DZMM’s Takbo Para Sa Kalikasan 10K

As far as I can remember, this is my first time to join this yearly road race whose advocacy is to protect the environment. Basically, this is the yearly road race that promotes the improvement and cleaning of the Pasig River which started in 1999. This road race is sponsored by the ABS-CBN Foundation.

I decided to join this race last Wednesday as my “diagnostic test” run to evaluate my speed after finishing my “adventure run” from Caloocan City to Baguio City on the 2nd week of this month. I realized it is my first time to run a 10K road race in Luneta-Roxas Boulevard area since I started this blog. My previous races in Luneta-Roxas area were part of full Marathon races that I’ve joined in the past.

Having arrived at the Luneta area very early (one hour before the scheduled starting time), I had my warm-up and stretching with a plan to run at my best effort for this race. I was able to brief the members of my elite team and then proceeded to the starting area. I was surprised to see a lot of runners for the 10K, 5K and 3K races. I heard that there were 8,000 runners who registered for this event. I was able to meet also other runners like Sir Amado aka Reinier 6666, members of the, and “newbie” runners who are expecting me to conduct their Corporate Running Lecture and Clinic in the coming days.

Before The Start Of The 10K Run

 A simple program was conducted before the start of the race with no less than the Vice-President Noli De Castro as the highest government official promoting this race. Ms Gina Lopez, President of the ABS-CBN Foundation, was also there to grace the occassion. Well, it was a running event where the “stars” of the said network were also in attendance. Piolo Pascual, Jake Cuenca, Maricar Reyes, Enchong Dee, Nina Corpuz, Ariel Oreta, Cory Quirino, and Winnie Cordero were there to participate in the event. Piolo Pascual ran the 10K race; Jake Cuenca ran the 5K race; and the rest joined the 3K run.

After some short speeches from the VIPs of the ABS-CBN, warm-up/stretching exercises, and briefing from Mr Rudy Biscocho, the race started at least 3 minutes before the scheduled time. You expect an early or a punctual start of the race if Mr Rudy Biscocho is the Race Director of a running event.

As the gun was fired (actually, a sound effect of an explosion), I immediately placed myself infront and tried to find an ample space among the front runners. After one kilometer, I glanced at my GF 305 and it registered an average pace of 4:47 mpk. It was a good start and an early pace before I started to perspire. I tried to maintain my pace and never glanced at my watch until I reached the halfway/turn-around. Few meters away from the turn-around point, my watch registered a time of 24:18 minutes and again tried to increase my pace.

Trying To Keep My Pace Faster

 As soon as I reached the 5K Race turn-around (2.5K from the Finish Line), the road became full of runners & walkers. Moreso, when I reached the 3K Race turn-around point, more runners would fill the road that I had to look for a way or space to overtake these slower runners. The presence of the slower runners and walkers in the lesser distance races made my average pace slower.

I finished the 10K race in 47:37 minutes based from my GF 305 (unofficial time). The following were the kilometer splits for the 10K race: 4:47/4:30/4:39/4:40/4:51/4:50/4:57/4:56/4:53/4:46. The distance was measured accurately at 10K with my GF 305. My average pace was 4:45 mpk with an average heart rate of 168 beats per minute.

A Pose After The 10K Run

 I am satisfied with my performance with this race. I know I could be faster if I put more time with my speed-endurance workouts. From the result time, my average pace per mile is 7:40 minutes. With progressive training and additional time for my supplementary weight training, I will be focused to qualify for this year’s MILO Marathon Eliminations on July 4, 2010. My finish time at the Century Tuna Half-Marathon of 1:47:51 hours and my time in this race are already good references for my training program in my next Marathon Race.

Elite Team BR Won Top Awards

Alley Quisay of the Elite Team Bald Runner won as Champion in the Hall of Fame  Special Award for winning and defending his title as the winner in last year’s 10K  Race with a time of 32:13 minutes in the Men’s Division. Jujet De Asis and Frank Indapan of Elite Team Bald Runner won the 1st & 2nd Place in the 10K Race. They received their awards and prizes from Vice-President Noli De Castro.

The road race was orderly conducted with part of the Roxas Boulevard closed from any vehicle and all the basic amenities/support for the runners were available. Instead of the water being served in cups, bottled water was available and given to all the runners in every Water Station which was located every 2.5 kilometers.

