Official Result: 8th TANAY 50K Ultra Marathon Race

11 06 2018

2018/8th TANAY 50K Ultra Marathon Race

Starting Area: Intersection Sampaloc Road & Manila East Highway, Tanay, Rizal

Start Time: 4:00 AM June 10, 2018 (Sunday)

Finish Area: Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort, Marikina-Infanta Highway, Tanay, Rizal

Finish Time: 1:00 PM June 10, 2018 (Sunday)

Cut-Off Time: 9 Hours

Number Of Starters: 18 Runners

Number Of Finishers: 18 Runners

Percentage Of Finish: 100%

Starters/Runners @ Starting Area

RANK      NAME            TIME (Hrs)

  1. Anselmo Cruz Jr (Overall Champion, Course Record)—4:27:04
  2. Thomas Combisen (1st Runner-Up, Overall)—4:51:35
  3. Ronnel Valero (2nd Runner-Up, Overall)—5:58:07
  4. Bong Dizon—6:06:00
  5. Jeneth Silvestre (Female Champion)—6:07:24
  6. Wacky Delleva—6:30:15
  7. Roberto Vocal—6:39:58
  8. Glenn Rosales—6:48:18
  9. Rod Losabia—7:10:42
  10. Tess Leono (1st Runner-Up, Female)—7:13:14
  11. Kristian Caleon—7:13:17
  12. Efren Olpindo—7:19:15
  13. Edwin Fernandez—7:28:41
  14. Jovenal Narcise—7:34:07
  15. Ma. Mercedes Lou Castro (2nd Runner-Up, Female)—8:14:30
  16. Kelvin Dela Torre—8:14:31
  17. Bien Alcala—8:19:07
  18. Jonas Olandria—8:20:36

Congratulations To All The Finishers!



Race Report: 1st Sarbay Festival 50K Ultra Marathon Race

4 06 2018

Race Report: 1st Sarbay Festival 50K Ultra Marathon Race

This is the second ultramarathon race in Mindanao that is requested by the Race Organizer to be sanctioned under the Philippine Association of Ultrarunners (PAU). The first one was the Zamboanga Ultra Mountain Race in Zamboanga City which had been sanctioned by PAU for the past three years. As promised to the Race Organizers, I have to join their events as a runner and be able to compete with the other participants. And fortunately, I just did what I wished with these ultra running events.

Sarbay Festival 50K Logo


Dionam Basco, Finisher of the 2nd Edition of the Bataan Death March 102K Ultra Marathon Race (2010) and a good neighbor then in Manila while working in a Real Estate Company, contacted me on the first week of February this year informing me of organizing an ultra marathon event during the Sarbay Festival in Sarangani Province to be held on May 25-26, 2018 and inviting me to grace the event as a guest and runner. I immediately approved of it as I did not have any conflict of schedule of trips and races during those days. He informed me that this Festival is a project/tourism program under the Office of the Provincial Governor and his wife, Michelle Lopez Solon, as the Festival Organizer. There was a time also that a personal meeting in Manila was supposed to be scheduled with the Festival Organizers in February but due to my race, Manila To Baguio 250K Ultra Race, the meeting did not materialize. However, through Personal Messenger and Facebook, Dionam and I communicated each other even up to the details of the said event. And the rest is history.

Dionam Basco Finishing The 2nd Edition BDM 102

Few Days Leading To The Race

I just supervised being the RD of the North Coast 200-Mile Endurance Run from May 16-20 from Laoag City to Santa Ana, Cagayan and then returned to Manila on May 22 and had at least two days to rest before going to General Santos City on the early morning of May 25, Friday. With less than the amount of hours to sleep on the night of Thursday, I took a chance to sleep during the flight from Manila to General Santos City. Dionam was in the Airport waiting as it took so much time waiting for my luggage to get into the Airport’s Luggage carousel. Lesson learned: When travelling to General Santos City, your luggage should all be hand-carried!

