1st PAU 50K Run

The Philippine Association of Ultrarunners (PAU) will conduct a series of 50K races starting on May 9, 2010 with the objective of promoting ultramarathon running in the country.

My personal observations during our participation in the 1st Asian IAU 100K Championship Race in Jeju Island, South Korea made me conclude that our runners have the potential to be at par with the Japanese and South Korean ultramarathon runners. The Japanese and the Koreans had been years ahead of us in this field of running event. These countries have also ultrarunning events almost every weekend.

In order to identify, promote and train ultrarunners, there is a need to conduct regular ultra races in the country. The first series of 50K runs will be held on May 9, 2010 and to start at 6:00 AM in Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal. The registration fee is P 750.oo. Each finisher will be awarded with Individual Trophy and Finisher’s T-Shirt.

This race will be done along the paved road and each runner is required to bring a hydration pack/belt system. The cut-off time is 8 hours.

Registration starts today, March 30, 2010. Registration Forms are available at the BR “Speed” Training/Clinic at the ULTRA Oval Track; at the Bald Runner’s Events Office at #115 M.H. Del Pilar corner E. Angeles Sts, Barangay Santo Tomas, Pasig City, Metro Manila; or at Sunday’s Road Races. For further inquiries, please contact Telephone Number: 497-6442 or e-mail us at bald.runner@yahoo.com.

Rules and Regulations/Protocol for this event will be published in this blog soon.

The next 50K run will be held from Laoag City to Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte on August 29, 2010.


Official Report: 1st Asian IAU 100K Championship Race

The following is the official report submitted by Hilary Walker, Secretary General of the IAU, as the Official Result of the 1st Asian IAU 100K Championship Race held in Jeju Island, South Korea on March 27, 2010.

Dong Mun and Mai win the Inaugural Asian 100km Championship   (Nadeem Khan, 29 Mar)
  Please find the attached report by Hilary Walker from the 100km Asian Championships held this weekend.Nadeem Khan

Director of Communications

Early Saturday morning about 500 runners set off from the Tapdong Beach Stage in Jeju, a scenic island at the southern tip of South Korea.  The athletes were competing in a number of ultramarathon events ranging from 50K to 200K in distance together with a 148K tough trail event over the mountainous interior of the island.  There was a total of 143 runners from  23 countries around the world as well as the local Korean athletes.

Amongst these, an elite competition was being held for the inaugural IAU 100Km Championship. Athletes representing the IAU member countries of Japan, Korea, Mongolia, The Philippines and Chinese Taipei were taking part in the championship with other Asian countries, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam being represented in the open 100K race.

The 100K course was a scenic one, undulating around the west  coast to finish outside the Jeju World Cup Stadium in Seogwipo City on the south side of the island. The second half of the course would be tougher for the runners with some long inclines and descents.  The weather fortunately  was calm but cool.  This was a relief to the runners as previous days had been very windy which could have presented a harsh headwind around exposed areas of the course.

The pre-race favourite was Yasukazu Miyazato of Japan, the 2009 IAU 100Km World Cup champion with a personal best of 6:40:43  and so, not surprisingly,  he was part of the early leading pack of runners.  Also in the forefront was the leading Korean athlete Dong-Moon Lee whose personal best was 7:45:13.  The other members of the Japanese team, Yasutoshi Oshima and Toru Sakuta, and another Korean runner, Yong-bee Shin completed the leading group. 

Mai Fujisawa (JPN) showed early in the ladies event. She and her compatriot, Yoko Yamazawa had personal bests at 100K of 7:55:48 and 7:58:01 respectively so a close competition was expected.

After 20K  ( 1hr 28 min) Kwang-Yul Lee (KOR) had joined the leading group and Sodnompil Dondogdorj ( MGL) was close behind.  Alquin Bolivar from the Philippines was only 4 minutes adrift at this stage.   Fujisawa  had pulled away from her fellow Japanese runners passing this point in 1 hr 42 mins.  The next two ladies, Yamazawa (JPN), Takako Asano (JPN)  were running together about 4 minutes behind. Siou-Yu Da (TPE) was running with them

The leading pack had split apart slightly with Miyazato (JPN), and Dong Moon Lee( KOR) coming through the drinks station together in 2:52. Just behind were Shin (KOR) and Kwang-Yul Lee (KOR)  with Sakuta (JPN).  Oshima (JPN) was one minute adrift and Dondogdorj (MGL) and Bolivar (PHI) were a further minute behind.