Congratulations to ABS-CBN Foundation, Mr Rudy Biscocho & staff, and to all the Finishers for a nice and orderly running event.


Invitation: To All Road Race Organizers

I just received a telephone call from the President of PATAFA, Mr Go Teng Kok, this morning. Being the PATAFA’s Director for Road Races, he relayed to me the need to meet all the Road Race Organizers in Metro Manila and in other parts of the country to discuss important matters related in the conduct of Road Races in the country.

In view thereof, all Road Race Organizers are invited to a meeting at the PATAFA Office, Rizal Memorial Stadium in Manila on March 2, 2010. The meeting starts at 8:30 AM and it will be presided by the PATAFA President himself. Trail Race Organizers are also invited to join this meeting.

If you think you are a road race organizer and had never applied for accreditation with PATAFA, you are highly encouraged to join this meeting.

See you at the meeting/conference.

getting even

This is one of the untold stories during my adventure run from Manila to Baguio City on the 2nd week of this month.

Once I entered the Province of Tarlac, I have observed that the whole province turned to yellow color. All the campaign banners, posters, and tarpaulins displayed along the highway are all colored yellow. Almost all the electric posts, trees and walls lined up along the highway are all filled with campaign posters. I am not sure if the campaign leaders & representatives of the national candidates for the provinces know the provisions of the COMELEC Election Laws.

I found out that a former Congressman in the early 2000 is running for a Senatorial seat in this year’s national election through the posters I saw along the highway. This Congressman was one of those who investigated me and other senior officers of the AFP in a Congressional Inquiry & Investigation about a military operation in Southern Mindanao that went wrong due to the “meddling” of armchair Generals at the General Headquarters. Being the operational commander in the area, my orders to my men were “countermanded” by the Generals sitting their asses in the comfort of their air-con offices in Manila. To make the story short, this Congressman prevented me from reading my prepared statement during the hearing and the said hearing brought embarassment to the whole military establishment due to the Congressman’s “grandstanding” antics infront of the TV camera!

When I saw the face of this Congressman on his campaign posters, it broughk back “bad” memories of the Congressional Inquiry & Investigation. At an instant, I started pulling and removing his campaign posters displayed on the trees and electric posts along the way! As if nothing happened whenever I pass by his campaign posters as I did not stop or slowed down my regular pace while grabbing and pulling his campaign posters. You could just imagine how many posters of this Senatorial candidate I was able to remove from the Province of Tarlac to Baguio City.

Whether my act of removing/pulling his campaign posters was good or bad, I think, I was able to get even with this politician. In the first place, the display of his campaign posters other than the authorized election/campaign poster areas is a violation of the COMELEC’s Election Laws provision. How I wish COMELEC could “deputize” me and other runners to remove those campaign posters displayed in violation of the COMELEC’s Election Laws. That would be an exciting job!

Fourth Day: Mid-Day Run

1. I was not able give my readers a brief description of my run on the 4th day of my adventure run. I was able to post my pictures as “teaser” for what had transpired during the run.

2. I slept late on the 3rd day as I was frustrated to have not reached the boundary of Tarlac and Pangasinan due to the stones/gravel and sand along the sidewalk of the National Highway and finally stopped at Km Post #160, barely 8-9 kilometers to the boundary line. While at the Hotel, there was a 30-minute “brownout” which disturbed my sleep. However, I was able to extend my sleep by waking up late in the morning. I ordered a full breakfast meal and ate it without any hurry.

3. Since I slept in one of the roadside hotels in Carmen, Rosales, I had to be driven back to San Manuel, Tarlac, a 10K-drive, at 9:00 AM. Finally, I started my run from Km Post #160 on or about 9:30 AM. It was already too hot during the day but I was able to endure by incorporating walking breaks during my run. As practiced and done in my previous days, I had to drink water from my Nathan Hydration bottle every 2 kilometers and drink half-bottle of Gatorade every 5 kilometers.

Banana (Lacatan) as The Most Powerful Energy-Boosting Fresh Fruit

4. I was very strong during the morning run because I had a full breakfast with steamed rice, fried eggs, & longganiza (local sausage). After running straight for 12 kilometers, I have to incorporate walking breaks while eating SkyFlakes crackers and Cloud 9 chocolate bites. At 12 noon, I reached the City of Urdaneta and decided to check-in to an apartelle recommended by my friend, Cecil Morella. I had my cold shower and prepared for my lunch. I had my lunch at Matutina’s Restaurant where I ate Pusit Adobo, Fried Bangus Belly, and Pork Barbecue with Rice. After lunch, I was able to sleep at the Apartelle for almost 2 hours.