General Santos City is already a totally different place since the first time that I visited the place. In 1976, when I was a Company Commander of an Infantry Unit of the Philippine Army located in Datu Piang, Maguindanao, I was tasked to “retrieve” one of my soldiers who was placed in a stockade of a Military Police Unit in Davao City due to indiscriminate firing under the influence of liquor. I was able to have my soldier released and gave him another 3-day leave before reporting back to my unit. He happens to be from one of the towns of Davao. With my driver and two security personnel aboard a Kennedy Jeep, we proceeded to General Santos City and slept overnight. I can still remember that my soldiers brought me to the only 4-story, white-painted Hotel along the ONLY road of the city. That’s all that I can remember about this city.

Wow! After 42 years, General Santos City is totally a different place! Knowing that this is the southernmost city of the country (1,600+ kilometers away from Luneta Park), this place is a lot better than some of the cities in Luzon, having wider roads and sidewalks, less traffic, lots commercial establishments/eateries, and better air quality. I was treated with a brunch at Dionam’s Resto, “Have Sam Thai” that offers a fusion of local and Thai cuisine! This is where I have tasted the best broiled Tuna Belly in the whole world! About 300 meters from his Resto was my accommodation at the Sun City Suites which has a nice restaurant (Free Breakfast Buffet) and strong free Wi-Fi. Just to prove how nice the hotel was? I was able to sleep for straight 6 hours after I dropped my luggage on the floor!

Sarangani Provincial Capitol

Race Proper

The race starts in front of the Sarangani Provincial Capitol which is located in Alabel, Sarangani, a few minutes drive from General Santos City. If I am not mistaken, a good 10 kilometers of wide paved road from GenSan City. At the Provincial Gymnasium, few meters from the Capitol Building, is the location of the Race Pick-up, Race Briefing, and CarboLoading activities.

Inside The Sarangani Capitol’s Gymnasium

When I arrived at the Gymnasium, everything was set already for the event’s pre-activities. I could see a lot of runners waiting for the CarboLoading and the Briefing. The Program started at 8:00 PM and everybody could eat what was served up to 10:00 PM. The variety of food served was a lot as compared of the usual Pancit & Fried Chicken combination/stuff that I am familiar of. The food served was too grand and excellent where you have a choice of pure carbo (Pasta dishes), pure protein (Fresh Tuna, Chicken, Beef) or pure fats (Two Whole Pork Lechon) and lots of fruits! Well, I cheated on my Whole Food Plant Based diet for tonight only! Hahaha!

Carbo Loading With All The Participants & Race Officials/Staff

I was requested by Dionam to talk on the Rules and Regulations of the Race. I emphasized on the importance of Integrity in joining/finishing the race, as I had bad experiences and personal observations (with my own eyes) of cheating among runners. Secondary to this is my emphasis on the Safety of each of the runner. I have observed that most of the runners were not using reflectorized vests during the race and I hope this will be one of the improvements we have to implement in the next editions. Since this event has Aid Stations in every 8-10 kilometers, I suggested Dionam to disallow the use of Support Vehicles and Motorcycles to “shadow” runners in the next editions, to minimize traffic along the road and remove the suspicion or temptation of runners riding on motorcycles in the dark places along the route.

Briefing On The Rules & Regulations

The race promptly started at exactly midnight of Friday with 200 starters in front of the Provincial Capitol of Sarangani. I was at the back of the pack and patiently warmed-up on the first few minutes of the race. Runners had to go around the Capitol until everybody goes out of the Gate of the Capitol Compound and turned left along the Highway going to Glan, Sarangani. After 20 minutes of warm-up, I started to pass some runners. The route felt like it was flat but there were portions which were hilly in nature that one could not see because my headlight could only illuminate what was in front of me. Based from my Garmin GPS Watch, I started passing runners when my speed was 8 kilometers per hour. Before I reached the Km #10 Aid Station, I was going on 9.8 kilometers per hour! That’s insane! I could not believe it. It could be because of the cooler air during the early morning plus the breeze coming from Sarangani Bay and of course, maybe from my training!

