Chairman’s Report: Men’s Health 10K Run

I would like to mention the following observations on the conduct of last Sunday’s 2nd Men’s Health 10K Race held at the UP Diliman Campus:

1) The race started 20 minutes late from the scheduled time of start. Punctuality in the start of race is the first thing in my rating list in evaluating a road race. The race organizer should also remember that all the runners have to wake up early just to be in the starting line before the race starts. Allowing runners to register on race day was the contributory factor that delayed the start of the race. It is suggested that our race organizers must train or condition our runners to register within a period of time and not allowing late registration on race day.

2) Group exercise & stretching before the race—It was unthinkable that a member of the race organizer tried to lead the assembled runners at the corral with a group exercise and stretching. With all the runners jampacked and standing shoulder to shoulder at the Starting Area, the lead demonstrator tried to do some aerobics moves and I guess, nobody from the runners tried to follow him due to the lack of space. In a few minutes, the stretching/exercise stopped. Such group exercises should be done at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the race.

3) The distance of the race was short. Basing from the data that registered in my GF 305, the race distance lacked at least 200 meters to make it to 10 kilometers.

4) There were lots of water station and water in 5-gallon containers but water cups were lacking. Water in cups were able to all the runners during the 1st 5-km loop but it was surprising to see that there were no longer water cups in every water station on the second 5-km loop. Runners complained about this situation after the race. Even if the sponsor for the water supply accepted the responsibility in the distribution of water to the runners, I believe, the race organizer is still the one responsible in the overall  implementation of services for the runners. The solution of this problem is a simple drill/exercise in mathematics—the counting of drinking cups for each runner in a given road race. Guys, those plastic drinking cups are too cheap in Divisoria! They cost P27 per 100 cups. So, if you have 500 registered runners, you need 4 cups per runner for a distance of 10K, assuming that each water station would be available in every 2.5 kms to include the Finish Line, the total number of cups needed is 2,000 cups. The total cost for the cups would be P 540.00! Cheap, di ba? It is equivalent to the registration fees of 1 & 1/2 runners.

5) There were lots of road marshals in road intersections but there were no dividing line to separate the runners from the weekend joggers/walkers and cyclists at the Academic Oval. At least, one of the road marshals should had been tasked to remind the non-race participants to take the outer lane of the Academic Oval and reserved the inner lane to the runners.

6) Full Shot Advertising is the race organizer of this race. This race organizing group is registered with PATAFA and it is represented by Ms Gay Maddela and Mr Pablo Cay. This is the same outfit that managed the conduct of the 2009 PSE Bull Run.

7) I paid P 350.00 for the registration fee and I was glad I was able to contribute a fund-raising event for the Tahanan Ng Walang Hagdanan that generated a total amount of P 240,000 for the said group. It was a very commendable cause to help the less-fortunate ones. I don’t mind the high cost of registration fee as long as  some amount is allocated for the welfare ot other people who are in need of our support.

8) I don’t mind when the official results will be published. I usually depend on my finish times through my GF 305 watch. However, I was glad that there was a big digital clock at the Finish Line.

9) My overall rating for this race is 83%. I hope the race organizer would be able to correct the minor “lapses” in the said race.


Have You Noticed My Latest Pictures?

Finally, my 3-year old SONY Cyber-shot 6.0 MegaPixels camera has retired. I replaced it with a CANON Digital IXUS 960 IS 12.1 MegaPixels Camera with Titanium body. I used the new digital camera in yesterday’s 2nd Men’s Health 10K Run at the UP Diliman Campus. 

My running and group pictures were taken by the new Canon Camera. I could see the difference in the quality of the pictures taken by SONY and CANON. The pictures taken by CANON were crisp, clearer, and with no distortions/blurred images. The lens has a wide range adjustments with automatic settings and a clear depth of field.

