Result: 2011 BDM 58K Test Run

The following is the result of the BDM 58K Test Run last January 29, 2011 from BDM Km Post #102 in San Fernando, Pampanga to the Finish Line of the BDM 160K Ultramarathon Race at Capas National Shrine, Capas, Tarlac. The test run started at 5:30 PM and the last runner arrived after 10:30 hours.

This test run was dedicated as a tribute to our friend Joseph “Jay” Cu-Unjieng who was a twice BDM 102 finisher; PAU runner; duathlete; triathlete; and a product of BR’s “Speed” Training Clinic. His ever-smiling face and generosity will never be forgotten.  

Forty-six runners started the test run and 3 DNFed. Some runners for the BDM 102 also joined this run.

Rank Name of Runner Time
1 Gene Olvis 5:43:35
2 Junrox Roque 5:48:38
3 Jonnifer Lacanlale 6:15:34
4 Graciano Santos 6:25:48
5 Paolo Osmena 6:29:38
6 Camilla Brooks (F) 6:31:30
7 Moses Moreno 6:32:29
8 Victor Ting 6:35:25
9 Armand Fernando 6:42:22
10 Constante Mendoza 6:43:37
11 Bonifacio Dalisay 6:46:32
12 Mark Hernandez 7:03:57
13 Melvin Pangan 7:15:06
14 Jael Wenceslao 7:22:23
15 Francis Hortillano 8:02:25
16 Carl Ocampo 8:02:25
17 Ed Yonzon 8:08:29
18 Aniceto Grimaldo 8:15:57
19 Chito Carreon 8:28:57
20 Mel Severino 8:28:57
21 Caloy Nobleza 8:32:16
22 Ric Cabusao 8:36:22
23 Ronaldo Salupas 8:36:49
24 Ronald Declarador 8:36:49
25 Jag Irasga 8:36:54
26 Jomar Galauran 8:39:40
27 Blas Ople Tiangco 8:40:12
28 Francis Santiago 8:40:30
29 Eugene Tariaga 8:50:04
30 Francisco Lapira 8:50:04
31 Bong Bernadez 9:33:05
32 Frederick Gabriel 9:33:05
33 Marco Christopher Montaos 9:47:12
34 Mar Marilag 9:47:12
35 Marcos Lontoc 9:47:12
36 Joseph Adrien Soriao 9:59:05
37 Haide Acuna (F) 9:59:50
38 Allen Gaspar 10:00:05
39 Junar Layug 10:00:05
40 Norberto Mortel 10:15:00
41 Arturo Virata 10:29:25
42 Ayette Padua (F) 10:29:25
43 Bong Alindada 10:29:25
Group Picture @ BDM Km Post #102 (Photo Courtesy of Mark Hernandez)

2011 BDM 160 Test Run Instructions

The following are the instructions for the 2011 BDM 160 “Test” Run:

1. The Test Run is FREE but all the participants will be issued their respective Race Bib at the Assembly Area. Race Bibs are issued for accounting and documenting purposes.

2. The Run will start at the Old Railway Station/BDM Km Post #102 in San Fernando, Pampanga. Assembly Time will be at 5:00 PM of Saturday, January 29, 2011. The run will start immediately as soon as the participants will be processed and accounted for. Continue reading “2011 BDM 160 Test Run Instructions”

Pictures @ 2011 BDM 102 Test Run

10:00 PM January 15, 2011 @ BDM Shrine Km Post #00, Mariveles, Bataan

2011 1st BDM 50K Test Runners @ BDM Km 00
Group Picture @ BDM Km Post #00
5 Seconds Before Tafe-Off
A Simple "Pep Talk" Before The Start of The Run

See you this Saturday, 5:00 PM January 29, 2011 @ BDM Km Post #102. Good luck and train well.


I completely rested from running after the Fat Ass Run and all the soreness and injury just disappeared after few days. However, after one sleepless night during the 1st BDM 50K “Test Run” last January 15, I was down with sore throat and eventually turned to a flu. The reasons could be the weather; low body resistance; Continue reading “Slowly”


Have you ever think on how you would be able to finish an ultra marathon distance run like the BDM 102 or the BDM 160? For those who have finished some of the PAU 50K races, it would be easy for them to visualize what it is like to finish the race, more so, if they have already finished a number of full marathon distance races. Continue reading “Visualize”

Result: 2011 1st BDM 50K Test Run

First of all, we are sorry that we missed to take note of the runner who finished #23. To the runner who thinks he finished with such time and had stayed with those known runners, please contact me or make a comment on this post so that we can post your name. If you have any knowledge or information of the guy, please inform me. Continue reading “Result: 2011 1st BDM 50K Test Run”

A Comment From Project Donate A Shoe

The following is a comment I received from my Project Donate A Shoes Page in this blog. I really don’t know what to reply to the sender but I thought of posting his comment in this blog with the hope that my running friends from Souther California could help him. Continue reading “A Comment From Project Donate A Shoe”

2011 BDM 102 Test Run Instructions

Some participants were confused when I made a link to my previous post last year about my guidelines on the conduct of the DBM 102 Test Run which was held last year. Except for the date, I was trying to inform this year’s runners that the guidelines I published last year will be the same instructions to be followed this coming Saturday except for some adjustments.

The following points/information should be considered by the runners during the conduct of the BDM 102 Test Run this coming Saturday, January 15, 2011. This is in addition to the guidelines published last year: Continue reading “2011 BDM 102 Test Run Instructions”

Run Report: 2011 FAT ASS

(I jokingly said to the other runners that this run for me is called FAT ABS Run while showing them my tummy which had grown in shape/size and expanded due to the absence of any running activity for the past one month.)

This is a classic example of a run with fun and a chance to enjoy the company of other runners in a very relaxed atmosphere. Continue reading “Run Report: 2011 FAT ASS”


That is a total of 24 Minutes of Jogging & Walking which I did early this morning!

Exactly a month ago, I had an injury on my left calf muscle that made me completely out from running. It was a “blessing in disguise” to force my body to take a break for a much-needed rest and recovery after 11 months of marathon and ultramarathon races. Continue reading “8+8+8”