Be Careful With The Sand & Gravel On The Sidewalks!
Km Post Markings In Pangasinan Are Accurate.

5. At 4:15 PM, I prepared to continue my run from the Apartelle, going towards Urdaneta Poblacion and Binalonan. It was still very hot and the sidewalk was still the same—sand & gravel but I endured the surface of the road and the sound/noise, pollution and traffic of vehicles along the National Highway. Those narrow bridges between Urdaneta and Binalonan are accident-prone areas because the width could exactly accommodate two vehicles abreast with each other. I took extra precaution on crossing these bridges making sure that there was no vehicle crossing on the bridge with me on both traffic. Most of the old bridges don’t have any space for pedestrians on both sides of the road. I really wanted to stop by on those makeshift stores selling boiled corn on the sidewalks of the road between Urdaneta and Binalonan but I was in a hurry to finish my run. The boiled corn being sold there are sweet and fresh. They are produced/harvested locally on those cornfields along the highway. However, I did not miss these boiled corn as I bought some on my way back to Manila. I finally reached Km Post # 192 in Binalonan, Pangasinan at 6:00 PM. I ended my run very early because of a dinner appointment with Rey Jimenez in Urdaneta City.

6. Days before I reached the Province of Pangasinan, Rey Jimenez of Dagupan City contacted and invited me for dinner in Urdaneta through my cellphone and he was a generous host and very persistent to join me on my last leg from Saitan, Rosario, La Union to Baguio City. It was my second time to meet him as he joined the 2010 BDM 50K Test Run from Mariveles to Abucay, Bataan last month even if he did not finish a full marathon distance yet. He is a good runner as he finished the BDM Test Run in 7+hours. During the dinner, Rey showed seriousness in joining me on the next day’s last leg to Baguio City.

7. As scheduled at 6:30 PM, Rey and I met at the Matutina’s Restaurant, the very same restaurant where I had my lunch! Rey ordered the following dishes for the dinner: Inihaw na Bonuan Bangus, Sinigang na Malaga, Lechon Kawali, and Kilawen na Pusit. It was a heavy dinner but it was enough as my food replenishment for the day and “carbo” load for the next day. I told many stories to Rey about my experiences on the road for the past 4 days during our dinner. Rey, thanks for the dinner!

8. At about 9:30 PM, after posting my “teaser” pictures and my day’s evening edition, I immediately went to bed with an intention to wake up early for the last day of my run. I was decided to finish the run on the 5th day in Baguio City.

9. This leg was my shortest run in terms of my daily mileage but it was one of the hardest days because of the heat of the sun and the condition of the sidewalk along the National Highway. I was told that this day was the first day of summer for the year! My total mileage was 32 kilometers. The mileage was short but I was able to conserve my strength and energy for the last leg of my run.

10. On political and campaign posters in Pangasinan, I did not see much posters along the highway. Almost all the barangays along the National Highway from Urdaneta City to the Pangasinan-La Union Boundary has a posted notice from the Barangay Captains that they prohibit the display of campaign posters nailed/stapled on trees and I believe that this notice was strictly implimented. Instead, I’ve seen the following “writings on the walls”:

This Is An Indication of A Problem!
Very Interesting!!!

CLP; 2010 BDM 102 Briefing & Others

To All 2010 BDM 102 Participants:

1. There will be Carboloading Party (CLP) and Final Briefing for all the runners & support crew members for the 2010 Bataan Death March 102K Ultramarathon Race (BDM 102) at 6:00 PM on March 4, 2010 at The Patio of the AFP Officer’s Clubhouse in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City. The registration fee is One Hundred Fifty Pesos (P 150.00) per person which will cover for the food and drinks. This will be an all-pasta dinner for every paying attendee. Runners are advised to be on the venue before 6:00 PM as the program will start on time.

2. Race Bib and Copy of the Rules & Regulations will be given during the CLP Party. We will try to minimize administrative activities/requirements before the start of the race on D-Day at Km 00. If possible, we will start the race before midnight of Saturday, March 6, 2010. Assembly Time at Km 00 in Mariveles, Bataan will be at 10:00 PM of March 6, 2010.

