Shoe Review: ASICS Gel-1120

Buying this pair of running shoes is a result of “impulsive shopping” on my part. After donating all my old running shoes which are not ASICS, only one remained which is the ASICS Gel-Cumulus 8. I needed another alternate running shoes which I can bring with me to Jamindan and my other shoes to stay in my quarters in Fort Bonifacio.

While browsing some of the running shoes at the Royal Sports Store, I found this particular shoes as the lightest and better cushioned among the other ASICS model available in the store. It was marked down to 20% less its original price and I was enticed to buy the said item.


After using it in the mountains of Jamindan, I found it to be light, very stable, and very comfortable to my heels. My heels are well-snugged with the heel counter area and I don’t feel any instability with my heels while running uphill and downhill. I tend to strike the ground with my forefoot but I had observed that the shoes has the tendency to roll more towards the outside motion, instead of being flat or neutral. I could feel that the thickness of the heel and sole is thicker on the inner side of the shoes by a few millimeters.

After 3 months of using it, I could feel that my footstrike is becoming more towards the outside/farther or outward portion of the shoes. The shoes have semi-curved last, the only shoes that I have with such construction. I thought of making a research about the shoes with ASICS website and I found out that shoes is made for pronators, runners who have the tendency to roll their feet towards the inner part of the shoes resulting to the inner portions of the heel to be consumed first due to wear and tear. Since I am not a pronator but a supinator, I could feel that my footstrike towards the outside portion of my shoes is more exaggerated making my run uneven with the ground. Although, I feel that my supination is more exaggerated, I did not feel any pain or uneasiness with my leg muscles with this running shoes.

The shoes is light and comfortable but the cushioning is very basic as you could “feel the ground” with your feet. The shoes is not noisy when it hits the ground and it has nice traction and you could feel immediate response from the shoes when you try to increase your pace. This is a responsive shoes, whether you are forefoot or heel striker.  

This shoes is well-recommended to pronators. This is one of the mid-priced running shoes of ASICS between P 4,500 to P 5, 500.00. This shoes could be used for longer distances like half-marathon and marathon races.

This is my ASICS Gel-1120 which appeared in the RW Magazine’s Shoe Review on the later part of 2006. I suggest you don’t buy your ASICS shoes at the Royal Sports Store or at Toby’s because they are selling the older models. Try getting/buying later models of ASICS at The Athlete’s Foot Store at Glorietta.

4 thoughts on “Shoe Review: ASICS Gel-1120

  1. prometheuscometh

    I use a pair of nimbus 9s which i bought at the athlete’s foot. I had gone through several brands and models and those guys made me try these on. I liked the way they felt but wanted to find out how other runners felt about them. The reviews were good so I went back the next day and bought them. Thanks to them they have a newly certified ASICS fan!


  2. kingofpots

    prom, thanks for the visit and welcome to the “ASICS Club”. i am sure you will enjoy using your Nimbus 9 and I have yet to experience using this kind of ASICS shoes. good luck & happy running.


  3. kingofpots

    prom, i’ve visited your blog and you write very good. i’ll include you in my blogroll. keep on writing & happy running!


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