Podium Finishers: 2010 BDM 102

March 11, 2010: Awarding Ceremony & Get Together Party @ Tejeros Hall, AFP Officers Clubhouse, Camp Aguinaldo

Podium Finishers of 2010 BDM 102

(From Left to Right: BR, Alvin Canada, Whreachelle Cordova, Raiza Tulan, Maria Myrna Emelyne Buenafe, Randy Bumahit, Jonnifer Lacanlale, Coach Rey Antoque)

Men’s Overall Category

Champion—Alvin Canada—10:01:05 Hrs

1st Runner-Up—Randy Bumahit—10:44:27 Hrs

2nd Runner-Up—Jonnifer Lacanlale—11:01:47 Hrs

Women’s Overall

Champion—Whreachelle Cordova—16:00:07 Hrs

1st Runner-Up—Raiza Tulan—16:23:01 Hrs

2nd Runner-Up—Maria Myrna Emelyne Buenafe—16:38:48 Hrs


3 thoughts on “Podium Finishers: 2010 BDM 102

  1. speedsterbikster

    congratulations sir jovie for again a successful BDM 102. we are lucky to be a part of this race (the only one, i think, with a post race party and awarding ceremony as big as last thurs). hehe! thanks again for all your efforts sir jovie (we saw how hard you were working last sat & sun). hats off to you sir and all team BR staff and crew. til next year’s edition. see you on the road!


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