There had been no change in the first few positions in the ladies’ race.  Fujisawa (JPN) had increased her lead to nine minutes passing through 40K in 3:12 with her Japanese colleagues and Da (TPE) still running together in second place ( 3:23).

At 70K, the hillier second half of the course had started to take its toll and the field was now split well apart. Dong-Moon Lee (KOR) and Miyazato (JPN) came through together in 4:57 but the Japanese runner was obviously struggling and retired before the next checkpoint. It was 10 minutes before the third runner Yasutoshi (JPN) appeared, followed two minutes later by his team mate Sakuta (JPN) with Kwang-Yul Lee (KOR). There was a further interval of 16 minutes before the next championship runner, Shin (KOR), passed 70k.  The leading lady Fujisawa (JPN) ran through comfortably in 5:31.

At the finish outside the World Cup stadium, there was a longer wait than might have been expected for the first runner to come into sight.  The last sections of the course had some testing climbs and descents which took further toll on the runners.  However , the wait was worth it for the local crowd as the first IAU 100K Asian Champion was the Korean Dong-Moon Lee who finished in 7:23:20, taking a massive 22 minutes off his personal best for the distance.  This was even more commendable considering the difficulty of the course. 

Closing the gap considerably by the finish, the silver medallist Yasutoshi Oshima (JPN)  crossed the line in 7:26:45 with his compatriot Toru Sakuta  finishing in third with 7.37.36. 

Mai Fujisawa (JPN) became the first IAU 100K Asian Ladies Champion with an excellent 8:01:32 performance, only 6 minutes outside her best.  Japan took a clean sweep of the medals with Takako Asano (JPN) and Yoko Yamazawa (JPN) taking silver and bronze in times of 8:44:59 and 8:53:11 respectively.

Of particular note in the concurrent open race was the performance of the Japanese  female runner Mami Kudo who finished as the first lady in the open event with a superb performance of 7:56:06.  In 2009, she had completed world beating performances  at longer ultradistances but hadn’t qualified for the Japanese team at 100k. 

 The leading performances are detailed below.

Hilary Walker

IAU General Secretary

Ist IAU 100K Asian Championships        
1 Dong Mun Lee KOR 07:23:20
2 Yasutoshi Oshima JPN 07:26:20
3 Toru Sakuta JPN 07:37:36
4 Kwang Yul Lee KOR 07:43:03
5 Young Bee Shin KOR 08:30:36
6 Alquin Bolivar PHI 09:03:06
1 Mai Fujisawa JPN 08:01:32
2 Takako Asano JPN 08:44:59
3 Yoko Yamazawa JPN 08:53:11
4 Siou-Yu Da TPE 09:41:59
5 Hee Kyoung Chung KOR 09:55:04
6 Na Rae Park KOR 10:01:00
7 Shu-Min Huang TPE 10.34.34
8 Yen-Ling Huang TPE 10:37:29
Open Race  Women        
1 Mami Kudo JPN 07:56:06
Open Race Men        
1  Joseph Thompson USA  09:06:00

Pictures @ Jeju Ultramarathon Race

@ The Lobby of the Athletes Village (Jeju Oriental Hotel)
@The Starting Area
Hon. Jun Sang Yu, Chairman & Financier of the Event
Korean Runners In The 200K Race
Frank Indapan Pacing With A South Korean Ultrarunner
Alquin Bolivar Approaching 50K Mark in 3:26+hours
That's Me Running Along The Coast of Jeju Island
Awarded With 50K Finisher's Medal by the Race Director
100K Finish Line @ Jeju World Cup Stadium
Alquin Bolivar Crossing The Finish Line in 9:03:06 Hours (Ranking: #6 IAU Member)
Frank Indapan Crossing The Finish Line In 12:48:40 Hours

“thanks for your support” (Jeju’s Trip)

Last October 2009, I received a formal letter from the International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU) informing me that the Philippines had been officially accepted as a member of IAU through the Philippine Association of Ultrarunners (PAU) which I created and organized. IAU officials informed me that the Philippines is the 6th ASIAN member and the 45th member worldwide. 