Prayer Before The Start Of The Race

Event’s Race Map Route

Event’s Elevation Profile

I tried to overtake or pass some of the faster and younger runners but they always asked me the same questions——How old are you? How many times have you finished an ultra distance race? I would be successful in passing some of them but they would pass me again when I refill my bottles at the Aid Stations. My pace did not change until I reached the 32K or more point. This is where successive small hills appeared and where some bridges are located. Moreso, when I reached the Marathon distance of 42.2 Kilometers in 5 hours and 11 minutes!

As warned by Dionam, the last 6 kilometers will be the “killer” signature of the route and it’s true! I had to refill my bottles and ate a lot of solid foods/fruits at the Km 45 Aid Station in order to have those strong legs for the ascents. I slowed a lot but I maintained to jog (not hike) these ascents until the descending portion towards the Finish Line.

Crossing The Finish Line

Finally, I crossed the Finish Line in 6:18+hours with RD Dionam meeting and congratulating me. This could be my fastest PR on a Road Ultra, better than my time at the Tagaytay To Nasugbu 50K which is almost 80% downhill five years ago in 6:35:38 hours! I was finisher #47 out of the 200 starters in this race.

Nutrition & Hydration: GU Power Gel in every one hour; One Tablet of NUUN mixed with 16 oz of water in my Simple Hydration Bottle in every Aid Station; and ate lots of bananas & watermelon bites in the Aid Stations.

Running Kit: Lupine Headlight; Hoka One One Headband; Eyecatcher Reflectorized Shirt; NIKE Challenger Shorts; Darn Tough Sports Socks; ADIDAS Adizero Boston 6; GARMIN GPS Watch Forerunner 310XT; and Compressport Race Belt.

Here is the Official Podium Result of the Event:

Sarbay Ultra Marathon

GLAN, Sarangani (May 26, 2018) – One of the highlights of this year’s Sarbay Festival is the 50K Ultra Marathon in which participants will begin their run from the Provincial Capitol in Alabel to the main venue in Gumasa, Glan. Arnie Macañares from Kapatagan, Digos City is the over-all champion and the first to finish the 50K run with a time of 3 hours and 52 minutes only. Next to him in the male category is Dante Baay with a time of 3 hours and 57 minutes, and Roberto Cain with a time of 4 hours and 9 minutes. In the female category on the other hand, Arriane Deocadez wins the 1st place with a time of 5 hours and 53 minutes, followed by Sheriel Balabat with 5 hours 57 minutes time, and Giegs Castillo with 6 hours and 4 minutes time. According to Arnie, his secret to winning the marathon is determination, perseverance, and courage. (From the Sarbay Communications Service)

Congratulations to all the finishers and see you next year!

BR With The Race Director Dionam Basco

Official Result: 3rd NORTH COAST 200-Mile Ultra Run

23 05 2018

3rd NORTH COAST 200-Mile Ultra Marathon Race

Laoag City To Santa Ana, Cagayan via Aparri, Cagayan

Starting Area & Time: Laoag City, In Front of the Provincial Capitol, Ilocos Norte/00:01 AM May 17, 2018

Finish Area & Time: Northern Pearl Beach Resort, Santa Ana, Cagayan/00:01 AM May 20, 2018

Cut-Off Time: 72 Hours with 10 Hours Cut-Off Time Every 50 Kilometers.

Number Of Starters: 4 Runners

Number Of Finishers: 4 Runners

Percentage Of Finish: 100%

Starters/Runners With The Race Director

RANK       NAME            TIME (Hrs)

  1. Ian Piza (Overall Champion/New Course Record)—-60:44:19
  2. Gibo Malvar (1st Runner-Up, Overall)—-63:59:36
  3. Rod Losabia (2nd Runner-Up, Overall)—-69:31:20
  4. Kevin Luna—-71:53:00

Champion & New Course Record Holder Ian Piza

1st Runner-Up & 2nd Time Finisher Gibo Malvar

2nd Runner-Up Finisher Rod Losabia

4th & Last Runner Kevin Luna

Congratulations To All The Finishers!