3. Runners are advised to send e-mail at to signify if they are bringing their own support vehicle or they are part of a group of runners using only one vehicle. We intend to give banner-tarpaulins for the runner’s support vehicle during the CLP Party. Limited number of tarpaulins was ordered and they will be distributed to runners who sent e-mail message about their support vehicle. There will be no banner-tarpaulins which will be distributed on Race Day.

4. Last day of Medical/Doctor’s Certificate submission will be on March 1, 2010. We will not allow runners to join the race without any Medical/Doctor’s Certificate. We will publish the final list of runner-participants on March 2, 2010 in this blog;; and

5. For those who would like to pursue ultrarunning/ultramarathon as their sports, I am inviting the BDM “veterans” (those who finished the 2009 edition); those who finished the 2nd BDM 50K Test Run; other ultrarunners; and the Finishers of the 2010 BDM 102 to apply as members of the Philippine Association of Ultrarunners (PAU). The annual membership fee is One Thousand Pesos Only (P 1,000.00) per member which will entitle each member an ID Card, Sport Shirt with PAU Logo, 10% discount from registration fees of Races organized by Bald Runner’s Events, and a chance to participate to the following International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU)-sanctioned races for 2010:

IAU 100K Asian Championships in Jeju, Korea in March,

IAU 24H World Championships (including European Championship) in Brive-la-Gaillarde, France, in May,

IAU 100K World Championships (including European Championship) in Gibraltar in November,

IAU 50K World Trophy Final in Galway, Ireland in August.

IAU Logo
PAU Logo (By Rick Gaston)

“Half-Naked” @ Century Tuna 21K Run

The race started 12 minutes ahead of schedule and I liked it. I checked-in very early at the starting line thinking that I could meet some friends as I stayed at the middle portion of the runners. A number of runners greeted me and after a few seconds before the starting gun was fired, I moved at the front area talking to some of the elite runners.

At The Starting Area With My Singlet

As soon as the gun was fired, I removed my singlet and threw it to my staff at the sidelines and started my GF 305 as I passed the lined up carpet for the RFID Champion Chip tied on my right shoe lace. From the starting line, I was running “half-naked”. I started too quick so that I could not be bothered with the rest of the runners. Immediately, I was able to maintain an ample space where I could run at my pace without being crowded by other runners. It was still too dark that I could not identify the faces of those runners who would pass me and those who are on my sides.

"Half-Naked" Running @ Century Tuna 21K Run

At the first 5 kilometers, I could sense that I was running faster than 5:00 mins per km and tried to slow down to preserve my strength for the second half of the race. I tried to maintain my pace at 5:00 to 5:15 mpk but my pace would reach up to 5:30 mpk when I ran uphill and during my brief run at the Heritage Park. 

At Halfway, I was joined by Jonel & Junrox but Jonel went ahead of us as he increased his pace at Lawton Avenue. While inside the Heritage Park, Natz joined us up to near the Finish Line. The picture above was taken by one of the peeps. Thanks for the picture.

I started and finished the half-marathon race “half-naked” as what I promised to do in my previous post. Nobody cautioned me. Nobody from the road marshals tried to stop me. But I received a lot of cheers from bystanders and audience once I entered the Heritage Park. I also received favorable comments from my runner-friends as I met them along the route. Maybe it’s because I am totally different from the others or maybe, I looked “funny” as an old bald man running “half-naked”! hahaha! Other runners would ask me if I am the father of Derek Ramsey! Yes, you are right, dude! hehehe!

At The Finish Line
A Runner of accompanied me "half-naked" 200 meters from the Finish Line

 I finished the race in 1:47:51 hours (unofficial time) based from my GF 305. My average pace was 5:06 mpk and the distance registered at 21.1 kilometers. My finish time is a big improvement from my Cebu City Half-Marathon by almost 10 minutes.

This race gave me so much confidence that I am back in road racing again after my injury last November 2009. Basing from the result of this race, I could already train for my next full marathon and try to qualify for the 2010 MILO National Marathon Finals. The previous Condura Marathon last February 7 was considered as a long run without so much speed-endurance and it prepared me for my “adventure run” from Manila to Baguio City. The objective in the MILO Marathon Eliminations is to be able to finish the race in 3:45 hours!

