“Specific-Endurance Test”

If there is “Physical Fitness Test” for the Officers and Soldiers of any Armed Forces of any country in order to determine the level of their fitness and endurance based from military standards, there is also some sort of “fitness test” for runners based from the distance of the road race they are going to participate or compete.

In the book, “Run Faster: From 5K To The Marathon” by Brad Hudson, he suggests that if a runner is following a training plan for a certain race, he/she has to schedule a “specific-endurance” test (spec test) in order to assess if there is an improvement towards his/her desired goal depending on his/her target finish time to an specific road race. To some coaches and runners, such term is also called as “time trials” which are usually done in an oval track or in a road race.  Such test should be done at least every 5-6 weeks. However, running in a road race is a practical option for 5K and 10K runners who can run such distances every few weeks without overtaxing their bodies. As for the half-marathon and marathon distances, the only option for the runners to test their endurance and speed is to perform a very “race-specific” workout. Continue reading ““Specific-Endurance Test””


Shoe Review: NIKE Lunaracer

I bought this new pair of NIKE Lunaracer at the NIKE Store at The Grove in Los Angeles last 10 September 2008, few days before I returned to Manila. The sales guy at the NIKE Store, who happens to be a black guy in his 30s, lectured to me the difference between the NIKE Lunarlite Trainer and this shoes. He suggested that I should try to wear both shoes and actually feel the difference between the two. As soon as I tried the shoes one at a time, I told him immediately what I felt. The NIKE Lunarlite Trainer has a wide forefoot area and I could feel that my foot and toes do not feel the tight snug I want for a running shoes. As for the NIKE Lunaracer, the shoes’ forefoot area is very narrow and I could feel a nice and tight fit for my feet in the said running shoes. Continue reading “Shoe Review: NIKE Lunaracer”

158 Days: Another 34 Laps

6:14 PM 29 October 2008 @ The ULTRA/Philsports Oval Track

It was already dark when I was about to enter the ULTRA Compound and the Oval Track’s Powerful Lights were already ON with a lot of runners going around the track. The centerfield was filled with the usual soccer players and I could see familiar and regular faces at the track. After paying for my ticket and doing my warm-up stetching exercises, I started to have my warm-up run with the thought of running an easy 50-lap run for the day with an average pace of 5:30 mins/km. Continue reading “158 Days: Another 34 Laps”

159 Days: Running Alone In The Rain

5:58 PM 28 October 2008 @ The ULTRA Oval Track

I knew It was going to rain yesterday afternoon but I insisted myself to have my running workout at the ULTRA Oval Track for my speed interval run even if I knew that the track will be wet and my running kit will get soaked in the rain. I arrived at the Philsports area at 5:45 PM and it was raining lightly and I could see that at least 3 or 4 runners were about to finish their run because of the rain. Instead of wearing a running kit for my speed runs, I wore my trail running outfit from TNF with a runner’s cap and my Arnuva 50 BOA. I knew that my shoes was heavy for my run but I was confident that the traction of the shoes with the wet track will not give me any problems of sliding or any slippery condition. After a brief stretching routine, I started with my warm-up run. After one lap, it started to rain hard and I was alone running on the track as the other runners ended their run. Continue reading “159 Days: Running Alone In The Rain”

Ultramarathon Training Plan #1

 For those “hardcore” runners, you can make this training plan which I downloaded from one of the ultra running sites (www.ultrarunner.net) ) as your reference for your training to join the 1st Bataan Death March 102K Ultramarathon Race. It will not make you run faster but it will make your body endure and be able to finish the race within the cut-off time.

Good luck and Stay Ready!


You don’t have to be crazy to run an ultramarathon. You just have to be ready.

By Doug Rennie
PUBLISHED 01/12/2005

DO. NOT. BE. INTIMIDATED. If you have completed a marathon or two, you can–in 16 weeks–add an ultramarathon to your running resume. Really. “In South Africa, 14,000 runners each year enter the Comrades Marathon, 54 challenging miles of big rolling hills, and each year about 85 percent of them finish,” says George Parrott, ultrarunning vet and director of training for the Buffalo Chips Running Club of Sacramento. “The moral here is that your expectations can get you to the finish line of an ultramarathon, and that this kind of distance is not unworldly.” Okay, but first, what exactly is an ultramarathon? Anything beyond the classic 26.2-mile distance–races from increasingly popular 50-Ks to 100-milers to solo crossings of continents. For your first adventure on the far side of 26.2, we suggest that you look a bit beyond the 50-K–really just a stretched-out marathon–to 50 miles, the first true, bragging-rights ultra. So find yourself a friendly 50-miler, count back 16 weeks from race day, clip and post the following training plan–and get to it. Continue reading “Ultramarathon Training Plan #1”

Calling All “Hardcore/Crazy” Runners

Attention To All “Hardcore/Crazy” Runners!!!!