Official Result: 12th Tagaytay To Nasugbu 50K Ultra Marathon Race (T2N 50)

7 05 2018

12th Tagaytay To Nasugbu 50K Ultra Marathon Race (T2N 50K)

4:00 AM To 1:00 PM May 6, 2018

Picnic Grove, Tagaytay City To PETRON Gas Station, Nasugbu, Batangas

Cut-Off Time: 9 Hours

Number Of Starters: 172 Runners

Number Of Finishers: 161 Runners

Percentage Of Finish: 93.60%

12th Tagaytay To Nasugbu 50K

RANK         NAME              TIME (Hrs)

  1. Jeffrey Orolfo Galicio (Overall Champion) — 3:56:23
  2. Thomas Combisen (1st Runner-Up, Overall) — 4:25:56
  3. Ronnel Valero (2nd Runner-Up, Overall) — 4:25:58
  4. Roland Lucban — 4:39:30
  5. Sherwin Bargo — 4:59:11
  6. Isaias Tonog II — 4:59:50
  7. James Cabaluma — 4:59:55
  8. Roldan Luzara — 5:01:19
  9. Isaias Tonog — 5:12:54
  10. Enrico Flavid — 5:17:14
  11. Angelino Tapan — 5:19:33
  12. Rexie Liwag — 5:21:41
  13. Runner Concepcion — 5:25:13
  14. Christopher Dela Cruz — 5:26:39
  15. Edizer Marasigan — 5:34:06
  16. Jaime Pace — 5:34:09
  17. Tim Subahani — 5:37:52
  18. Ralph Loiue Jacinto — 5:39:23
  19. Raymond De Pano — 5:43:48
  20. Rovel Gonzalvo — 5:46:02
  21. Criselda Balicas (Champion, Female) — 5:46:09
  22. Meliton Carag — 5:51:49
  23. Dan Pastorfide — 5:57:59
  24. Richard Gano — 5:59:17
  25. Gerald Cavosora — 5:59:48
  26. Remelito Brion — 5:59:54
  27. Rommel Santiago — 6:00:46
  28. Johnzel Irlandez — 6:02:47
  29. Kevin Luna — 6:03:05
  30. Gina Factura (1st Runner-Up, Female) — 6:03:56
  31. Emman Sabdao — 6:04:36
  32. Bryan Christopher Anoran — 6:05:55
  33. Alla Uy — 6:06:04
  34. Oca Velasco — 6:06:21
  35. Efren Olpindo — 6:06:46
  36. Janice Reyes (2nd Runner-Up, Female) — 6:08:18
  37. Cibo Malvar — 6:15:13
  38. Annie Paloma Cruz (Female) — 6:15:39
  39. Christian Villalobos — 6:17:51
  40. Jayann Carlo Mauricio — 6:18:40
  41. Sandy Alentajan — 6:18:50
  42. Tess Leono (Female) — 6:19:49
  43. Glenn Rosales — 6:21:37
  44. Jun Briones — 6:24:19
  45. Jethro Lee De Ocampo — 6:26:55
  46. Martin Jude Lacambra — 6:32:42
  47. Edison Dantes — 6:34:22
  48. Danilo Filarca — 6:37:23
  49. Emerson Zalameda — 6:37:47
  50. JP Navarette — 6:39:32
  51. David Andrew Leido — 6:42:50
  52. Rhymond Bagus — 6:44:17
  53. Miguel Lazaro — 6:45:39
  54. Reque Angway — 6:45:59
  55. Joanna Bantayan (Female) — 6:47:36
  56. Joy Bea (Female) — 6:48:19
  57. Robert Selecios — 6:49:19
  58. Jenneth Soriano (Female) — 6:50:49
  59. Elcid Pangilinan — 6:56:30
  60. Arild Egay — 6:57:13
  61. Mark Lavin — 6:57:55
  62. Danny Nad — 6:58:17
  63. Michael Jove — 6:58:21
  64. Felisisimo Gura Jr — 6:58:25
  65. Dixie Sagusay (Female) — 6:59:07
  66. Granwel Aguila — 6:59:30
  67. Franky Von Crisostomo — 6:59:51
  68. Marlon Jove — 7:00:49
  69. Jerard Asperin — 7:02:09
  70. Roderick Castro — 7:02:37
  71. Carolyn Mariano (Female) — 7:02:38
  72. Noriel Alcantara — 7:04:02
  73. Ruel Niala — 7:04:33
  74. Ruel Rios — 7:04:49