On the winners of the different races, the Elite Team Bald Runner did not win any place in the top 3 runners of the 21K Race. The race was won by Ed “Vertek” Buenavista and two Kenyan runners were ranked 2nd & 3rd Place. In the 10K Race, Alquin Bolivar & Frank Indapan of Team BR won 2nd & 3rd Place, respectively. In the 5K Race, Gerald Sabal & Jujet De Asis of Team BR won 1st & 2nd Place. In the ladies category, Cora Salcedo of Team BR won 3rd Place in the 3K Race.

“Minimalist” Running (For Men Only)

“Minimalist” Running is running only with your running shorts or running without a shirt/singlet.

Except for the long hair and the beard of “minimalist” ultratrail runner Anton Krupicka (, I tried to run at the ULTRA Oval Track yesterday morning “half-naked”, wearing only my running shorts and shoes! Well, after finally completing eightt (8) laps, the lady Security Guard came down at the oval track and cautioned me that it is prohibited to run “half-naked” at the ULTRA Oval Track. Being a “good soldier”, I immediately picked-up my singlet on the sideline and wore it. And continued my run for anothe 5 laps.

I did not bother to argue with the Lady Security Guard asking her as to where her source of authority came from as I don’t see any written rules and regulations in the use of the oval track displayed around. However, I suspect that the “seniors” (men & ladies) walking around the oval track made some complaints with the Lady Security Guard. This is the same experience I had when I ran counterflow with the rest of the runners where a “beginner/newbie” runner complained to the Security Guard that I was running the opposite way.

Is there any rule or regulation or provision from the etiquette of running that it is prohibited to run “half-naked” in road, oval track, and trail runs? I think in all track and field competitions in the oval track, all the athletes should be wearing a singlet or shirt where they could pin their race bibs/numbers in order to identify them during the competition. However, in road and trail runs, I don’t see any provision from the race organizer’s rules and regulations that it is prohibited to run without any singlet or shirt. Most of the ultratrail runners pin their race numbers on their running shorts.

Tony Krupicka (Photo Taken from

I saw some runners in our local races running on barefoot but nobody is prohibiting them from running. But running without a shirt is something that should be “tested”, most especially running in a country like ours which is hot and humid.

I may not be as young, tall, handsome and fast like Anton Krupicka or have a nice body physique like Derek Ramsey, but we will see if I can run as the “Bald Runner” and at the same time the “Bold Runner” during the Century Tuna Half-Marathon.

See you at the Starting Line!!!

getting back my speed

The first thing that I did after arriving in Manila last Monday afternoon was to have a “deep-tissue” massage for two hours. During my adventure run, I did not have any massage along the way and just rested my legs overnight in every leg of the run.

On the following day, Tuesday morning, I had my active recovery run at The Fort lasting for 30:54 minutes and was able to cover a distance of 5 kilometers. My average pace was 6:09 minutes per kilometer but at the middle of the run, I was able to maintain an average pace of 5:32 minutes per kilometer for about 2 kilometer. It was my first step to shift my LSD legs to a faster pace to regain some speed in preparation for the 21K Road Race this Sunday.

In the afternoon of the same day, I joined the BR “speed” training at the ULTRA Oval Track but I was ahead in doing my workouts with the rest of the Team Bald Runner-Professional Group. I did a warm-up run, stretching, and speed drills. Later, I tested my speed by running two repetitions of one-mile run. The first rep was timed at 7:51 minutes with a distance of 1.7 kilometers as I was running on Lane 3 of the Oval Track. The average pace was 4:37 minutes per kilometer. I was surprised that I was not trying to catch my breath after running one mile. After one minute of rest, I did my second repetition on the same Lane 3 with the same 1.7 km distance and I registered a slower time of 8:41 minutes, an average pace of 5:02 minutes per kilometer.

Due to the heavy traffic of runners who are attending a running clinic and the usual runners at the Oval Track, I decided to stop my interval workouts and concentrated on doing stretching and Pilates exercises. Later, I was able to meet and talk about my experiences during my adventure run with the members of the Team Bald Runner-Professional Group.

