An Invitation; Dasma; & Forbes Park

I received an e-mail invation from Kim early this week as her guest to run in the 1st Forbes Park-Dasmarinas Village Run this morning but I had made my schedule already to fly to Laoag City on the morning of last Tuesday. I had to beg off and made a “pass” on the said invitation telling her that I am in Laoag City undertaking some repair jobs of my future residential place in the city. I promised Kim to call her once I return to Manila.

It would had been a nice experience to be running inside the village of the “rich and famous”; “foreign dignitaries” and “big bosses” of multinational companies assigned in the country. Joining this race would had been an opportunity to run with Kim and to my good friend, US Ambassador Kristie A Kenney of the United States, whom I ‘ve known to be a good hiker & runner.

In the early 90s, the cycling/biking group that I organized among my officers and men assigned at Fort Bonifacio was a constant visitor inside these two villages as part of our daily 25-km cycling route. It was nice to see clean & wide roads and tall trees along the sides of the roads where the roads are named after popular local trees. If the road is named Acacia, you expect that the road is lined up with acacia trees on the sides. The Tamarind Road (where tamarind trees are planted along the sides of the road) is the most distinct road that we had to traverse in going back to Fort Bonifacio after coming from Dasmarinas Vilage. The trees provided shade to most of us during our cycling workouts. I could also remember meeting Congressman Jack Enrile on an expensive bike along Tamarind Road with a SUV as his back-up/security and Bowling Champion Paeng Nepomuceno with his nice & colorful cycling jersey and of course, expensive racing bicycle. 

How I wished I could have joined this inaugural road race and recall the days when I was allowed to jog and bike on the roads of these two known villages.

Kim, I hope to see you soon!

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