  75. Kathleen Piñero (Female) — 7:07:04
  76. Goldenboy Herrera — 7:07:31
  77. Junmar Que — 7:07:54
  78. Ian Torres — 7:09:10
  79. Rex Villafuerte — 7:09:43
  80. Liezel Monido (Female) — 7:19:14
  81. Roy Allan Pusing — 7:19:22
  82. Mark Sidamon — 7:19:27
  83. Bryan Chester Selisana — 7:20:15
  84. Glen Balais — 7:20:27
  85. Winjun Cullanag — 7:21:36
  86. Sherman Manuel — 7:21:46
  87. Mark Paraiso — 7:22:16
  88. Brabjef Morales — 7:23:05
  89. Waldin Hernandez — 7:23:08
  90. Richard Loresca — 7:23:12
  91. Avin Sauler — 7:23:22
  92. Mandoy Cariaga — 7:25:26
  93. Gary Garcia — 7:25:37
  94. Joy Frances Monsanio (Female) — 7:25:43
  95. Rosuello Roselito — 7:27:31
  96. Danilo Navarro — 7:29:22
  97. Ryan Bagaloyos — 7:29:47
  98. Ma. Mercedez Castro (Female) — 7:30:58
  99. Kelvin Dela Torre — 7:31:25
  100. Larry Olaguir — 7:33:50
  101. Kelly Castro — 7:35:16
  102. Raul Pobre — 7:36:02
  103. Oliver Galanto — 7:36:54
  104. Aaron Valinton — 7:37:03
  105. Earl Louis Saez — 7:37:25
  106. Beth Castro (Female) — 7:37:51
  107. Adrian Tendilla — 7:38:27
  108. Joselito Aquino — 7:39:57
  109. Erika Batac (Female) — 7:40:21
  110. Junior Bombasi — 7:41:10
  111. John Gabriel Daos — 7:42:58
  112. Aga Angsioco — 7:43:23
  113. Lester Acha — 7:44:14
  114. Aris De Leon — 7:45:09
  115. Gen De Leon (Female) — 7:45:11
  116. Goddy Villanueva — 7:46:18
  117. Auden Gomez — 7:46:25
  118. Salve Atie — 7:49:18
  119. Michael  Maribojoc — 7:50:15
  120. Beverlyn Leynes (Female) — 7:51:25
  121. Jeffrey Colitoy — 7:52:31
  122. Mark Lawrence Hizon — 7:53:35
  123. Rita Cruz (Female) — 7:54:09
  124. Josie Escobanez (Female) — 7:55:27
  125. Jonas Olandria — 7:58:34
  126. Jonathan Moleta — 8:01:43
  127. Teresa Generos (Female) — 8:02:19
  128. Arvic Mandawe — 8:02:49
  129. Domindo De Ramos — 8:02:51
  130. Gilbert Garcia — 8:04:42
  131. Elmer Caballes — 8:07:45
  132. Billy Belen — 8:10:22
  133. Michael Peralta — 8:10:46
  134. Mark David Licud — 8:11:36
  135. Ryan Oriondo — 8:15:32
  136. Ale Paez — 8:17:26
  137. Joan Sacas Lapore (Female) — 8:18:11
  138. Anna Odessa (Female) — 8:20:25
  139. Dhan Punzalan (Female) — 8:20:28
  140. Pogs Cunanan — 8:21:47
  141. Nico Enaje — 8:24:37
  142. Art Castro — 8:25:40
  143. Mark Punzalan — 8:25:41
  144. Rheannon Celi (Female) — 8:26:05
  145. Ralph Estardo  — 8:30:15
  146. Gary Atienza — 8:31:37
  147. Ryan Flores — 8:31:42
  148. Ariane Morales (Female) — 8:31:46
  149. Sheila Marie Tiong (Female) — 8:34:13
  150. Jamir Ramor (Female) — 8:34:58
  151. Kim Pinili — 8:35:02
  152. Raizza Videna (Female) — 8:35:44
  153. Nathaniel Caronongan — 8:36:15
  154. Ojet Tobato — 8:36:20
  155. Julius Cesar Lacsa — 8:36:22
  156. Krystian Ty (Female) — 8:37:38
  157. Pinky Bernaldo (Female) — 8:38:03
  158. Rowena Tan (Female) — 8:38:25
  159. Isagani Zuñiga — 8:38:27
  160. Rimberto Del Rosario — 8:38:30
  161. Budz Salvador — 9:00:00 