I did not run on Wednesday morning. However, in the afternoon, I went to the Oval Track very early to continue my speed workout. First, I did my 1.7K warm-up run in 10:04 minutes with an average pace of 5:48 minutes per kilometer. After stretching and short speed drills, I did 5 X 400 interval runs with one minute rest on Lane 2 of the Oval Track and the following were the results:

1st rep—1:46 minutes—4:13 minutes per km

2nd rep—1:47 minutes—4:19 minutes per km

3rd rep—1:45 minutes—4:17 minutes per km

4th rep—1:40 minutes—3:55 minutes per km

5th rep—1:44 minutes—4:13 minutes per km

After a 3-minute rest, I finished my run with a 30-minute steady run where I was able to cover a distance of 5 kilometers. My average pace was 5:55 minutes per kilometer.

Early this morning (Thursday), I had another run at the ULTRA Oval Track with a tempo run. I was able to run a distance of 6 kilometers with a time of 31:08 minutes. It was a good run with an average pace of 5:11 minutes per kilometer.

With all these speed and tempo run workouts after finishing my adventure run, I think I could predict/produce a decent finish time on this Sunday’s Century Tuna Run. It could not be a PR but I am sure that I am getting my speed back again. The goal is to improve my latest half-marathon finish time I’ve registered in the Cebu Marathon last month.

See you at the Starting Line!!!

on publicity & marketing

I admit that I am known within the running community in the country through this blog and from the newly-published Front Runner Magazine and I did not spend much except for my yearly URL fee for WordPress. My advocacies are well-known to everybody and many runners as well as ordinary citizens have benefited from them. Despite these undertakings, the Bald Runner had never been featured in any broadsheets’ lifestyle & sports sections. Even if I know personally some writers, they don’t dare to write about me without them asking permission from me. In short, I don’t need publicity and shy away from  public relations outfits as they ask some exhorbitant fees for them to give you a good image and “market” you as a good product. I would like to state it once again, that I am not running for an elective office/position or I am not trying to transform myself into a politician. I just love to run and inspire others to adhere to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Many runners had been asking me why the Bald Runner is not featured in the TBR Magazine; Men’s Health; or Multi-Sport Magazines and even the annual publication last year after they have published and featured their “stars” in the running community. These runners should ask the publishers of these magazines why they are not featuring me. I am glad my friend & ultra runner, Jonel, published the first running magazine in the country, The Front Runner Magazine!

As I said, this blog is already a good platform for people to know what the Bald Runner is doing to promote running and at the same time sustain its advocacies. I have also projects being the President of the Philippine Association of Ultrarunners (PAU) in promoting the sports of ultramarathon in the country. And the most significant project of this Association is the conduct of the yearly Bataan Death March 102K Ultramarathon Race, simply called “BDM 102”.

In my personal point of view, ultramarathon is still an “underground” running sports event in the country. It is better known by “word of mouth” from one runner to another. The lesser the number of runners, the better as most average runners would not dare to challenge themselves to go beyond their endurance limits. In short, ultramarathons are for those who are “crazy, have the “balls” & hardcore” in running.

So, if a media or PR outfit would ask me to be an Official Media/PR partner for the BDM 102, I would say “NO”, most especially if the media outfit would ask me material things in return for their services of advertising and covering the event. I believe that these media outfits should be the one who should be giving material things, like support funds/sponsorship funds/banners, for the event and support for the advocacy of the running event.

The Marketing Staff of RunnerSpeak  approached me on the early part of January 2010 and made a schedule to meet me for two occassions but their staff would not make it and had these meetings re-scheduled until the meeting was put on hold. Instead, the Marketing Staff of RunnerSpeak sent me an e-mail on their proposal/offer to cover the BDM 102. Below is an excerpt of a proposal from RunnerSpeak of Q TV to advertise, promote & cover 2010 BDM 102. 

RunnerSpeak will assure that BDM 102KM will receive the following mileage:

  • A full exposure and coverage for BDM 102KM
  • Placement of event announcement and updates on the show
  • Interview of representatives and organizers
  • Extra media values:
    • Inclusion of updates and links in our sites eg: Facebook, Website 
    • Bumper and CBB

In exchange for this, RunnerSpeak is requesting the following:

  • Inclusion of the show’s LOGO as Official TV Partner
  • Install banners on race day (max. of 3 banners)
  • Singlets/ Shirts for the team (at least 10pcs)
  • Complimentary registration of at least 2 participants for the race
  • RunnerSpeak to be acknowledged as the Television Partner

Okey, they are requesting me for such & such but definitely, my answer is “NO”. I am not a marketing-trained “son of a gun” but just for curiosity sake, I just want to know if this is the “protocol” in advertising/marketing. I have the impression that whatever this media outfit would cover in the BDM 102 event and have it shown in Q TV, they will be paid for every second & minute in their TV program. Am I right or wrong?

