Perfect Running Weather

Today, I just finished the 2nd Mizuno 15K Run (Rush to Infinity Mizuno Run) which started and finished at The Fort. This is the second rendition of the Mizuno Races. The first Mizuno Run was held last 30 March 2008 but due to some negative feedbacks on the lack of water on the said race, Mizuno decided to hold another run three months after the first race.

I arrived at the Assembly area at 4:45AM and I was one of the few early runners to arrive and park. I started to have my stretching exercises and later ran at a slow pace for my warm-up on the streets of The Fort near the starting area. I was already sweating when I entered the runners starting area for the 15K which was scheduled to be released earlier from the 10K and 5K runners at 5:30AM. While at the starting area, I had at least 20 minutes to spare before the start of the race as shown by the digital clock of the race organizers to talk to the “friends of BaldRunner”, runner-bloggers, and other visitors of this blog. Some of the runners were suggesting to me to go at the front of the runners and be with the VIPs for the photo sessions minutes before the start of the run. The VIPs included Senator Pia Cayetano, Writer-Columnist Tessa Prieto-Valdez, and Mizuno Executives. I just stayed at the middle of the pack and talked to Lester Choayap whom I did not see for a long time since the 4th Global City/Anta Run. He told me that he was busy in his embroidery business for the past months. Continue reading “Perfect Running Weather”

Running & Blogging

Yesterday, I visited the blogsite of Marga/Transition-Zero and I read her post about a guy at the water station at White Plains during the 8th DND-AFP Gintong Pangarap Half-Marathon race making an “uncalled for and irresponsible” remarks to the runner who is completely a stranger.  Putting myself in the shoes of Marga, my immediate reaction to this guy is to “whack/punch” him in the face and maybe grab his neck and force him to run with me for the entire course! And I really mean to do this!

During the Mizuno Run last 30 March 2008, at the Bayani Road, I threw a bottle of water to the driver of a Nissan Patrol when he forced his vehicle towards a group of runners to include me at a crossing and I really showed my face to him. Why I am telling this? Sometimes you need to be “really, really bad” and notorious in situations when you need to send a strong message to somebody who would like to distract your concentration in running or try to discipline others. Continue reading “Running & Blogging”

Trails & Cows: 20K Run

I had another trail run last Wednesday afternoon. Instead of going north, I took another direction which was going east and it was a nice run where I covered 10 kilometers one-way and another 10 kilometers on my way back from where I started.

The span of the whole trail was a combination of grass-covered soil ground; sand & gravel road; cement; and clayish-soil. I followed the road beside the irrigational canal which I believed been made way back when I was in my elementary grades. I have yet to find out the stretch of the whole irrigation canal but I was informed that the canal comes from Vintar Dam, which is another 12-14 kilometers away from Laoag City. Vintar is located northeast of Laoag City and it is the source of water that flows along the Bacarra River. The mini-dam in Vintar supplies the water that is needed to irrigate the farmlands in Laoag City. However, I believe that the irrigation canal which was built at the foot of the hills and low mountains that surrounds the city from the north was made also as repository of water coming from the hills/mountains during rainy season. I talked to one of the old guys residing in Barangay Dibua South and he told me that the irrigation canal was made during the time of former President Marcos when the Secretary of Public Works was Secretary Antonio Raquiza, a native resident of Ilocos Norte. I guess, that was between 1961-1964. Continue reading “Trails & Cows: 20K Run”

Reminders: Rush To Infinity Mizuno 15K Run

Last 15 April 2008, almost 15 days after the Mizuno Infinity Run (30 March 2008), I posted this insight which was entitled, Lessons Learned: Mizuno Infinity 15K Run. I am again posting it as my reminder for the incoming road race this Sunday. Good luck to all the runners!

