Lessons Learned: Bulldog 50K Ultra Trail Run

1) Intelligence (“Know The Enemy”)—I had the chance to run through the 22K distance (except the last 3K) for each loop of the trail run distance on two occassions; my first time one month before race day and the second time two weeks before the race day. These practice runs along the trail route starting at 9:30 AM and 7:30 AM on each run gave me the needed knowledge and information as to the overall profile and condition of the route. Through these practice runs, I was able to gain confidence and finally plan for my race strategy. Running through the trail route gave me 50% chance of finishing the race.

2) Do Your Homework—I had to make a research on the Internet and from books and magazines available in order to get as much information I could about running an ultramarathon. The book “The Ultramarathon Man” by Dean Karnazes had greatly influenced me to take my body what it feels to experience and finish the ultramarathon.  Printed magazines on Ultra Trail Running and books about ultramarathon had also helped me by reading the experiences of ultramarathoners who were just like anybody else—they started too as beginners. “Tips” and words of encouragement from my blog visitors (Ben Gaetos aka Benwah, Quicksilver, and Eric aka Habang Tumatakbo) were very helpful. Thanks to these ultra friends! Continue reading “Lessons Learned: Bulldog 50K Ultra Trail Run”

“Walkabout” In 7:30 Hours

“Walkabout” is an Australian term where their aborigines would “go walkabout” at the age of thirteen in the wilderness for a period of six months as a rite of passage and for them to be able to trace the pathways of their ancestors.

“Walkabout” is also a term being used by ultramarathoners as part of their cross-training where they walk for miles and hours during the day or night.

Dean Karnazes changed the term to “runabout” where one has to run and alternately walk and then run again for the whole day and night or on a 12-hour period basis or shorter. When going on a “walkabout” or “runabout”, one has to bring some cash/credit card/ID and compact backpack where you can store windbreaker, dry shirt, socks, and cellphone. Continue reading ““Walkabout” In 7:30 Hours”

Book Signing With Karno

Almost two weeks ago, Eric aka E-rod posted in his blog the scheduled signing of the 2nd book of Dean Karnazes entitled 50/50: Secrets I Learned Running 50 Marathons In 50 Days–and How You Too Can Achieve Super Endurance! at the Barnes & Noble Store in Costa Mesa, California last 16 August 2008.

And so, together with my wife and son, we went to the said store and bought the said book and bought also Karno’s first book for him to sign. The signing activity started on time at 2:00 PM with about 80-100 people where Dean Karnazes started the activity with a brief talk about the background of his new book and later there was open forum where he answered some interesting questions about his running capabilities and ultramarathon events from the audience. Continue reading “Book Signing With Karno”

My Prediction Coming True!

My prediction that the Senators/Congressmen will come out with a formal inquiry on the dismal performance of our athletes and Sports Officials during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is coming true!

My prediction on the result of this Senate Inquiry? I predict that nothing tangible will happen as a result of the inquiry! The inquiry will be a forum for “grandstanding” politicians—it will be a clash of ideas and full of recommendations and promises but I doubt if these things will be implemented.

The Bald Runner’s solutions to our sports debacle and problems are the following:

1) Political Will

a) Replace all the Commissioners of the PSC, change the leadership of the POC, and replace all the Presidents of the National Sports Associations. Designate non-political figures. A lot of “political will” is needed to do this!

b) Implementation of our Sports Program/Strategy and its Continuity whoever is the Chairman of the PSC, Chairman of the POC, and Presidents of the National Sports Associations.

c) Establishment of a Sports Academy or Sports Institute—I heard this concept during the administration of former President Fidel Ramos but up to this time I don’t know if we have one.

d) Accountability and Tranparency of Finances and Expenses.

2) Money, Money, & Money 

a) Appropriate more financial support to athletes, not to sports officials!

b) Private/Corporate Involvement is highly encouraged. Special Sports Projects like the NIKE’s Project Oregon, Team Running USA, and Brooks-Hansons Distance Project of the USA should be adopted. Such projects could be supported by Lucio Tan, Henry Sy, Reghis Romero, Ayalas, Gokongweis, and those personalities who promised cash rewards to our first Olympic gold medalist.

Anyway, read the following news report from www.inquirer.net: Continue reading “My Prediction Coming True!”

2008 Bulldog 50K/25K Race Report & Results

The following is an e-mail letter sent to me by Nancy Shura-Dervin, the Race Organizer of the Trail Run, which I received yesterday afternoon, two days after the race. It is actually a race report of what transpired during the race and the official results of the 50K/25K races. I am sure that each of the participants had received the same letter.

From this e-mail letter, the following observations were made:

1) All participants to the Bulldog 50K/25K Races registered “on-line” and there were no late registrants on the day of the race.

