“This Is It!”

Finally, The 1st BDM 160 Silver Belt Buckle!
I Tried To Wear It
...And Compared With An $800 Belt Buckle!

One Hundred Sixty Kilometers…Twenty-Eight Hours…One Silver Belt Buckle…A Lifetime Experience!

Review: My Past Running “Wishes”

On January 4, 2010, I posted my thoughts for my running wishes in 2010 and beyond.

Obviously, there had been an increase of running clubs and groups in 2010, not only in Metro Manila, but also in key cities and towns in the country. More runners had joined in weekend road races in Metro Manila, as well as in other cities and provinces. There seems to be a contest on major road races as to the record-breaking number of runners instead of improving the quality of service support to the runners. Continue reading

One Wish

This is a wish that could be attained in 2-3 years. I wish that the BDM 102 and 160 will be included as a “Qualifying” Race for the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Race and Badwater Ultramarathon.

Let me know about your thoughts on this wish.



(Note: If you don’t know these running events or what I am talking about, then you are not yet an ultramarathoner/ultrarunner)