Lessons Learned: Mizuno Infinity 15K Run

1)  Nathan Water Belt—It was a wrong decision not to bring my Nathan Water Belt with me for this 15K race. Since I am not fond of stopping by at water stations in races, I will be bringing my own supply of water through my water belt in my coming road races. ( I will wear my Nathan Water Belt & bring my Bottle holder/strap)

2)  Tapering—Three days before the road race, I was still running almost the entire length of the course. My hill workouts in Jamindan were not yet enough that I had to run through the McKinley Hill segment for almost three times on the week before race day. It could had been better if I just relaxed and rested few days before the race. (No runs at McKinley Hill this week; more trail runs this time and weeks before the race) Continue reading “Reminders: Rush To Infinity Mizuno 15K Run”

ASICS & Olympic Games 2008 Marathon

From the time I started running in the early ’80s, my running shoes were limited to only two brands, New Balance & ASICS. However, a few months back, I donated my remaining New Balance shoes (NB 902 & NB Trail Shoes) through my “Project Donate A Shoe” to other runners who are in need of better and more reliable running shoes. Since then, all my running shoes are from the ASICS brand.


I came across this news article from the International Herald Tribune about the new technology and advancement in the running shoe industry as revealed by research & development people of ASICS shoes. The man behind this new technology is Hitoshi Mimura, 59 years old, a former marathon runner who became a master craftsman for ASICS, the Japanese sporting goods manufacturer.


Hereunder is the news article. For the elite athletes, anything that could make them faster and have a better finish time is the way of the future. 


Happy reading! Continue reading “ASICS & Olympic Games 2008 Marathon”

Easy 18K Run

I was not able to run for the past 5 days. I could had made my next run, after the Manila Half-Marathon which was postponed to a later date, last Monday but I took some time to supervise my project here in Laoag City. I had to talk to some people and friends after I arrived in my hometown.

I woke up at 5:30 AM of Tuesday (yesterday), ate some cereals and ripe banana, and drank 2 glasses of water. At 6:00 AM, I was already on the road after a brief warm-up and stretching. My route started in my sister’s house in Barangay Dibua South up to the point where I reached the 9.0 Km distance. I just passed by the Northwestern University along the road that goes to Laoag/Gabu Airport when I made my turn-around after I observed that it was about rain and I was meeting a strong winds that was coming from the sea.

I took the same route on my way back to the house of my sister. Surprisingly, the thick black clouds and strong winds disappeared when I reached my destination and the sun started to shine. I had observed that my last 200 meters was an uphill course which I plan to have my hill workout repeats in the coming days with the hope that the drills will help me in my next Sunday’s Mizuno 15K run.

After a small “problem” with my GF 305 last week, I was able to use it withour any problem this time. It registered the following data for my easy 18K run:

Distance—18.04 kms             Time—1:50:13 hrs

Average Pace—6:06 mins/km         Average Speed—9.8 kms/hr

Maximum Speed—12.6 kms/hr      Total Calories—1,326 cal

Average HR—153 bpm                    Maximum HR—167 bpm

Total Ascent—327 meters              Total Descent—323 meters

Running Kit—Adidas Shorts & T-shirt; Runner’s Cap & Maui Sunglasses

Running Shoes—ASICS Gel-Cumulus 8

Music—Eagles & Julio Iglesias

Payback Time: Please Donate

I am donating some money from the Baldrunner’s Charity Fund to the following:

1) To The Victims of Typhoon Frank (“Fengshen”)——P 10,000.00

2) To The 3 AMCI members who perished in Zambales—–  3,000.00

3) Project CHK of Passion Runner———————  5,000.00

I intend to give my donation to the victims of Typhoon Frank through the “Sagip Kapamilya” of ABS-CBN.

For the 3 AMCI members, I intend to give the money to Cecil/Miracello, who is one of the members of AMCI.

As for the Project CHK, I intend to give my donation after the Rush to Infinity Mizuno 15K Run at the Fort this Sunday.

For more particulars about ABS-CBN’s “Sagip Kapamilya”, please read this:

ABS-CBN “Sagip Kapamilya” appeals for assistance to typhoon victims

In its efforts to be of service to those affected by Typhoon Frank, ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya has immediately extended relief assistance to families in Iloilo, Bacolod, General Santos, Roxas, Zamboanga and Metro Manila.

This is in partnership with ABS-CBN Regional Network Group, Bantay Bata, Jollibee Foundation, Lopez Group Foundation and Lopez Families.

Sagip Kapamilya is appealing for donation to serve more families through donations of rice, canned goods, blankets, noodles, sleeping mats and clothes.