After two weeks, I received an invitation from the IAU for our country to be represented in the 1st Asian IAU 100K Championship Race to be held in Jeju Island, South Korea on March 27, 2010. Attached with the invitation are the protocol and requirements for participating in the said race. The Event Organizer, South Korea’s Ultrarunning Federation, invited 3 men & 3 women whose accommodation and food will be provided free for the duration of only two days. The participating runners are supposed to be the best and most qualified ultra runners that the country could offer.  

The desire to join in this competition was so strong on my part but the big problem was the logistics/financial support needed for the plane tickets of the athletes. As of November 2009, I met all the members of the Elite Team Bald Runner and asked them who would “volunteer” to train for the 1st Asian IAU 100K Championship Race. Alquin Bolivar & Frank Indapan came forward to accept the challenge and started to train from then on. 

Last year, I also thought of sending the top Male & Female Champions of this year’s BDM 102 to Jeju’s 100K Ultramarathon Race but the timing/schedule was not conducive for the best performance of our athletes as they are on their “recovery” mode barely weeks before the event after the BDM 102. 

Being a relatively new running sports, ultramarathon is “alien” to our government sports officials, moreso, to our friends in the government and corporate world. So, I did not want to be frustrated again to be begging to these “personalities” for some financial support for me to send our country’s representatives to this IAU-sanctioned international event. My experience with the government & corporate world in the 1st BDM 102 will never happen again. 

The only way to make this invitation to materialize and succeed was to ask help from the “Friends” of the Bald Runner and they came in full force to donate the needed amount for the visas, plane tickets, travel tax, and training/competition support to Alquin Bolivar & Frank Indapan. The following are  the “running angels” and their respective donation/s to the members of the Elite Team Bald Runner for Jeju Island: 

July Oconer 6,868.00
Kim 5,000.00
Bard’s Bathan 5,000.00
Armando Fernando 5,000.00
Mark Hernandez 5,000.00
Lester Chuayap 4,000.00
Ria & Emerson Go Tian 2,500.00
Oscar Sañez 2,000.00
Jael Wenceslao 2,000.00
Junrox Roque 2,000.00
Tin Ferrera 1,000.00
Mari Javier 1,000 + CWX
Jeremiah Isip 1,000.00 + CWX + Long Sleeve
Jerry Adriatico 1,000.00
Randy San Miguel 1,000.00
Macky Coronel 1,000.00
Carlo Coronel 1,000.00
Melvin Pangan 1,000.00
Mitchie Nafarete 1,000.00
Juanne Molina 1,000.00
Gin Estacio 1,000.00
Tere Gangan 1,000.00
Mark Salazar 500.00
Benette Jimenez 500.00

Randy San Miguel
Jerry Adriatico
Nickko Nolasco
Ralph Salvador
George Dolores
Jay Lee Cu Unjieng $100
Mesh Villanueva $100
Ben Gaetos $100
Jan 1box Hammer Gel + 1 box Gatorade Powder + Roll on Linement
Joshua Suarez  
Jerome Cartailler  

(Note: The names without any donation had made their pledge already) 

Jeju International Airport
Frank & Alquin Inside the Shuttle Van

As of this morning, the Elite Team Bald Runner and PAU’s representatives to the 1st Asian IAU 100K Championship Race had arrived in Jeju Isalnd, South Korea. The place is nice, clean, orderly, cold and windy.  We were met at the airport by the representative of the Race Organizer and we were brought to our Hotel which is at the very center of Jeju City. 

It is very hard to find somebody here who could speak English! But by walking and jogging on the main streets of the city, we were able to find familiar fastfood establishments and shopping malls where to eat and buy much needed water, food and fruits. 

Korean Version of McDo ( We Did Not Eat There Yet!)

I found out later that this running event will also be the 9th Jeju International Ultramarathon Race and the Jeju International Cycling Race which will be held on the same day. The circumferential road of this island will definitely be dedicated to the ultra runners and cyclists on Saturday. 

Infront of a Car Repair's Shop!!!
All International Runners Are Staying In This Hotel

Note: We are wearing the Official Jacket of the Philippine Association of Ultrarunners (PAU) 

Tomorrow will be another day to run and acclimatize with the weather ( rainy, cloudy & windy) of the island. A formal program, briefing, and carboloading party will be held tomorrow afternoon. It would be a nice time to meet other international elite runners and ultra running sports federations leaders/officials. 