2) Each participant were given enough reminders and guidelines about the route and what to expect during the race through e-mail before the race.

3) Each participant received this e-mail regarding the report and results of the race two days after the race.

4) The race organizers limited the number of participants for better control, support, and overall management of the race.

5) There are still vandals and cheaters in road races even in the United States! I could not see the reason why such people do irresponsible acts.

6) I placed # 100 out of the 139 finishers with a finish time of 7:18:16 hours. The report did not mention if there were DNF in the 50K ultra race.

7) The race was well organized and the aid stations with volunteers did a splendid and wonderful job in taking care of the runners’ needs. Continue reading “2008 Bulldog 50K/25K Race Report & Results”

My First Ultramarathon Race: Bulldog 50K

Recap of the Bulldog 50K Ultra Trail Run in Malibu Creek State Park, Calabasas, California, USA (23 August 2008)

I registered to participate in this ultra trail run on the 2nd week of July after I arrived in Los Angeles, California to experience what it takes to run an ultramarathon, a running event which is longer than a marathon. My son paid $ 70.00 for the registration fee through his bank’s debit card and my application was accepted immediately.

I ran through the route of the race for two times except for the actual last 3 kilometers of the trail that connects the Corral Canyon/Backbone Trail to the Malibu Creek State Park, which is the Tapia Trail, instead, I had to run along the side of the Las Virgenes Road facing the incoming traffic.

In my first practice run in this route (25K-loop) with my son, my GF 305 registered a total ascent of 4,593.6 feet (1,392 meters) not including the last steep hill between Tapia Park and Malibu Creek State Park, and a total descent of 4,217.4 feet (1,278 meters). After running the whole distance of the Bulldog 50K Ultra Trail Run, I expect to run run twice the figures above as my total ascent & descent distances. The race started at an elevation of 600 feet (182 meters) and reached the highest peak of 2,528 feet (766 meters) at the end of Bulldog & Corral Canyon Trails. And I have to run through the peaks and the trails twice under the heat of the sun!

Continue reading “My First Ultramarathon Race: Bulldog 50K”

Results: 2008 Men’s Olympic Marathon

Samuel Wanjiru of Kenya won the Gold Medal in the 2008 Men’s Olympic Marathon with an Olympic Record time of 2:06:32 hours. This is the first time for Kenya to win the Gold Medal in the Men’s Olympic Marathon.

Jaouad Gharib of Morocco won the Silver Medal in the 2008 Men’s Olympic Marathon with also an Olympic Record time of 2:07:16 hours.

Tregay Kebede of Ethiopia won the Bronze Medal in the 2008 Men’s Olympic Marathon in 2:10:00 hours.

The detailed results could be seen here.

“The Same Story Goes On And On”

The reason why I could easily predict what these politicians, sports officials, columnists, and sports fans would say and do is because I have read and heard the same story (plans, strategy, actions and what have you) repeated over and over every time we don’t win any medal in the Summer Olympics.

Read the following news story…Very sad, indeed! Continue reading ““The Same Story Goes On And On””

Race Strategy & Tactics: Bulldog 50K Ultra Trail Run

1. Finish The Race—The ultimate objective in participating to this ultramarathon trail race is to finish the race. This will be my first ultramarathon trail run and treat this as my benchmark for future training in ultramarathon races.

2. Think Time, Not Distance—Since this will be a run along the mountain trails of Malibu & Calabasas, my average pace will be slower and I have to finish the race within the 9-hour limit, starting at 6:30 AM and closing the race at 3:30 PM. I should be able to run eack 25K loop within 4 hours or better.

3. Familiarity of the Race Route—I ran the 25-K loop twice, one week before and after the San Francisco Marathon finishing each run practice at 3:30 to 4 hours. At least, I have a knowledge of the route and had experienced running it during noontime. Continue reading “Race Strategy & Tactics: Bulldog 50K Ultra Trail Run”

Opinion: On Philippine Sports

The column below by Mr Recah Trinidad shows his dismay in the dismal performance of our athletes in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games through the comments he got from sports fans and from his friends. It seems also that our athletes were just used to represent our country in the Olympic Games and thereby letting our sports officials, politicians, and their friends/supporters to have a “free ride” to watch the Olympic Games in behalf of the government’s and taxpayers’s money.

I made a prediction that the Philippine Team will not win any medal this time for the simple reason that our athletes’ qualifications before the Games are not considered within the Category “A” of Olympic Standards which means that there are more elite athletes on top of them and our athletes are not even Gold Medalists in the past Asian Games. And the other reasons are just personal impressions and opinion from what I have read, heard, seen and personally experienced. Continue reading “Opinion: On Philippine Sports”