You know already who you are if you belong to this group of runners. And I don’t need to mention your names or blog names! If you think you belong to this kind of runners, you can continue reading this post and make a comment if you you want to be a part of this event. Continue reading “Calling All “Hardcore/Crazy” Runners”

“Who Says That Running Clockwise At The Oval Track Is Not Allowed?

Answer: A Novice Runner!

I had my easy run yesterday early evening which started at 6:07 PM at the ULTRA Oval Track. As usual, I am a paying-user of the said oval track for P 29.00 every time I have my running sessions thereat. I decided to run 50 laps, equivalent to 20K, during this session as my recovery run after running the 4th October Run Festival 10K Race last Sunday at The Fort. After my stretching exercises, I started my run but after one lap, running along with other runners on the counter-clockwise direction, I had to drop by the CR to pee and resumed my run and this was where I saw MarkFB talking with the coaches and other runners on the side of the track. As I was about to complete my 2nd lap, MarkFB approached from my back and joined me for the next 23 laps. I did not know that Mark had finished also 2 laps before he joined me. We maintained our run along Lanes 2 to 4 leaving Lane 1 for the faster runners. After Mark and I finished 25 laps, running on the counter-clockwise direction, I had my “water break”. After drinking/sipping water from my Hydration pack which I placed at the side of the track, Mark and I resumed our run. Continue reading ““Who Says That Running Clockwise At The Oval Track Is Not Allowed?”

Readings On Ultramarathon Races (100K)

To those who are  interested to join the 1st Bataan Death March 102K Ultramarathon Race, this article shows the history of 100K races.

Why 100 ?

The Universal Ultra

Although any race beyond the standard marathon of 42.195 km is reckoned to be an ultra, across the world there is one particular distance that has become universally popular – the 100km. 100km races have been held as far north as Baffin Island in the North West Territories of the Canadian Arctic and as far south as Puerto Varas in Chile; as far west as Honolulu in Hawaii, and as far east as Rotorua in New Zealand. The races are held on tracks, trails, road loops and from point to point; through cities, towns, villages, forests, across deserts and over mountains. Some cater for a mere handful of enthusiasts while others feature a cast of thousands. Each year there are probably considerably more than two hundred such races around the world.  Continue reading “Readings On Ultramarathon Races (100K)”

Race Report: 4th Fort Striders’ Run

6:13 AM 26 October 2008 at The Fort

The race is called the 4th October Run Festival Race which is organized by the Fort Striders Running Club.

After exposing for the first time the “Team Bald Runner” at the 1st Mayon Trail Run last Sunday, this race was the second exposure of the team in road races and its first exposure in the road races in Metro Manila, as a team wearing their outfits/uniform.

As usual, I woke up early at 4:00 AM and did my “ritual” before leaving my place. I was already at the vicinity of the starting area at 5:00 AM and made my final preparations to include stretching and warm-up jogging for about 30 minutes. I started to sweat and took some more time to slowly jog along the streets of The Fort. At least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of the 10K race, I entered the assembly area and met the “usual friends and runners” who regularly visit this blog. It was a nice experience talking to these “road warriors” before the race as we try to be relaxed and calm before the gun was fired. I also saw and waved to some of the “runner-bloggers” while waiting for the race to start. After the rendition of the National Anthem and Invocation by one of the Fort Striders’ members, the runners were warned that the Mayor of Taguig City City will be firing the starting gun. All of a sudden, without the usual coountdown from 10 to 1, the fire went off and the race started at exactly 6:13 AM based from my watch. Continue reading “Race Report: 4th Fort Striders’ Run”

163 Days: Easy Long Run @ U.P.

5:55 AM 25 October 2008 @ UP Diliman Campus

After having my weekly massage yesterday afternoon, I decided to have my early Saturday easy long run at the UP Diliman Campus. I arrived at the Parking Area fronting Palma Hall at 5:40 AM and after my stretching routine, I started my easy long run.

During my run, I was able to establish a route-loop of 6-kilometer distance within the campus. I did 3 laps on the said loop plus two laps around the usual loop where runners/walkers would do their workout. I was able to run a distance of 22.35 kms in 2:25:25 hours, an average pace of 6:00-6:30 mins/km.

It was a nice long run for Saturday and I ended eating a lot of “taho” while I was doing my post-stretching exercises.

Tomorrow, “Team Bald Runner” will be joining the 4th October Run at The Fort. After the race, the following runners will be awarded with the “1,000-Km Club” Finisher’s T-shirt at the Bald Runner’s Booth—The Loony Runner aka Dr Joe; Banana Running aka Bards; and MarkFB.