Hopefully, the following goals/objectives will be attained in this race: 

1) The IAU 100K Championship Race (no cash prize for the winners, only medals will be awarded to the top 3 runners) will set the Philippine Record in 100K Ultramarathon Race in an IAU-sanctioned event. Winning this event is our ultimate goal but with Japan’s attendance/presence in this event, simply finishing and setting a National Record Time for the distance from our runners will be a great accomplishment already. 

2) The Philippines, through the Philippine Association of Ultrarunners (PAU), will be represented to an IAU-sanctioned ultra race for the first time. This will expose our country to other ultrarunning countries. 

3) The Elite Team Bald Runner goes International as we will be using our official uniform-singlet, courtesy of MILO/Nestle, Philippines. 

Once again, for those who supported and continued praying for us, thank you very much. God bless to everybody!

“Alay-Sikad Sa Kagitingan” (BDM Bikeathon)

1. The Head of the Multi Agency Task Force (MATF) for the Observance of the 2010 Araw ng Kagitingan and Philippine Veterans Week and Administrator of the Philippine Veterans Affairs Office (PVAO), Honorable Ernesto G Carolina, sent an official invitation to me as the Special Guest during the Culminating Ceremony of the 2010 “Alay-Sikad Sa Kagitingan”: Retracing the Bataan Death March Route Bike-A-Thon held last Saturday, March 20, 2010, at the Capas National Shrine in Camp O’Donnell, Capas Tarlac. The Bike-A-Thon event is a part of the activities that commemorates and provides awareness to the infamous Bataan Death March. 

Program of Activity

2. I was chosen as the Special Guest for the said event because the MATF have been informed that I’ve been conducting the BDM 102K Ultramarathon Race for the past two years without their support. In the said program, I was introduced as the Founder of the BDM Ultramarathon Race. I am glad that my invitation to this event have finally recognized the efforts I’ve spent to create awareness on the heroism of our forefathers during World War II.

Cyclists At The Capas National Shrine
A Pose With Hon. Carolina (left) & Veterans
An Interview With The Media

3. A group of almost 100 cyclists from the Armed Forces of the Philippines and other Bike Clubs in Metro Manila and other nearby provinces started the Bikeathon at the BDM Km 00 in Mariveles, Bataan at 6:30 AM last Saturday. A Ceremonial Send-Off Program was led by Hon. Jesse Concepcion, Mayor of Mariveles, Bataan; Hon. Espiridion Calara, Provincial DILG Director; and Ms Samsia Bonoan, Head of the MATF Sub-Committee on Bikeathon. The number of cyclists increased in numbers up to 200 as they passed along the towns of Bataan, Pampanga, and Tarlac. More cyclists have joined the group as it got nearer to the Finish Line at the Capas National Shrine. The cyclists arrived at the Finish Line at 4:00 PM. Aid Stations/Checkpoints had been pre-positioned every 50 kilometers where cyclists were provided with water and food.

Distribution of Awards To The Finishers
Delivery of My Speech
A Pose with Mayor Catacutan, BGen Ojeda, & Hon. Carolina

4. During the Culminating Ceremony, the Finishers were awarded with “loot bags” courtesy of MATF and PVAO. The activity was graced with the presence of Hon. Reynaldo Catacutan, Mayor of Capas and some of the veterans of World War II. I was able to deliver my message/speech with emphasis on the sustained awareness of the BDM through activities on sports, arts, tourism, and written publications/researches.

Finishers Getting In Line For Their "Loot Bag"

5. Hopefully, the MATF & PVAO will be able to support the conduct of future BDM Ultramarathon Races.

good news to all “baldies”

 Baldness ‘could be good for your health’ say scientists

A bald man
Baldness is a result of high levels of the male hormone testosterone

A receding hairline can be a good thing, according to US scientists, who say men who go bald by 30 appear to be less likely to develop prostate cancer.

Researchers at the University of Washington School of Medicine studied 2,000 men aged between 40 and 47.

They were able to link high levels of the male hormone testosterone in those who lose their hair earlier with a lower risk of tumours.

The findings are published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology.

Half of the men in this study had suffered prostate cancer.

Researchers compared the rate of tumours in those who said their hair had thinned by the age of 30 with those who did not suffer hair loss.

Men who had started to develop bald spots on the top of their heads as well as receding hairlines had a 29% to 45% reduction in the risk of prostate cancer.

Roots of baldness

By age 30, approximately 25-30% of men will have some baldness, researchers believe. Half of all men suffer significant hair loss by the age of 50.