Or it would be better if the media outfit would pay the Race Organizer (Director & Producer) and the runners (Actors & Actresses) as we are their “talents”?

To all the BDM 102 runners, good luck!

Adventure Run Stats & Figures

The following are the statistics and figures taken from my GF 305 watch during my adventure run from vicinity Monumento, Caloocan City to Baguio City. The GF 305 readings could be more accurate than the kilometer post markings but it could be the other way around. I really don’t know. But there are kilometer posts which are accurately in sync with the distance registered in my GF 305. The Province of Pangasinan has the most accurate distances in-between kilometer posts. Pampanga & Tarlac kilometer post’s placements are not accurate as this may be a result of the Mt Pinatubo eruption.

1st Day (February 9, 2010): From Km Post #10 to Km Post #56

Morning Run

Time of Start: 6:25 AM

Distance: 26.34 kilometers

Time: 4:17:09 hours

Average Pace: 9:45 minutes per kilometer

Average Speed: 6.1 kilometers per hour

Total Calories Burned: 1,680 cal

Average HR: 119 bpm

Maximum HR: 147 bpm

Afternoon Run

Time of Start: 4:00 PM

Distance: 20.57 kilometers

Time: 2:42:45 hours

Average Pace: 7:54 minutes per kilometer

Average Speed: 7.6 kilometers per hour

Calories Burned: 1,353 cal

Average HR: 130 bpm

Maximum HR: 152 bpm

2nd Day (February 10, 2010): From Km Post #56 to Km Post #102

Morning Run

Time of Start: 6:13 AM

Distance: 30.61 kilometers

Time: 4:47:19 hours

Average Pace: 9:23 minutes per kilometer

Average Speed: 6.24 kilometers per hour

Calories Burned: 1,961 cal

Average HR: 118 bpm

Maximum HR: 139 bpm

Afternoon Run

Time of Start: 4:36 PM

Distance: 15.74 kilometers

Time: 2:16:12 hours

Average Pace: 8:39 minutes per kilometer

Average Speed: 6.9 kilometers per hour

Calories Burned: 1,047 cal

Average HR: 122 bpm

Maximum HR: 146 bpm

3rd Day (February 11, 2010): From Km Post #102 to Km Post #160

Morning Run

Time of Start: 6:37 AM

Distance: 35.12 kilometers

Time: 4:50:37 hours

Average Pace: 8:16 minutes per kilometer

Average Speed: 7.3 kilometers per hour

Calories Burned: 2,397 cal

Average HR: 124 bpm

Maximum HR: 146 bpm

Afternoon Run

Time of Start: 4:53 PM

Distance: 23.47 kilometers

Time: 3:55:59 hours

Average Pace: 10:03 minutes per kilometer

Average Speed: 6.0 kilometers per hour

Calories Burned: 1,402 cal

Average HR: 113 bpm

Maximum HR: 137 bpm

4th Day (February 12, 2010): From Km Post #160 to Km Post #192

Morning Run

Time of Start: 9:31 AM

Distance: 20 kilometers

Time: 3:04:06 hours

Average Pace: 9:13 minutes per kilometer

Average Speed: 6.5 kilometers per hour

Calories Burned: 1,263 cal

Average HR: 118 bpm

Maximum HR: 146 bpm

Afternoon Run

Start Time: 4:30 PM

Distance: 12.40 kilometers

Time: 1:41:34 hours

Average Pace: 8:11 minutes per kilometer

Average Speed: 7.3 kilometers per hour

Calories Burned: 852 cal

Average HR: 123 bpm

Maximum HR: 135 bpm

5th Day (February 13, 2010): From Km Post #190 to Km Post #250

Time of Start: 5:45 AM

Distance: 58 kilometers

Time: 9:17:35 hours

Average Pace: 9:45 minutes per kilometer

Average Speed: 6.1 kilometers per hour

Calories Burned: 3,512 cal

Average HR: 118 bpm

Maximum HR: 142 bpm

Total Ascent: 3,394 meters

Total descent: 2,102 meters


Total Distance Covered: 242.25 kilometers

Total Time (Run/Walk): 36:53:16 hours

Total Calories Burned: 15,467 cal

Weight Before The Run: 140 lbs

Weight After The Run: 145 lbs