Typical Ilocano Foods

My typical lunch menu/dishes while I am in Laoag City:

On the upper right portion is fresh avocado in low-fat milk with small amount of sugar and ice for dessert.

This a variety of seaweeds which is only available in Ilocos Norte. It is called “Pukpuklo”. It is eaten raw mixed with chopped tomatoes and ginger only!

This is the native snails, we call them “Bisokol” (“Kuhol” in Tagalog), taken from fresh water and rice fields. It is cooked with salt/bagoong with chopped tomatoes and ginger. The end portion of the shell must be cracked or broken before they are cooked. Instead of using toothpick or needles to prick the flesh out of the shell, we prefer to suck the meat from the shell by using our lips.

This is the flower of a tree we call “Katuray”. Be sure to remove the “pistil” portion of the flower before you blanch it with hot water. Mix it with salt/patis (fish sauce) or bagoong & chopped tomatoes.


 This is the popular “adobong pusit”.

Hmmm…Yummy…Bon Apetit!


7 thoughts on “Typical Ilocano Foods

  1. yum, yum and very healthy … no bagnet 😛 the seaweed really looks delicious. i think i’ve had something similar, we call it arosep. never had katuray though … but the adobong pusit ahhh kagutom!


  2. kingofpots

    bards, there is no bagnet, it has high purine contents that will trigger my gout..hehehe..try to visit laoag city and have a taste of the food here. they are cheap and very healthy! we have also a special kind of seaweed which is called “gamet” which is only produced here in burgos-bangui-pagudpud area. good luck on your running workouts. nice stories on your blog.


  3. annalenemb

    hi BR!

    yummy!!! since marrying my Ilocano husband 22 years ago, i tend to like and enjoy these Ilocano foods, but have not seen nor tried the “katuray” yet…

    well, it is really awesome enjoying simple life back home…

    take care!


  4. kingofpots

    marga, home-cooked “adobong pusit” really tastes good!

    annalene, my folks always say that “katuray” would lower high blood pressure. it has a bitter taste but they are juicy & delicious. ask your husband to find some in the market and try it.


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