Overall Champion Jeffrey Orolfo Galicio

Female Champion Criselda Balicas

Congratulations To All The Finishers!

Official Result: 4th West To East 280K Ultra Marathon Race

9 04 2018

4th West To East 280K Ultra Marathon Race (Road/PAU Grand Slam Event 200+K)

6:00 AM March 29, 2018 To 2:00 PM March 31, 2018

Starting Place: Ramos Beach Resort, Patar Road, Bolinao, Pangasinan

Finish Line Area: Seaside Resort, Barangay Tanguigue, Dingalan, Aurora

Course Cut-Off Time: 56 Hours (Intermediate Cut-Off Time: 10 Hours Every 50 Kilometers)

Number of Starters: 7 Runners

Number of Finishers: 3 Runners

Percentage of Finish: 42.85%

West To East 280K Starters @ Bolinao Beach

RANK          NAME                FINISH TIME (Hrs)

  1. Gibo Malvar (Overall Champion) — 52:52:01
  2. Roberto Vocal Jr (1st Runner-Up, Overall) — 55:16:34
  3. Rod Losabia (2nd Runner-Up, Overall) — 55:40:29

Champion Gibo Malvar

Overall 1st Runner-Up Roberto Vocal Jr

Overall 2nd Runner-Up Rod Losabia

Mandatory Ritual @ The Finish Line (Pouring Sea Water From The West To The East Coast)

Congratulations To All The Finishers!

Note: Pictures By Dhan Punsalan

Official Result: 8th Bataan Death March 160K Ultra Marathon Race (BDM 160)

5 03 2018

2018/8th Bataan Death March 160K Ultra Marathon Race (BDM 160)

5:00 AM March 3, 2018 To 1:00 PM March 4, 2018

Start Line/Area: Bataan Death March Shrine, Mariveles, Bataan

Finish Line/Area: Capas National Shrine/Bataan Death March Shrine, Camp O’Donnell, Capas, Tarlac

Course Cut-Off Time: 32 Hours With Intermediate Cut-Off Time at Km 50 (9 Hours); Km 102 (18 Hours)

Number Of Starters: 91 Runners

Number Of Finishers: 66 Runners

Percentage Of Finishers: 72.5%

2018 BDM 160 Start @ Bataan Death March Shrine, Mariveles, Bataan

RANK    BIB#      NAME                     TIME (Hrs)