The following pictures were taken through my new CANON Digital camera in my last week’s “runabout/walkabout” and other activities:

How about..."BR Be Our Next President"?
How about..."BR Be Our Next President of.....?
University of Makati Oval Track
University of Makati Oval Track
What is the difference living in a Gawad Kalinga Community and in a High-Rise Condo along the Pasig River?
What is the difference living in a Gawad Kalinga Community and in a High-Rise Condo along the Pasig River?
Have you tried riding in this Pasig River Ferry?
Have you tried riding in this Pasig River Ferry?
The "Hardcores" In Black
The "Hardcores" In Black
Finisher's T-Shirt For the Bataan 102 Warriors
Finisher's T-Shirt For the Bataan 102 Warriors

Race Report: 2nd Men’s Health 10K Run

6:20 AM 29 March 2009 @ UP Diliman Campus

The missed the first edition of the Men’s Health 10K Road Race last year as I was still in tha active service as the Commander of the 3rd Infantry Division of the Philippine Army stationed in Jamindan, Capiz in Panany Island. I did not want to miss this year’s edition this time even if I was already on my tapering stage for the 1st Bataan Death March 102K Ultramarathon Race. Upon hearing most of our Team BR members joining this weekend’s event, I decided to register in this race last Wednesday with the intention of maintaining a certain level of speed for my 10K and half-marathon races.

Immediately after the Condura Half-Marathon last Sunday, I scheduled a program as my last training preparation for the Bataan 102 for the remaining days before April 5. Actually, most of the seasoned ultramarathoners would suggest a 3-week tapering period before the race day but in my own way, I have some apprehensions about the long period for me to taper. Reducing my mileage for three weeks would make me “sluggish” on race day and I have a lot of experiences from past races where I took time to rest before the race day. I always smile and just tell to most of the runners that I don’t believe in taking some rest from running as part of tapering before the race whenever they asked me if I am already tapering for the ultramarathon race.

Since last Monday, I had one (1) “runabout” with my feet on the ground for 5 hours with most of the time under the heat of the sun; one (1) running workout at the oval track trying to condition my legs to an average pace of 6:45-7:30 minutes per kilometer which took me  3 hours and 30 minutes; two (2) sessions of “speed training” at the oval track (Tuesday & Friday) with an average pace of 4:35-4:50 minutes per kilometer; one (1) session of coming up with an average pace of “brisk/power” walking which brough me to an average pace of 8:30 minutes per kilometer; and one (1) “walkabout” under the heat of the sun for 6 hours with an average pace of 10 minutes per kilometer. It  should be noted that “brisk/power” walking is entirely different from the “racewalking” style of Amado aka Reinier6666 wherein the latter generates a faster pace but with entirely different legs muscles at work and lots of hip swaying. The “brisk” walking I will be adopting for my ultra race would be the slower version of jogging.

Hardcore Runners Waiting for the Others
Hardcore Runners Waiting for the Others
A View of the Starting Area
A View of the Starting Area
BR & The "Wingman"
BR & The "Wingman"

This morning’s Men’s Health 10K Run was purposely for maintaining my competitive level of preparation for the Bataan 102. I was thinking of finishing the race in sub-50 minutes would be a satisfactory gauge for my training as a result of this week’s activities. I arrived at the UP Campus at 5:10 AM and I saw a small group of runners at the assembly area while more of the runners are still trying to register for the race. I assumed that there were no lady runners in this race as there was also another race  for the ladies at the Mall Of Asia (MOA), Pinay In Action Road Race. I did some stretching and warm-up run near the place where my car was parked. But after about 20 minutes, I started to join the other runners at the Starting Line. The Team BR-Professional Group members were there and we had conversation about the race and about the incoming Bataan 102.

The Participants of the WheelChair Race Division
The Participants of the WheelChair Race Division
And The Race Started...20 Minutes Late!
And The Race Started...20 Minutes Late!

