the barangay which is along the National Highway. He and his wife told me that they seldom stay in their concrete house as they are healthier, livelier, and stronger when they stay in their bamboo hut in the said mountain. They want a simple life without any TV, Radio, and noise & pollution along the Highway and they enjoy eating fresh vegetables and fruits taken directly from their farm!

Bushwhacking Along The Trail

The single-track trail into the mountain has been slightly covered with tall grasses and bushes. Due to the rainy season, the cogon grasses and bushes had crept to the sides of the trail that I was constantly hitting the sharp blades of the cogon on my arms and face while the bushes would brush on my legs. I enjoyed bushwhacking on the dense foliage of some parts of the trail. It is a pure experience on mountain trail running.

With My 20-Year Old Camelbak!

From the turn-around point, I increased my pace as most of the trail is going downhill. However, due to the thick grass and bushes on the side of the trail, I tried to control my pace as I could not see exactly where my feet were landing on the ground. There are parts which are covered with bushes, muddy, sandy, and full of small rocks/pebbles. If I am not careful during my downhill run, I might end up having a sprained ankle or having another bad fall on the ground, again!

I finished my comeback visit to BM in 1:36+ hours covering a distance of 12.6 kilometers. I am back and ready for my training for another ultra mountain trail run in the future!

ROTC & Running

Few years ago, the Secretary of National Defense of the country decided to scrap the ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corps) program in all the colleges and universities in the country due to a case of hazing that led to the death of a ROTC cadet. Personally, I think the decision was hasty and an easy way out to ease up the pressure from the media and public opinion. The government did not have the political will to stand up for the strategic advantages of having our youth to undergo a program that instills discipline, respect to authorities, and the love & passion to protect the country from its enemies, whether internal or external ones.

I gathered a lot of comments and observations from other runners why our neighboring countries have a lot of runners in their marathon races as compared to us. Singapore could easily fill up 50,000 runners for its annual SC Marathon Race. The same with Hongkong, Taipeh, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Tokyo and other key cities of Japan, and other key cities in Asia. One of my theories or basis for my explanation on this situation is that, these countries have a law or decree for each citizen, whether a man or woman, to serve a compulsory two-year service to its Armed Forces after finishing their secondary school. Nobody is exempted from this law or decree.

It is in the military training and service that each citizen is exposed to running as the main menu for physical conditioning and endurance. Two years of running every day in training and in service to the Armed Forces conditions the minds of these citizens that running is the most efficient and economical way to maintain an active healthy lifestyle. So, once they leave the service after their two-year compulsory service, they continue to apply the good values and the physical conditioning they have learned from the military. And running is the best means to maintain a good physical conditioning.

This is just my theory and anybody could argue with this. I could be wrong though.

After years when ROTC was abolished, I could see the youth to be weak, lanky, sickly, comfort-oriented, and worst, they are undisciplined. These are the youths who would stay in their bedrooms the whole day in front of their computer or those who are in malls watching movies or hanging around coffee shops and fast food chains and worst of all, those youths who are into drugs, alcohol and other vices. These youth who were into drugs, alcohol, gangs and other vices, were most likely the suspects and/or respondents to crimes committed to other persons and properties. How I wish there should be a study made to connect these non-ROTC trained youths to past crimes (murder, homicide, kidnapping, carnapping, or robbery) in the country.

It is about time that ROTC should go back as a compulsory subject for everybody in the first two years in college degrees. This will make our youth healthier, stronger, disciplined, and better runners!