  1. 46   Desiderio Engbino (Overall Champion)—20:16:37
  2. 42   Edelberto Batiancila (1st Runner-Up, Overall)—20:17:05
  3. 32   Felmer Hiponia (2nd Runner-Up, Overall)—20:35:58
  4. 30   Bong Dizon—22:08:21
  5. 16   Herbert Gutierrez—22:54:41
  6. 8     Thomas Combisen—23:05:33
  7. 41   Preciousa Sanchez (Female Champion, Female Course Record)—23:30:53
  8. 48  Jonathan Bajaro—24:56:17
  9. 59   Sherwin Bargos—25:47:29
  10. 1     Graciano Santos—25:47:36
  11. 60   Raymond Balan—26:21:30
  12. 23   Rod Losabia—26:32:10
  13. 82   Michael Dela Rama—27:24:46
  14. 34   Ralph Louie Jacinto—27:52:10
  15. 77   Salvador Sietereales—27:56:31
  16. 93   Glenn Rosales—28:12:44
  17. 47   Leonora Ealdama (1st Runner-Up, Female)—28:15:05
  18. 66   Meljohn Tezon—28:20:25
  19. 43   Joselito Rosales—28:29:02
  20. 19   Engelbert Pantig—28:46:24
  21. 53   Richard Antonio—28:50:02
  22. 402  Arianne Ortega (2nd Runner-Up, Female)—28:59:48
  23. 31   Virgilio Diaz Jr.—29:18:00
  24. 24   Juanito Centino—29:20:46
  25. 76   Alipio Narciso—29:24:13
  26. 11   Rimberto Del Rosario—29:26:30
  27. 33   Joemel Rojas—29:30:27
  28. 38   Jim Taguiang—29:32:03
  29. 74   Dante Dela Torre—29:36:36
  30. 88   Wai Thing Law (Female)—29:39:11
  31. 888 Jonathan Epes—29:39:14
  32. 13   Benedict Meneses—29:46:20
  33. 70   Jennylee Pascua (Female)—29:53:26
  34. 61   Richard Ryan Rentillo—29:53:53
  35. 22   Tess Leono (Female)—29:55:58
  36. 64   Loben Macairan—29:58:00
  37. 89   Joseph Diones—30:00:51
  38. 36   Alvin Alcantara—30:03:50
  39. 55   Rone Milan—30:04:29
  40. 14   Richard Gamo—30:05:07
  41. 333   Aris De Leon—30:14:42
  42. 37   Anthony Noriel Fodra—30:27:23
  43. 3   Margie Pailaga (Female)—30:28:40
  44. 9   Gibo Malvar—30:31:32
  45. 86   Elmer Caballes—30:32:59
  46. 272  Bong Anastacio—30:33:17
  47. 4   Jeff Velasco—30:38:27
  48. 90   Henry Laborde—30:39:10
  49. 6   Ma. Noemi Tan (Female)—30:39:40
  50. 5   Jun Ramirez Jr.—30:46:32
  51. 58   Dennis Racho—30:48:36
  52. 27   Jaime Sanchez Jr.—30:54:39
  53. 17   Bob Tolete—30:55:17
  54. 75   Paolo Tiong—30:58:32
  55. 21   Joy Eder (Female)—31:03:19
  56. 56   Jenneth Soriano (Female)—31:08:27
  57. 51   Michael Socito—31:10:30
  58. 7   Aldwin Chester Palomo—31:10:47
  59. 83   Anthony Pelera—31:20:17
  60. 40   Barney Mamaril—31:23:39
  61. 72   Manuel Remandaban—31:24:38
  62. 2   Roy Simon—31:26:19
  63. 25   Reymond Bueno—31:28:28
  64. 65   Jonas Gulle Olandria—31:30:03
  65. 29   Anne Rose Paras (Female)—31:40:11
  66. 99   Arnold Pagaran—31:58:52

2018 BDM 160 Ultra Overall Champion Desiderio Engbino

2018 BDM 160 Ultra Female Champion & Course Record Holder Preciousa Sanchez

Congratulations To All The Finishers!

(Note: Pictures Courtesy of Dhan Punzalan)

Race Report: 2018 Old Spanish Trail (OST) 50K Trail Run

23 02 2018

I was registered to join the Four Lakes 100K Ultra Trail Race and I was ready and trained to finish this race within the cut-off time of 30 hours. I did finish this race two years ago with a time of 26+hours when the cut-off time was then 28 hours. Mentally and physically, I was prepared to finish this race as this was considered as one of my training races in preparation for the 2018 Madeira Island Ultra Trail (MIUT) Race in Madeira, Portugal to be held in April 28, 2018.

In addition to finishing the BDM 102 Ultra in 15:20+hours three weeks earlier, the Four Lakes 100 Race would be a follow-up training race for me leading to the MIUT Race. In between these two races, I had my daily recovery runs and a Mountain Repeats workout in my favorite Mt Roosevelt’s Loop #3 in my Playground two weeks before race day.