Finally, the race started at 6:20 AM, 20 minutes late from the scheduled start and I observed a number of ladies at the front of the starting line. I knew these ladies will slow us down once the race started but I did not mind them because I did not have any intention of having a PR in this race. My starting pace was slow because of the crowd infront of me and tried to overtake the ladies infront. After running for about 150 meters, I started to look at my watch and I saw that I was running at an average pace of 5:00 minutes per kilometer. I maintained such pace as I looked for the other members of Team BR way up ahead of me. The first kilometer was flat but I had to be careful with the asphalted road as there were uneven portions of the road. I observed that, despite my warm-up and stretching exercises, I still feel some pain on my ankles whenever I use my Newtons. But these pains are just temporary as they disappear after a few minutes of running. It could be that the Newtons would force my feet to use my midfoot when running after days of using my ASICS Running shoes. As I turned right at the curve portion as we go for our first downhill, it marked the end of our first kilometer.

Kilometer #1 Split Time—4:56 minutes

The downhill portion made me ran faster as I overtook some of the runners. After some turns, I was able to see the 1st water station and I immediately grabbed one cup and drank almost its contents. It was a nice move on my part. The downhill portion levelled off and we are already near the intersection of the main road towards the Oblation. Crossing the main road was no problem as there were lots road marshals manning that very sensitive place where lots of vehicles would pass in going into and going out of the campus. After about 150 meters from the intersection, the road started to have slight uphill terrain. Two hundred meters away from the corner ahead marked the end of Kilometer #2.

Kilometer #2 Split Time—4:23 minutes

The start of Kilometer 3 is an uphill portion of the route and it takes about 200 meters before you reach the portion of the route where it levels off. This was where I had to overtake more runners. Before going downhill at the front of the UP Cinema (?), this was where I saw the next water station and I grabbed one more cup of water and that was my last chance to drink water for the duration of the race. From here, it was a slight downhill and I took advantage of it to increase my pace in order to compensate the time lost in the previous uphill part of the route. As I started to go uphill again, it marked the end of Kilometer #3.

Kilometer #3 Split Time—4:47 minutes

The uphill part was short and I was able to overtake at least two runners as we turned right towards the Academic Oval. I tried to run at the middle of the road along the Academic Oval and the runners were mixed with the usual weekend joggers,cyclists, and walkers. The road was slight downhill and I tried to increase my pace while avoiding lots of the walkers along the way. The curved portion where we had to turn left towards the Oblation marked the end of Kilometer #4.

Kilometer #4 Split Time—4:38 minutes

The curved portion towards the Oblation is a slight downhill and I maintained my pace as I weaved from one walker to another just to have my running space along the route. As I passed the Oblation, going back to where we started was a slight uphill and I was surrounded by runners and cyclists. You can no longer determine who were part of the road race or not because of the sight of lots of people on the road. I am not complaining for those slower walkers and joggers and cyclists but the race marshals must be able to warn those who are not part of the race to keep a portion of the road. Orange cones would had been helpful as a dividing line for the road racers and the weekend walkers/joggers at the Academic Oval. The starting line marked the end of Kilometer #5.

Kilometer #5 Split Time—4:47 minutes

Since the 10K run consisted of two 5K-loop, I imagined that I was starting my second 5K run but with a plan to finish the second loop with a faster average pace. I increased my pace as I started the second half of the race.

Team BR's Elite Cris Sabal Leading The Race
Team BR's Elite Cris Sabal Leading The Race
Team BR's Elite Ellen Tolentino Winning The 10K Ladies Division
Team BR's Elite Ellen Tolentino Winning The 10K Ladies Division
Running Side By Side With The Younger Ones
Running Side By Side With The Younger Ones

Kilometer #6 Split Time—4:33 minutes

Kilometer #7 Split Time—4:22 minutes

Kilometer #8 Split Time—4:44 minutes

Kilometer #9 Split Time—4:32 minutes

Kilometer #10 Split Time—4:41 minutes

On A Full Throttle Mode
On A Full Throttle Mode

Definitely, I registered a “negative split” time where I had a faster time for my second half of the race. I was able to finish the race with a time of 45:12 minutes based from my GF 305 watch with an average pace of 4:38 minutes per kilometer. This is my fastest finish time in a race done at the UP Campus since I was joining races here. I registered an average Heart Rate of 156 beats per minute which I think is a very comfortable activity to my heart in the said race.

