47:52 or 50:00 Minutes?

Critique on the 4th Bonifacio Global City Run (20 April 2008)

In the afternoon of Saturday, the day before the race, I had a chance to visit the Anta Store at the Bonifacio High Street Mall and look at their displays and products. I did not buy anything but I remember from one of the comments of Mark that he got the route map of the 10K run from the said store. I asked for the route map of the 4th Bonifacio Global City 10K Run and they gave me two copies. I stayed for awhile inside the store trying to figure out the route as depicted in the map.

Maybe I was confused or I really didn’t know how to read a map but it appeared to me that the route had to go first towards the back of SmartPrice & MC Home Depot and all the way to the International School first before taking the inner circle (32nd Avenue-road infront of MC Home Depot-road in between Serendra and Boni High Street) and finally finishing the race. But what happened during the actual race was that the runners had to run the inner circle first before proceeding to the International School-Market! Market!-and back to 5th Avenue and then later to the finish line. Please correct me if I am wrong.

So far, this is the best race I had attended since the start of this year—lots of water stations and bottled water; lots of road marshalls; lots of portalets; lots of loudspeakers around; no problem of parking spaces; lots of celebrities and runners. This is also the road race where I promised to wait and meet the visitors of this blog who wanted to see me in person.

 This race was the most orderly and most well-planned event so far. In the past, runners would complain that the route is short and inaccurate. For this race, my GF 305 registered 9.94 kms, which is almost accurate and I don’t have any complaints on that. What bothers me now is what I saw on the finish line. I thought there was a “carpet RFID transponder” laid at the Finish Line or it was a carpet to cover the wires of the Digital Clock hanging above the Finish Line. I really do not know what was that and I thought some of the runners might had been using “timing chip”. Anyway, I had to ask Mr Rudy Biscocho about this.

I just received an e-mail from Mr Rudy Biscocho with the results of the 5K & 10K 4th Global City Run and I am confused again why there is a big difference on the Digital Clock reading at the Finish Line and the printed results. On the Digital Clock, my time registered at 47:52 mins when I passed through the Finish Line while the printed results had a time of 50:00 mins. My GF 305 registered a time of 47:49 mins where I got delayed in pushing the start button by almost 3 seconds after the starting shot was fired. There must be a good explanation to this big discrepancy on the results of the race.

There are always three (3) goals to be attained by a runner whenever he/she joins a road race. First, is to be able to Finish the race. Second, is to be able to improve his PR best time. And third, to be able to win the race in his/her respective age category or classifcation. I’ve been consistently attaining the first two goals but having a faulty timing system is very frustrating to a “passionate” runner like me. I guess, the third goal is coming to a reality soon but I need to have more time to prepare and practice.  

Lastly, one thing that was good with this race was the publicity and press release. A story was written and published about the run in so short a time in one of the leading newspapers. The Bonifacio Development PR people had done a very outstanding job in promoting running to the public through this 4th rendition of the Bonifacio Global City Run. To Mr Rudy Biscocho, you did a very good job!

Overall Rating—98%  (It could had been perfect if not for the discrepancy in the time results).


Results: 4th Bonifacio Global City Run




Courtesy of Mr Rudy Biscocho.


                   4th BONIFACIO GLOBAL CITY RUN

                Taguig City * 6:00 a.m. * April 20, 2008   


                            5K Male Awards   

                                 By: RACE

           Road Race Management and Computerized Scoring Specialists                    

Place No.   Name                  Age S 5k      Pace 

===== ===== ===================== === = ======= =====

    1  1476 Christopher Ulboc      17 M   15:02  3:01

    2  1826 Abraham Barcarse Jr.   23 M   15:19  3:04

    3   734 Alquin Bolivar         20 M   15:44  3:09

    4   279 Criscel Aclo           39 M   15:58  3:12

    5  1474 Wenlie Maulas          18 M   16:08  3:14

    6  1791 Carlo Pedregosa        22 M   16:08  3:14

    7   735 Marlon Bolivar         22 M   16:09  3:14

    8  1650 Esmeraldo Ondoy        40 M   16:31  3:19

    9  1710 Regie Lumauag          34 M   16:37  3:20

   10  1961 Higger Quinones        18 M   16:40  3:20

   11   709 Alvin Canada           30 M   16:44  3:21

   12  1989 Harold Asuncion        27 M   16:47  3:22

   13   281 Hernandito Pineda      43 M   16:53  3:23

   14  1801 Tirso Pamaybay         36 M   16:55  3:23

   15  1706 Ralph Anthony Servida  17 M   17:09  3:26

   16  1917 Isidro Vildosola       31 M   17:10  3:26

   17  1952 Leomar Mirasol         27 M   17:20  3:28

   18  1792 Edgardo Pedregosa      52 M   17:22  3:29

   19  1645 Joycer Locno           33 M   17:36  3:32

   20  1894 Mario Canja            41 M   17:37  3:32 Continue reading “Results: 4th Bonifacio Global City Run”