Halfway towards Kayapa, Nueva Vizcaya, I received an information from one of my nieces that my Father died from his sleep in the morning of Friday, few hours before the start of the race. As I travel to the venue of the race, I called my brother and sisters and made some suggestion about the schedule of Viewing and Funeral for our Father as most of our plan, in case of his untimely death, had been finalized long before while he was still alive. The plan was immediately implemented hours after our Dad’s death and I just kept peace and silence to myself and focused mentally to finish race where I had registered.

The race promptly started at 3:00 AM of Saturday and I started the race at the back of the pack. Knowing that 100K is a very long race and that Four Lakes 100’s race route is new to myself and everybody, I thought of being conservative on the first half of the race with the intention/objective of arriving each Checkpoint/Aid Station within the prescribed cut-off time. My smart strategy for the first half is to conserve my legs’ energy by using my Trekking Poles on the first ascent of the course with the hope that I could still run on the descents of the 2nd half of the course.

I was happy to have reached the summit/peak of Mt Ugo earlier than the first time I joined this race. I would start to run on the descent from the peak of Mt Ugo and alternately, hike and jog until I reached the Domolpos Aid Station. I ate two pieces of local “Suman” and refilled my Hydration Bottles with water and electrolyte powdered mix which was enough to provide me the much energy to reach the first Checkpoint at Kayapa East Market. I took my time to eat some food and refill my bottles even if I still have 25 minutes of buffer time from the cut-off time of 8 hours.

I was not in a hurry to reach the dreaded ascent at Amelong Labeng as I made up my mind not to stop or take a very long rest in one of the 3 waiting sheds along the said route. On my first finish in this race, I had a lot of rests and stops along this route that I had to engage in a very long conversation with some of the runners then, not knowing that they are participants in the shorter Old Spanish 50K Trail Run. For this year, I had to maintain my slow trek on this route using my trekking poles with some 5-10-second rests to catch up my breath. On the last waiting shed, I had to sit and ate some rice balls stashed in my Race Belt but I did not stay long as more runners were seen coming up to my direction.

Digging Deep @ Amelong Labeng (Photo By GlairoldRecella Photography)

Finally, I reached the Elementary School where I had to refill my bottles and make my Electrolyte Mix drink. As the heat of the sun was too hot when I was in this area, I had to douse my head, neck, arms and upper body with the cold flowing water coming from the faucet and it was refreshing and invigorating. I had to leave the place immediately as most of the runners were approaching my position. It was a repeat of my first finish when going up to the Tower Antenna at Amelong Labeng with the intense heat coming from the sun. I had to persevere and trust my training at this point where I would “power hike” with the aid of my trekking poles until I reached the peak of the mountain where the Tower Antennas are located. I started to run and jog on my way down to the Highway but along the way, I would here some mysterious sounds behind me as if somebody was trying to pass me but I could not see anybody. As I ran faster on the descents, such sound would never leave and then suddenly, I hear somebody calling my name “Ben” as the wind blows behind my back. I could not believe experiencing this as I don’t believe in “ghosts” or paranormal activity throughout my life. I knew I was neither dehydrated nor “bonking” on my nutrition needs at this moment. As I continued my running, I remember those stories we shared each other with my brother about our Father on the early portions of the race. We were both laughing about these stories while were were running. (Note: My brother was one of the runners of the OST 50K Trail Run). I felt guilty that here I was in the mountains running a race while my Dad was being prepared for viewing. At this point, I started to think and decide to shorten my race and be with my Dad.

Having Fun @ The Old Spanish Trail (Photo By GlairoldRecella Photography)

Two kilometers before reaching the 2nd Checkpoint in Castillo, I called the RD and requested him that I am going to downgrade to the OST 50K Race because of the “paramdam” I’ve experienced on top of Amelong Labeng. The RD approved my request. I reached Castillo in 12:15 hours which is almost 2 hours ahead of the cut-off time in this Checkpoint for the Four Lakes 100 Trail Run. From Castillo, the route is all descending 4+kilometers to the finish line.

I finished the OST 50K Trail Run in 13:08+hours without any pain in my legs and body.

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