Near The Finish Line
Near The Finish Line

Tomorrow, I will come up with my Chairman’s Report about the Road Race which I need to be brought officially to the attention of the Race Organizer and the Race Director or even for the information of the Race Sponsors. If you have any comments about the race, feel free to leave your comments on this post.

Congratulations to those who finished the race and most especially to those who registered their PRs.

Michelle and the Hardcore Runners
Michelle and the Hardcore Runners
Joven & Mr Paiso with BR
Joven & Mr Paiso with BR
Norio Tanaka, one of the Bataan 102 Warriors
Norio Tanaka, one of the Bataan 102 Warriors
A Meeting with the Rest of the Bataan 102 Warriors
A Meeting with the Rest of the Bataan 102 Warriors

The Bull Runner Magazine

For almost one week, I can say that all the runner-bloggers were writing about their experiences in the last Condura Run. Everybody was so excited to write about the event, on how they were able to finish their first half-marathon, how they ran the Skyway, the fun of running with friends and running club mates, the things that were good & need to be improved for the race, and lots of stories from those who improved their respective PRs.

Nobody among the runner-bloggers dared to write about the new “thing” in the history of running in the country. What I am talking about is the distribution of The Bull Runner Magazine and writing a simple review/feedback about its first issue. After changing my clothes after the race last Sunday, I had to go back to the Finish Line just to get a copy of the Running Magazine published by Ms Jaymie Pizarro. Since I didn’t have my reading glasses with me, I just browsed the pages and I was already impressed on the contents of the said magazine.

Once I got hold of my reading glasses, I intently read each topic and page of the magazine up to the point that my day is not complete if I don’t browse or review the contents of the magazine. I am impressed on the “vision” of The Bull Runner in coming up with this kind of publication which is FREE and very handy where the contents are concise and easy to read.

This magazine is a “one stop” shop for a runner, whether he/she is a beginner, competitive, or an elite. It has a race calendar for the 2nd Quarter of the year, Running Clinics, Gears, VIPs who are into running, Tips in Running, Nutrition, Runner’s Directory, Running Personalities, and Ads connected to running. I am highly recommending that every runner must have a copy of this running magazine.

Congratulations to Ms Jaymie Pizarro aka The Bull Runner for coming up with the 1st published running magazine in the country! Let us support her and contribute our running stories and experiences to the said magazine. (Jaymie, will this mean that I have a chance of winning a pair of Nike Running Shoes?) 

And now, here comes the question that keeps on bothering me…who is that guy/gal who nominated me as the cover picture of the said magazine? Thanks for nominating me even though the silhouette was not meant for a bald guy.

 See you tomorrow at the Starting Line!

PATAFA Records On Road Races

As the Chairman on the Committe on Road Races for PATAFA, my first act was to find out the PATAFA Registered List Of Road Races Organizers and List Of Registered Running Clubs.

The following is the list of Road Race Organizers (registered with PATAFA) and its respective President/Owner/Director/Coordinator:

1) Roadrunners Club of the Philipines (RACE)—-Mr Rudy Biscocho

2) Full Shot Advertising—Ms. Gay Maddela/Mr Pablo Cay

3) Events Capital—Atty. Axel B Aguirre

4) OlymPlus—Mr Franco Moreno Atienza, Jr

5) IntrASport Inc.—-Ms Sandra T Paredes

6)—-Rio Dela Cruz

7) Pinay In Action/Rene Cayetano Foundation—-Victoria Marubut

On the list of registered Running Clubs in the country, there are One Hundred Nine (109) running clubs.

In order to update the list of race organizers and the list of running clubs in the country (whether you are based in Luzon, Visayas or Mindanao), please leave a comment to this post.

If you are a Road Organizer and have not officially registered with PATAFA, please state the name of your company, name of the owner/President/Project Director/Coordinator, Office/Business Address, and Contact Numbers & E-mail address.

If you are a member of a Running Club, please inform your Coordinator/President to register the name of your running club, name of the club’s contact person, Mailing Address, Contact Numbers & E-mail Address.