If these results are correct, they could be useful in providing us with a greater understanding of how testosterone behaves in the body
Dr Helen Rippon, The Prostate Cancer Charity

Baldness is caused when hair follicles become exposed to too much dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This is a chemical produced by the male hormone testosterone.

Experts believe that men with high levels of testosterone are more likely to lose their hair, especially if baldness runs in the family.

Prostate cancer sufferers are often given drugs to reduce testosterone levels because they can accelerate the growth of some tumours once they develop.

But this study suggests that high levels of testosterone from a young age might protect against the disease.

Dr Helen Rippon, head of research management at The Prostate Cancer Charity, says: “Clearly, the age at which a man begins to lose his hair is unfortunately not a risk factor for prostate cancer over which he has any control.

“However, if these results are correct, they could be useful in providing us with a greater understanding of how testosterone behaves in the body and how it can affect different tissues.”

Dr Alison Ross of Cancer Research UK said the link between baldness and prostate cancer is still unknown because previous studies have found the opposite to this one.

“The results hinge on asking men between ages 40 and 70 to remember whether their hair was thinning when they were 30, which does not provide a very reliable measurement, ” she added.

(Note: Copied from PnC Group Forum)

Stadium To The Sea: XXV LA Marathon

Who is going to join/participate in the 25th LA Marathon to be held this coming Sunday, 21 March 2010 which is dubbed as the “Stadium To The Sea” Marathon? I am sure my son John and daughter Jovelle will be joining this race as they had been participating in this event for the past years.

I finished the 2009 edition of the LA Marathon last year which was held during Memorial Day on May 25, 2009 with a finish time of 4:09+ hours. But due to numerous complaints from runners because of the heat and overtraining and later, pressure from the LA City Government, the Race Organizers will be bringing back the usual schedule of the race on the month of March for this year’s edition.

What is unique about this year’s marathon race is the change of the marathon route. The road race will start at the Dodger’s Stadium which is commemorating its 25th Anniversary and the runners will pass along historic and tourist attraction sites which are very unique in Los Angeles. From the Dodger’s Stadium, the runners go to the City Hall area and then proceed/pass along Echo Park (one of my favorite running parks) and then to Sunset Ave up to Hollywood Boulevard.

Scenic Views Along the Route (Photos by Luis Sinco/Los Angeles Times)

What is nice about the route is that the runners will pass along the Hollywood Avenue where you could see those famous theaters, recording studios, the Avenue of the Stars (Actors & Actresses) where you could see their names/handprints and brass Star on the pavement on the side of the road. The runners will pass along famous Fashion Shops and business/high-rise buildings and condominium areas in Century City

Well, if you have the time, you can drop by in one of the Fashion Shops at Rodeo Drive and do your shopping while running the marathon. But having a camera while running this marathon would be a nice experience as you can take pictures on the sights of Fashion Signature Shops and flashy cars/sports cars parked on most of the roads where the route passes through. I guess, there is no need to run this Marathon Race in a PR pace. The joy, experience, fun, and the sights are the most important aspects why you paid and joined this Marathon Race.

But what will be the most memorable experience in this Marathon is the presence of almost 1,000,000 spectators along the route who will cheer, offer water & sports drinks, some would be offering ice cold beer, and some would be offering food to the runners. I am sure that some rock bands will be along the route as what the race organizers had offered in the past editions of the race.

The Finish Line will be at the Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica Beach. Finishing at the beach area in the Los Angeles Marathon will be a nice experience to all the runners.

So, whoever will be leaving the country to join this memorable edition of the LA Marathon, enjoy your run and experience in this new route of the race. Have fun!

Running Clinic @ Aboitiz (Times Square)

For two consecutive running clinics within a span of one week, the Elite Team Bald Runner conducted another running clinic to the personnel of Aboitiz Company whose offices are located at the Times Plaza Building at Taft Avenue corner United Nations Avenue in Manila last February 24, 2010. The running lecture started at 2:00 PM 

As an introduction, Jerome Sese, the Chief HR of Aboitiz Company emphasized to the personnel the need to adhere to an active and physical lifestyle due to the prevalence of lifestyle sicknesses among its staff and personnel. In a briefing, he presented a graph on the percentage of illnesses of the people working with the company. Such illnesses include hypertension/high blood, arthritis, high BMI, asthma, and others. He stressed that it is highly recommended that each personnel of the company should engage themselves in physical activities like walking and jogging, and later to running with the goal to be healthy and reduce the “numbers” in their statistics. 