Bald Runner’s Charity Fund

29 April 2008

Today, I am starting my Charity Fund where I will commit part of my “retirement money” to every kilometer that I run in my practices or workouts as well as in my road races/competition runs. Based from my “1,000 Km Club”, I will be paying to the Charity Fund Twenty Five Pesos (P 25.00) for every kilometer that I register and this is retroactive from the day I started logging my runs in this “1,000K Club”

Starting with the 4th Bonifacio Global City Run last 20 April 2008 and for that matter, in every road race that I participate in the future, I will be paying/contributing to the Charity Fund an amount of Fifty Pesos (P 50.00) for every kilometer.

As of today, the Charity Fund has the following total cash amount taken from the following:

a) “1,000 Km Club”—397 kms X P 25.00 = P 9,925.00

b) 4th Global City Run—10 X P 50.00 = P 500.00

c) Total Amount Available From Charity Fund—P 10,425.00

The Bald Runner’s Charity Fund will be initially used to buy running shoes for the “barefoot kids” shown in the pictures I posted during the 4th Bonifacio Global City Run at The Fort Last 20 April 2008.

I will see to it that these kids will be identified through their race bibs and my staff will try to trace them and someday we will be able to bring them to a sports store to buy a pair of running shoes for them.

If there are interested person/s who would like to contribute to this charity fund, please leave a comment to this post. Other runners are also encouraged to start their own “system” or “ways” to raise money to support these “barefoot kids” and other “causes” where our help is badly needed. 

We Have To Do Something About This

Lemuel, my nephew, who intends to be a medical doctor and a professional photographer with his Nikon Digital Camera, is a regular participant in weekly road races in Metro Manila, not as a runner, but a photographer. Knowing that I am actively involved in the Project Donate A Shoe to help other runners, he took some pictures of kids/children who participated in the 3K Fun Run during the 4th Bonifacio Global City/ANTA Run last 20 April 2008 at the Bonifacio High Street, The Fort.

I am posting some of the pictures taken by Lemuel as a reminder that something has to be done to help and develop these kids to their fullest potentials as runners and athletes in the future. I think our government’s sports program should start with these kids and through running. From these kids who are exposed to physical activity like running/jogging, we can develop our future boxers, basketball players, soccer players, cyclists, volleyball players, tennins players, and other sports you can think of. Let us help these kids!

You are looking at kids joining a 3K Fun Run during the 4th Bonifacio Global City Run last 20 April 2008 at The Fort. They were not wearing any running shoes.

Despite having a handicap of not having a running shoes, you can still see on the faces of these kids their desire to compete and finish the race.

Another group of “barefoot kid runners” about to reach the finish line of the 3K Fun Run. These kids have the “running form” and determination to finish the race but they lack the very basic necessity for a runner, a running shoes, that would protect their feet from the ground.

Look at the contrasting sight of runners, “old” runners with comfortable running shoes and very young runners without any running shoes!

Our country is not a part of Africa or considered as a poor country where most of the people are not wearing any shoes. These pictures showing kids running without any shoes shows the ignorance, lack of guidance and support from the parents. However, we can not blame much on the parents if they could not afford to buy their kids the necessary equipment for running even if their kids are gifted with the natural-born talent to run and excel in it. Who is to be blamed on this? The parents? the government and its sports program? the schools? the private corporate world? the politicians? the local government officials administering them in their places of residence? the non-government organizations? or us who just pretend that we did not see such reality in our midst and ignore the problem and do nothing about it.

I have started the Project Donate A Shoe where runners could donate their old shoes to the less-privileged runners who run with “old, tattered, and worn-out” running shoes and it is becoming a very successful “advocacy”. However, Project Shoes For Kids is entirely different as the only way to help these kids is to buy a new pair of running shoes fitted for them. However, if there are old shoes in the lockers and storage rooms of families with kids who have grown up, such shoes will be a good option for these “barefoot kids”.

Let us help these “barefoot running kids” and inspire them to love sports and running.