I have yet to find out what are the priviledges and benefits of being registered with PATAFA. However, I am sure of the fact that you will be asked if you are a member of PATAFA, if in the future you will be participating in international races which are sanctioned by the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF).

Registration is Free and Easy as all you have to do is to leave a comment on this post with the data I stated above. No need for you to prepare an official letter and for you to submit your letter to the Office of PATAFA.

It’s Official…

Early this month, I received my designation orders as the Chairman on the Committe on Road Races of PATAFA (Philippine Amateur Track & Field Association), the sports federation governing body in Athletics (track & field, road races, cross country, and race walking) in the country. I was appointed to such position by the newly-elected officials and regional directors for the year 2009-2012 led by its President, Mr Go Teng Kok in a General Assembly held on the 1st week of January 2009. I guess, I will be in this position up to the end of 2012, unless I resign from it. The PATAFA’s Committee on Road Races will serve its purpose as a forun where Race Organizers and Race Directors will coordinate and discuss among themselves on the conduct of road races in the country.

A week after I received my orders, I was also designated as a Member of the Training And Selection Committee of PATAFA for the Middle & Long Distance Running Events whose objective is to evaluate the performance of National Athletes and Coaches prior to their participation in International Athletic Meets or Games.

Guys, don’t congratulate me! This a “pro bono” service and the officials at the PATAFA do not receive any single cent or any compensation! This is all for the love of sports and love for the country. Wish me, “Good Luck!”

Final Instructions: Bataan 102



1.       The Assembly Area will be at the Bataan Death March Park at KM 00 in Mariveles, Bataan.

2.       The Assembly Time will be at 11:30 PM of 04 April 2005 especially to those who will pick-up their Race Packets at the Assembly Area. Accounting of participants will be done immediately and other final instructions will be announced at this time. Once the runners are complete, a simple program will be held.

3.       The race will start immediately after a simple program and the Race Director will not wait up to 1:00 AM for the start of the race. Expect that the race will start immediately after midnight or immediately after the simple program.

4.       There will be five (5) Aid Stations along the route where each Aid Station will be stationed every 20 kilometers. The 5th Aid Station will be positioned at Km # 50.

5.       For those participants without support vehicle, there will be at least three (3) Mobile Support Vehicles as “Mobile Aid Stations” for all the runners. These mobile aid stations will alternately “leap frog” every two (2) kilometers.

6.       As the distance in between runners would stretch along the route, runners without support vehicles are encouraged to bring hydration system with them in order to anticipate their hydration and cooling needs. Ideally, one bottle for water and another bottle for “electrolyte” drinks carried by the runner through his/her hydration system would be appreciated.

7.        Runners are encouraged to wear their issued race shirts during the race. However, if a runner intends to wear another shirt, make sure that the issued Race Bib shall be worn in front of the shirt or shorts. Runners are encouraged to wear white and light-colored shirts to lessen heat absorption from the sun.

8.       There will be “checkers” along the route who will be writing the name/race number of the runner as he/she passes a certain point. Color-coded bands will be given along the route to each runner as a “proof” that the runner passed the point.

9.       There will be a designated Mobile “Drop Bag” Vehicle which will be the repository of all the bags of the runners. The vehicle will be “shuttling” along the course.

10.    If a runner decides to discontinue the race, he/she should inform the race marshal at the Mobile Aid Station or at the nearest stationary Aid Station and he/she will be picked-up by the Ambulance or any vehicle of the Race Organizer.

11.    Runners are encouraged to wear headlights or bring with them handy flashlight during the early part of the race due to poor visibility along the route. Runners are also encouraged to wear “reflectorized” accessories.

12.    Due to poor visibility during the early part of the race, the runners are encouraged to run at least in pair or in group for safety purposes. The runners will be guided by road marshals on major intersections and sensitive areas. The Mobile Aid Stations will also be there to guide the runners along the route.