Hopefully, with the conduct of such running clinics from the Team Bald Runner, Jerome stated that the company will formally organize its company’s running club where its members will be able to compete and participate in weekly road races in Metro Manila.

More than 50 personnel attended

 After the briefing of Jerome, he introduced me to the participants which was reported to be more than 50 personnel of the company. As usual, I presented a lecture with a presentation which lasted for one hour and thirty minutes. I brought with me some of my running shoes—from my trainers, racing flats, and my trail running shoes. I even showed to the participants samples of hydration system that I’ve been using in my training and road races for the past two years.

Some were sitting on the floor
Showing some running shoes
Example of Hydration Belt
Hand-held Hydration Bottle
Practical Demonstration & Clinic were done at the Roof Top

After the lecture and open forum, the whole team and participants were led to the roof top of the Times Plaza Building for the Actual Demonstration and Practical Exercises/Running Demonstration. 

Coach Titus Salazar's Turn To Demonstrate Proper Running Warm-up & Form

 Coach Titus Salazar of Team Blad Runner explained and demonstrated to the participants the technical aspects of running from the proper stretching, running drills, running form & strides, up to the cool down exercises. All the participants were encouraged to do what the Coach was demonstrating to the crowd. The Elite Team Bald Runner athletes were there to demonstrate the proper way to do the running drills and perform the correct running form.

Proper Stretching Before Running
Running Drills...
Running On The Roof Top of the Building
Award & Gift-giving after the Clinic
Class Picture after the Running Clinic

After about one hour and thirty minutes, the participants were able to learn how to stretch properly before and after their running workout. Running drills were fun to everybody. And running around the space the rooftop of the building can offer for about 15 to 20 minutes brought some perspiration to the runners even if the place was windy. After a short guidance and parting words from the Coach and from myself, my team was awarded with certificates and gifts from Aboitiz. Thanks, Aboitiz. We hope to be of service to your company and may your Running Team prosper and its members be good examples and models to your company.

The Elite Team Bald Runner is also scheduled to conduct another Running Clinic to another branch of the company and set of “newbie” runners in the future.

Planning Is Everything (Adventure Run)

In the military, planning is the most important aspect before the conduct of any operation or any activity. Being a former military officer, planning is already a part of my system. In every thing or activity that I do, there is a thorough planning involved as a guide for the execution of an operation or activity. Without any good planning, mistakes, errors and lapses occur every step of the way during the execution of your intended action or operation.

When I finally executed my “adventure run” from Monumento, Caloocan City to Baguio City, I prepared an operational plan for the said activity. In the military, every planner is guided by the letters S-M-E-A-C. These are five letters of each of the following words—Situation; Mission; Execution; Administration & Logistics; and Command & Control. In the said run, I used these words as my guide for my planning.

Situation guided me to find out the prevailing situation along the road from the starting point to the finish line. The weather, road condition, security and peace & order, pollution, noise, and traffic/density of vehicles along the road. Situation simply answered the question—who/which are my friends and enemies along the road? Mission is very simple, to run from point A to point B and be able to document the activity in near “real time” so that my readers could read and see what I did along the road as soon as I had a break or rest. Execution involved my schedule guide to run from Monumento, Caloocan City to Baguio City on a daily basis with an average of 50 kilometers covered within a day. This includes my strategy for my food & fluid intakes and the expected towns/cities where I would end my daily runs or take a mid-day break. Administration & Logistics would deal with my support system from my financial support up to my logistical support in terms of food, accommodation, gasoline, running attire, shoes, supply of ice, availability of Internet load to my SmartBro connection and what hydration system to use in every leg of the run. Command & Control would deal with Communications & Coordinating Instructons with my Support Crew/driver and the availability of access and signal to the Internet. during my “breaks” and rest over night (RON).

As I am used to be travelling to the North through the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) since it was constructed, I did not know what the old MacArthur Highway looks like nowadays. Pedestrians are not allowed along the NLEX and the only option is to run along the old MacArthur Highway. I had to recon the road/MacArthur Highway from Caloocan City up to Mabalacat, Pampanga for two times just to be sure of the exact road to take and to pinpoint towns/cities with convenience stores/fastfoods along the road. I had to make sure that my designated driver/support crew will not get lost along the road as there are tricky overpasses, road crossings and U-turns along the way. My support has to “leap frog” as far as 2 kilometers during daytime and at least 500 meters during nighttime. Driving through or travelling along the route is the best way to orient and find out the situation along the road as part of the planning process. Studying the route through maps is not enough!