13K For ASICS Gel-Kayano 13

7:05 AM 22 April 2008 @ Jamindan

After donating my Nikes and New Balance Running Shoes, my ASICS Gel-Cumulus 8 which I bought in the USA was the only shoes left behind for my running workouts and road competitions. I used this shoes in my weekend races since November/December 2007 and lately in the Pasig River International Marathon. This running shoes had earned at least 500 miles or 800 kilometers since I bought it.

I bought an ASICS Gel-1120 last February 2008 as my running workout shoes here in Jamindan. But a recurring pain at the rear part of my right foot forced me to look for a more stable ASICS running shoes. I got the most expensive running shoes of ASICS, the Gel-Kinsei 2, at Athlete’s Foot Glorietta which slowly eased the pain on my foot. For sometime, I use this shoes during my running workouts in Metro Manila. And later used it during the “On Your Mark” Run last 13 April 2008. Anyway, my Gel-Kinsei 2 is always left in my quarters in Fort Bonifacio together with my ASICS Gel-Cumulus 8.

I needed another running shoes for Jamindan as my Gel-1120 becomes wet from my perspiration every time I have a running workout along the roads of the camp. This is the reason why I looked for another ASICS shoes as a “reserve” when my other shoe is not available for a second run during the day or early the folowing day when my other shoe is still wet.

I bought an ASICS Gel-Kayano 13 at Athlete’s Foot Glorietta last Monday and brought it here in Jamindan. This morning I used it in my running workout to “break-in” and feel its ride with my running feet. Actually, I ordered an ASICS Gel-Kayano 14 from my niece who is expected to arrive from the USA in the middle of May but I could not wait for her arrival, thus, I got the latest ASICS Gel-Kayano available in our running stores. I got the model in RED-colored ASICS logo stripes.

I was surprised that the Kayano 13 was very light and comfortable to my feet and I did not notice that I was already running for almost one hour along the 4-km loop inside the camp! For my first run with my Kayano 13, I ran 13 kilometers to make its first use as a memorable one. Although my pace was a very slow one, my new ASICS Gel-Kayano 13 will go a long way in my running workouts and road races. What is good about this shoes is that it is also considered or used as a trail running shoes. This running shoes is really good to the roads and trails along the mountains of Jamindan.

I will post my review on this running shoes soon.

My Runs After 4th Global City

The following were my running workouts after the 4th Bonifacio Global City/Anta 10 K Run last 20 April 2008 at The Fort:

7:05 AM 22 April 2008 at Jamindan

Distance—13.66 kms          Time—1:28:49 hours

Average Pace—6:30 mins/km

Running Shoes—ASICS Gel-Kayano 13

6:38 AM 24 April 2008 at The Fort

Distance—16.56 kms          Time—1:45:50 hours

Average Pace—6:23 mins/km

Running Shoes—ASICS Gel-Kinsei 2

5:32 AM 25 April 2008 at The Fort

Distance—19.42 kms          Time—2:05:39 hours

Average Pace—6:28 mins/km

Running Shoes—ASICS Gel-Kinsei 2

6:31 AM 26 April 2008 at The Fort

Distance—10.25 kms         Time—56:52 mins

Average Pace—5:30 mins/km

Running Shoes—ASICS Gel-Kinsei 2

For this week, I was able to run 59.89 kilometers or 37.43 miles. These runs were slow runs for endurance and strengthening and did not have any “speed runs” or tempo plays during the week.

2008 Boston Marathon Experience

Last night while reading on WordPress’ Tag Surfer’s posted articles related to Running, I came across a personal account of a blogger, Heather Daniel, participating in the most prestigious Boston Marathon which was held last 21 April 2008. It was my first time to visit her blog and I am greatly impressed on her account of her experiences before, during , and after her participation in the 2008 Boston Marathon.

I seldom post in my blog stories and experiences of other runners/bloggers in the Internet because I wanted my blog to be about my training, preparation, my personal observations on the road races I joined, and my personal experiences on running and sometimes about my work. But because of my great admiration of the Boston Marathon’s stories in the 1980s and its prestige it brought to all runners worldwide which I consider as the “Holy Grail” of running, I might as well share the story of Heather to my visitors and friends.

I hope most of you will be inspired after reading her story and who knows, you can make it, too, in the Boston Marathon in the future. This is her story.

Thanks Heather for allowing me to share your blog and story. Happy running!


Jogging Lane

I was informed by my staff who had been assigned at the Division Headquarters for the passed so many years that former and past Commanders of the Division planned to have a jogging lane at the periphery of the Parade Ground which is basically a flat terrain. Such plan did not materialize due to reasons not known by the oficers and men. In Metro Manila, the Headquarters Philippine Army has a jogging lane at its Parade Ground which had been established in the early 1990s.