13.   As the heat of the sun plays its toll to the runners, participants are encouraged to hydrate themselves, take salt, drink sweet beverages—Coke/Mountain Dew to maintain their blood’s sugar level, drink “electrolytes” (Gatorade & Propel) and eat available food at the Mobile & Stationary Aid Stations. Remember, our main opponent in this race is the heat of the sun and the pavement. Runners are encouraged to pour water over their heads, carry & wipe their bodies with cold water-soaked sponges, and “listen to their body” for early signs of “heat stroke” and heat-related problems. Additionally, apply “sunblock” lotion to parts of the body exposed to the sun.

14.   In case of contingency and concerns during the race, the Race Director could be contacted at Cellphone # 0927-616-2978. This number will be activated on 12 Noon of April 3, 2009.

15.    An arrangement was made with PETRON on the availability of their Gas Station’s Comfort Rooms along the route to all the participants of this race. Due to the proximity of Jollibee and the City Hall of Mariveles at the Starting Line, their Comfort Rooms will be available to the runners.

16.    A Finisher’s Medal, Finisher’s Trophy, and Finisher’s T-Shirt will be awarded to the runner once he/she crosses the Finish Line. An Individual Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to the finishers on a later date.

17.    At least, two (2) ambulance units with a medical team in each vehicle will be available during the race. One ambulance will be positioned at the middle and at the rear of the running group.

18.    Definitely, the race registration is closed, except for the runners from Singapore.

19.    Let us observe “honor system” in this race.  “Cheaters” will be banned permanently in future races organized by our outfit.

20.    Let us help one another to make this event a success and something to be proud of in the world of ultramarathon races.

“A Salute To Our Heroes…Run, Endure, and Survive the Bataan Death March”

Inaugural Pasadena Marathon

22 March 2009 @ Pasadena, California

Due to the forest fires at the Los Angeles National Forest last November, the Inaugural Pasadena Marathon was cancelled and later postponed to March 22, 2009 after the Los Angeles Marathon was re-scheduled to May 25, 2009.

My son, John, started to train for the Pasadena Marathon when he had his visit in the country last 20 January 2009 and Coach Ferdie was able to give him his training schedule for the said marathon.

This morning, I received an e-mail from my daughter, Jovelle, and informed me about their performance. I was surprised that John got injured during the race as it was raining. He was able to finish the marathon but had to walk with limp up to the finish line. He finished in 5:37:49 hours. On the other hand, my daughter, Jovelle, opted to run the Half-Marathon and she was happy to inform me that she improved her time when we ran together during the 2006 Inaugural City of Angels Half-Marathon. She got a time in the Pasadena Marathon in 2:11:49 hours.

To my running kids, congratulations for being a part of the historic Pasadena Marathon and for finishing your respective race despite the injury of John.

The following are the details of their performance for the race:

Runner Details
Bib: 1511
Name: John Paul Narcise
Gender: M
Age: 30
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Race Results
Overall: 1132 out of 1486
Men: 809 out of 985
M 30-34: 100 out of 118
Age/Grade: 36.98% Place: 1337
Finish: 5:37:49 Pace: 12:54
Tag Time: 5:37:49
Gun Time: 6:05:07

Split Times
10 Km: 54:42 Pace: 8:49
10.75: 1:38:07 Pace: 9:08
16.15: 2:34:33 Pace: 9:35
21.6: 4:17:44 Pace: 11:56

Half Marathon
Runner Details
Bib: 4636
Name: Jovelle Narcise
Gender: F
Age: 29
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Race Results
Overall: 1048 out of 2890
Women: 360 out of 1609
F 25-29: 72 out of 237
Age/Grade: 49.95% Place: 1127
Finish: 2:11:49 Pace: 10:04
Tag Time: 2:11:49
Gun Time: 2:39:08

Split Times
10 Km: 1:01:55 Pace: 9:58

Team BR & “Kapit Bisig Para Sa Ilog Pasig”

As a result of the 51K “Runabout” with Team Bald Runner and the Hardcore Runners last 08 March 2009, the participants were able to train for the 1st Bataan Death March 102K Ultramarathon Race and at the same time contributed a donation for the ABS-CBN Foundation’s “Kapit Bisig Para Sa Ilog Pasig” for the Rehabilitation of Pasig River.

Please read the article posted on the ABS-CBN Foundation website about this event.