In my execution of my plan, I was guided with the two most important Principles of War—Simplicity and Surprise. Simplicity means running alone. I was responsible for myself only. Surprise is exemplified when I did not warn or give any hint as to when I am going to start my adventure run. Nobody would believe that I was capable of starting this event a day after I finished the Condura Marathon. My security along the road was my most concern as I did not want to advertise this event. What was most important in this run is to be able to journalize or document my run through this blog/site on a near “real time” through my accounts and pictures.

I really don’t care if somebody in the future would run this distance in one day or two days. What I’ve proven here in this adventure run is that I could immediately inform my readers what transpired in my run immediately during my “breaks” or rest periods within the day or before I start another leg of my run. If you can run this distance in two or three days and then publish your account in your blog after you finish the whole adventure run, then that’s another view/perspective of the said experience.

Rest Over Night (RON) was the most important factor to be considered in order to have a rested and recovered body before the start of the next leg of the run. During the two occassions that I conducted an actual drive/recon up to Mabalacat, Pampanga, I pinpointed and planned to rest overnight (RON) at the MacArthur Hotel in San Fernando, Pampanga which is located along the highway. However, on the night I stopped my first leg, there was no available room and I opted to look for a hotel at the very center of San Fernando City. I was able to look for one but my standards for a decent sleeping facility/room was not met but I was able to rest/sleep for 7 hours.

On my second night, Mr Blue Pension in Capas, Tarlac was a perfect place to rest. The place has big rooms and I was able to use the Butane-fed Stove I brought to cook additional foods and prepare hot water for my instant oatmeal, coffee, and mami noodles.

On my third night, I checked in at Jijis Pension/Hotel in Carmen, Rosales, Pangasinan. There was a brownout that time but the electricity was restored after 20 minutes. The available room was cozy without any windows but the air-conditioner was perfect. I overslept in this hotel because of the lack of natural light coming from the outside but I was able to sleep the required 7 hours for the night.

On my last night along the road, I stayed at the Five Star Apartelle in Urdaneta, Pangasinan. So far, this was the best place where I had my rest overnight. The place is spacious and each unit has two bedrooms upstairs with laundry & drying areas on the first floor.

As for my meals, I was a loyal customer of Jollibee for the first two days. I had my lunch at Isdaan Restaurant in Gerona, Tarlac on my third day. I had my lunch and dinner at Matutina’s Restaurant in Urdaneta City on my fourth day. And had my breakfast at the Rivervue Restaurant at Saitan, Rosario, La Union.

I had a daly intake of Multi-Mineral & Vitamin tablet, Vitamin C, and Glucousamine. Before going to bed, I had to drink one glass of Ensure.

Lastly, I was protected by Mr Heckler & Mr Koch USP9 from Germany with their 19 powerful 9mm rounds and a spare of two magazines in case of extreme emergency. However, my daily prayers to the Lord had greatly protected me from any harm or injury.

For those who are intending to experience an adventure run, good luck and I hope you can document your experience on a near “real-time” on your blog or site. Always be safe on the road.

Podium Finishers: 2010 BDM 102

March 11, 2010: Awarding Ceremony & Get Together Party @ Tejeros Hall, AFP Officers Clubhouse, Camp Aguinaldo

Podium Finishers of 2010 BDM 102

(From Left to Right: BR, Alvin Canada, Whreachelle Cordova, Raiza Tulan, Maria Myrna Emelyne Buenafe, Randy Bumahit, Jonnifer Lacanlale, Coach Rey Antoque)

Men’s Overall Category

Champion—Alvin Canada—10:01:05 Hrs

1st Runner-Up—Randy Bumahit—10:44:27 Hrs

2nd Runner-Up—Jonnifer Lacanlale—11:01:47 Hrs

Women’s Overall

Champion—Whreachelle Cordova—16:00:07 Hrs

1st Runner-Up—Raiza Tulan—16:23:01 Hrs

2nd Runner-Up—Maria Myrna Emelyne Buenafe—16:38:48 Hrs