After two weeks of closely supervising my personnel with the Command’s Engineering Detachment, they were able to establish a jogging lane along the flat surface of the Parade ground. The jogging lane has an actual distance (measured by meter tape) of 581 meters. I have included this jogging lane as part of my 4-kilometer loop jogging route inside the camp in Jamindan.

Shown in the picture is the Grandstand infront of the Parade Ground with the jogging lane bounded by white painted stones on ts both sides. After the sand and gravel had settled with the ground, the jogging lane will be asphalted later to make it more sturdy from the loosening its ground brought about by rains during the wet season.

Running Shoes Review: ASICS Gel-Kinsei 2

I bought an ASICS Gel-Kinsei 2 running shoes on the first week of March (last month) after looking for some cure to the pain on the rear end of my right foot. I bought it at Athlete’s Foot Store Glorietta. This is the “top of the line” among the ASICS Running Shoes and it is supposed to be the best among the best.

After using it for my running workouts while in Metro Manila, the pain on the rear end of my right foot slowly disappeared and it became adapted to me feet. I used it in my first competition during the 6th Philippine Army Physical Fitness Test Challenge where I was awarded as Champion in the Executive Category (50 years old +). Although I did not feel any pains on my right foot, I started to notice some “differences” with my ASICS Gel-Cumulus 8 and had a better evaluation on this shoes after the “On Your Mark” 10K Run.

Let me mention the “bad news” first with this shoes. First, this is the “heaviest” running shoes of ASICS and it advisable to use this only on your running workouts and not for road races. Second, this is the most expensive running shoes of ASICS and with its price, you can buy two (2) pairs of an average-priced ASICS shoes or NIKEs. Third, when I used it during the “On Your Mark” 10K Run, the sound that the shoes create when I step on the ground was very noisy and it was competing with the music I was hearing while my MP3 was playing! Even if I was exaggerately making my feet touch the ground lightly, it was really creating a lot of sound with the ground. Fourth, the individual gels on the heel portion of the shoes are exposed and I suspect that the glue that attaches the gels to the hard rubber sole are not sturdy. Fifth, there are four small loops where the shoe lace passes through instead of the usual shoe lace “holes”. These loops are located at the 3rd & 4th holes (from the front edge of the shoes) and they have the tendency to “snap” after a period of time. I had experienced this in one of my ASICS shoes which I donated to one of the “Boni Aides” in the camp. Sixth and last, there is some kind of “chemical” smell or odor from the blue stripes of the shoe ASICS logo which can fill up the smell inside my bedroom.

The “good news” about this shoes is that my heels are properly snugged with the heel counter resulting to a more stable running and it cured the pain on the rear end of my right foot. When using a thicker running socks, my long runs are very easy with the comfort given by this shoes. Lastly, wearing this kind of running shoes sends a “fashion statement” and  creates “a piece of conversation” to other runners. Wearing this ASICS Gel-Kinsei 2 will make you look like you are from another more advanced planet in the universe! 

Bottomline? I don’t recommend this running shoes to the runners, moreso, to those who want to use this in their gym workouts. The one beside you on the treadmill or elliptical machine might complain or leave you because of the odor/smell of your shoes. I guess, this kind of running shoes was made for the “old, retiring, passionate, sophisticated and loner-type” runner like the Bald Runner!..Ha! Ha! Ha!


“Mysterious Smiling Mr Romy”

After finishing the Global City/ANTA 10 K Run this morning, I spent more time at the Project Donate A Shoe Booth to meet runners who posted their comments in my blog, most especially to Annalene who made a comment about the “barefoot” runner. I was able to meet Annalene, her husband, and her daughter and we had some picture taking and brief conversation about running.

From having a “barefoot” runner on the eyes of Annalene, I was able to have a glance from a distance the smile of “Mr Romy” who donated three bagful of running shoes which contained seven (7) pairs of still reliable running/workout shoes. I was trying to call his attention and make him sign some papers or give him the white “ONE” wristband or have a pose with him and my staff for documentation needed in the project but he just smiled, waved his hands and turned his back away from the booth without any word.

Whoever you are, Mr Romy, you are also a mysterious guy who has a “big heart” to those who are in need. I respect you for being “mysterious” and for being the most benevolent runner and donor to this project. I will never forget your smile even if you were wearing a sunglass this morning. Thank you very much and rest assured that your donation will benefit to our less-privileged runners. More blessings to you!