DZMM’s Takbo Para Sa Kalikasan 10K

As far as I can remember, this is my first time to join this yearly road race whose advocacy is to protect the environment. Basically, this is the yearly road race that promotes the improvement and cleaning of the Pasig River which started in 1999. This road race is sponsored by the ABS-CBN Foundation.

I decided to join this race last Wednesday as my “diagnostic test” run to evaluate my speed after finishing my “adventure run” from Caloocan City to Baguio City on the 2nd week of this month. I realized it is my first time to run a 10K road race in Luneta-Roxas Boulevard area since I started this blog. My previous races in Luneta-Roxas area were part of full Marathon races that I’ve joined in the past.

Having arrived at the Luneta area very early (one hour before the scheduled starting time), I had my warm-up and stretching with a plan to run at my best effort for this race. I was able to brief the members of my elite team and then proceeded to the starting area. I was surprised to see a lot of runners for the 10K, 5K and 3K races. I heard that there were 8,000 runners who registered for this event. I was able to meet also other runners like Sir Amado aka Reinier 6666, members of the, and “newbie” runners who are expecting me to conduct their Corporate Running Lecture and Clinic in the coming days.

Before The Start Of The 10K Run

 A simple program was conducted before the start of the race with no less than the Vice-President Noli De Castro as the highest government official promoting this race. Ms Gina Lopez, President of the ABS-CBN Foundation, was also there to grace the occassion. Well, it was a running event where the “stars” of the said network were also in attendance. Piolo Pascual, Jake Cuenca, Maricar Reyes, Enchong Dee, Nina Corpuz, Ariel Oreta, Cory Quirino, and Winnie Cordero were there to participate in the event. Piolo Pascual ran the 10K race; Jake Cuenca ran the 5K race; and the rest joined the 3K run.

After some short speeches from the VIPs of the ABS-CBN, warm-up/stretching exercises, and briefing from Mr Rudy Biscocho, the race started at least 3 minutes before the scheduled time. You expect an early or a punctual start of the race if Mr Rudy Biscocho is the Race Director of a running event.

As the gun was fired (actually, a sound effect of an explosion), I immediately placed myself infront and tried to find an ample space among the front runners. After one kilometer, I glanced at my GF 305 and it registered an average pace of 4:47 mpk. It was a good start and an early pace before I started to perspire. I tried to maintain my pace and never glanced at my watch until I reached the halfway/turn-around. Few meters away from the turn-around point, my watch registered a time of 24:18 minutes and again tried to increase my pace.

Trying To Keep My Pace Faster

 As soon as I reached the 5K Race turn-around (2.5K from the Finish Line), the road became full of runners & walkers. Moreso, when I reached the 3K Race turn-around point, more runners would fill the road that I had to look for a way or space to overtake these slower runners. The presence of the slower runners and walkers in the lesser distance races made my average pace slower.

I finished the 10K race in 47:37 minutes based from my GF 305 (unofficial time). The following were the kilometer splits for the 10K race: 4:47/4:30/4:39/4:40/4:51/4:50/4:57/4:56/4:53/4:46. The distance was measured accurately at 10K with my GF 305. My average pace was 4:45 mpk with an average heart rate of 168 beats per minute.

A Pose After The 10K Run

 I am satisfied with my performance with this race. I know I could be faster if I put more time with my speed-endurance workouts. From the result time, my average pace per mile is 7:40 minutes. With progressive training and additional time for my supplementary weight training, I will be focused to qualify for this year’s MILO Marathon Eliminations on July 4, 2010. My finish time at the Century Tuna Half-Marathon of 1:47:51 hours and my time in this race are already good references for my training program in my next Marathon Race.

Elite Team BR Won Top Awards

Alley Quisay of the Elite Team Bald Runner won as Champion in the Hall of Fame  Special Award for winning and defending his title as the winner in last year’s 10K  Race with a time of 32:13 minutes in the Men’s Division. Jujet De Asis and Frank Indapan of Elite Team Bald Runner won the 1st & 2nd Place in the 10K Race. They received their awards and prizes from Vice-President Noli De Castro.

The road race was orderly conducted with part of the Roxas Boulevard closed from any vehicle and all the basic amenities/support for the runners were available. Instead of the water being served in cups, bottled water was available and given to all the runners in every Water Station which was located every 2.5 kilometers.

Congratulations to ABS-CBN Foundation, Mr Rudy Biscocho & staff, and to all the Finishers for a nice and orderly running event.


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