These can be brought to No. 13 Examiner St., West Triangle, Quezon City.

Cash donations may be sent to BDO account no. 5630020111.

For more information, please call 411-4995.

Recommend For Termination

I have recommended the termination of the DND/AFP Gintong Pangarap for Marathon effective immediately to the Secretary of National Defense and the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines due to the following reasons:

1) Since the creation of this sports program was directed in producing a member or members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines as a potential Olympic Gold Medalist in Marathon and was conceived by a former Secretary of National Defense, this program had never attained its objectives for the past seven years. The other DND/AFP Gintong Pangarap Sports Programs in Shooting, Taekwando, and Boxing were later abandoned after one or two years after it was conceived by the same Secretary of National Defense. It was perceived that the creation of this sports program was a “knee-jerk” reaction or “pa-snappy” effect for the AFP to contribute to the country’s first Olympic Gold Medal. 

2) Sports development, training and sustainment of support to elite national athletes are not the “core functions” of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Hence, the financial support to the DND/AFP Gintong Pangarap was not within the budgetary programs of the Major Services and that the Department of National Defense does not have any support to this program. Continue reading “Recommend For Termination”


Despite the rains and strong winds early this morning, I prepared to run the Araw ng Maynila Half-Marathon Race. I woke up at 3:10 AM, shaved, took a shower, ate my cereals and oatmeal, drank a glass of Ensure, wore my running kit and accessories and I was out of my place at 4:00 AM.

It was not raining along the road towards Luneta Park but I had observed that the wind was too strong and that I could see branches and leaves scattered along the street towards the assembly area. Thinking that the race would start at 5:00 AM and with an arrangement with my staff that I will have to get my race bib at the assembly area before the start of the race, I wanted to reach Luneta as early as possible.

When I reached Luneta at 4:30, I saw some runners waiting at the grandstand while a group of persons were talking and having a meting at the stage portion of the grandstand. As I left the car parked and proceeded to the grandstand, I could feel the strong wind that blows from the sea. I was trying to look for one of my staff who promised to give my race bib for the race. Unfortunately, I could not see one of the runners from the Armed Services and I started also to wait at the grandstand.

I was able to talk to one of the runners and he told me that the organizers of this race had invited the runners/athletes from all the universities/colleges and schools in Manila but the runners from University of Santo Tomas had just left the place. He also informed me that the race was postponed to a later date.

As I was about to leave the grandstand, a utility van arrived and the non-runners who were having a meeting went down from the grandstand and carried the food (in styrofoam packs) from the van to the grandstand. As soon as the food reached the grandstand, the volunteers/marshalls offered to us the food.

As I was about to get my share of the food, the guy who was giving me the pack told me that the race is going to be postponed to a later date because of the typhoon. The food pack consists of an egg omelette, one piece of jumbo hotdog, and lots of rice.

After getting my free breakfast, I went to my car and left the place. It started to rain and the winds blew stronger on my way back to Fort Bonifacio. I need to sleep some more!

To all the runners, I hope to see you on next Sunday’s Rush to Infinity Mizuno 15K Run. Happy running!

No Running For Today

For this week, I had only one run which was a 16-km run last Thursday morning and one supplementary weight training workout at the gym for two hours last Wednesday morning and the rest of the days were spent walking around the shopping malls, looking for books about running and watching movies and DVDs…and sleeping early. I had my one-hour massage yesterday afternoon and later had time to read some of my newly-bought running books.

For the past two weeks, I had been having my long runs on Saturdays and sometimes on the middle of the week when I am in Laoag City and it greatly affected my weekend races in Metro Manila and my speed/tempo run workouts had been relegated to the background. However, I intend to bring back my speed/tempo runs by next week as part of my training/preparation for the The San Francisco Marathon…and maybe for my first Ultra Trail Run in Calabasas, California (very near to our place in Los Angeles) on the 23rd of August. This is the Bulldog 50K Trail Run!

So, for today, there will be no runs and have more time to read my books and later watch the DVD “Prison Break” Season #2. I just finished the DVD “24” Season 6 last week.

To all the runners, I hope to see you at the Araw ng Maynila Half-Marathon tomorrow morning at the Luneta Park/Quirino Grandstand. Good luck & happy running!