Easy 18K Run

I was not able to run for the past 5 days. I could had made my next run, after the Manila Half-Marathon which was postponed to a later date, last Monday but I took some time to supervise my project here in Laoag City. I had to talk to some people and friends after I arrived in my hometown.

I woke up at 5:30 AM of Tuesday (yesterday), ate some cereals and ripe banana, and drank 2 glasses of water. At 6:00 AM, I was already on the road after a brief warm-up and stretching. My route started in my sister’s house in Barangay Dibua South up to the point where I reached the 9.0 Km distance. I just passed by the Northwestern University along the road that goes to Laoag/Gabu Airport when I made my turn-around after I observed that it was about rain and I was meeting a strong winds that was coming from the sea.

I took the same route on my way back to the house of my sister. Surprisingly, the thick black clouds and strong winds disappeared when I reached my destination and the sun started to shine. I had observed that my last 200 meters was an uphill course which I plan to have my hill workout repeats in the coming days with the hope that the drills will help me in my next Sunday’s Mizuno 15K run.

After a small “problem” with my GF 305 last week, I was able to use it withour any problem this time. It registered the following data for my easy 18K run:

Distance—18.04 kms             Time—1:50:13 hrs

Average Pace—6:06 mins/km         Average Speed—9.8 kms/hr

Maximum Speed—12.6 kms/hr      Total Calories—1,326 cal

Average HR—153 bpm                    Maximum HR—167 bpm

Total Ascent—327 meters              Total Descent—323 meters

Running Kit—Adidas Shorts & T-shirt; Runner’s Cap & Maui Sunglasses

Running Shoes—ASICS Gel-Cumulus 8

Music—Eagles & Julio Iglesias

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