Review: My Past Running “Wishes”

On January 4, 2010, I posted my thoughts for my running wishes in 2010 and beyond.

Obviously, there had been an increase of running clubs and groups in 2010, not only in Metro Manila, but also in key cities and towns in the country. More runners had joined in weekend road races in Metro Manila, as well as in other cities and provinces. There seems to be a contest on major road races as to the record-breaking number of runners instead of improving the quality of service support to the runners.

More corporate brands and commercial establishments had sponsored & organized road races. It shows that these companies are making good in their advertisements and “corporate social responsibility” but at the same time, getting “profits” from such road races. How I still wish that one or two of these corporate entities will support the training and international exposure of our running elite athletes. I hope UNILAB, MILO, SMART, GLOBE & CONDURA are reading my blog. 

It will take a real “sportsman or sportswoman” among our politicians to think and “lobby” for a “National Sports Week or Month”. There is already a party-list group at the House of Representatives which is called “PBA” (Partido ng Bayaning Atleta) but I am still waiting for them to be heard or seen in our national sports endeavors. Well, this could be a good idea for the PSC and POC to indulge if they are really sincere in discovering new “talents” and developing our sports program in the “grassroots”!

“Volunteers”? Well, the volunteers I’ve been expecting for the year 2010 became Race Organizers and Race Directors! I am sorry if I offended them but this is a free country, they can do what is good for them and to the running community. I am also guilty on this one. Hopefully, I will “volunteer” also to some of the road races this year. Let us volunteer some more this year! Any volunteers for my BDM 102?

In due time, these local corporate marathons will be able to incorporate these speaking engagements of world’s running icons in their expos and exhibits on days before a marathon race day (for FREE to the public). It would be a “wish come true” for The North Face to bring Dean Karnazes to the country or for somebody to bring Frank Shorter or for NIKE Philippines to bring Alberto Salazar to the country. Well, in the late 70s & 80s, it was the government (MYSD) who brought Bill Rogers, Waldemar Cierpinski and other top European marathon runners to the country.

Hands down, I am proud to say that 2010 is the year of the FrontRunner Magazine! Congratulations to Ultrarunner Jonel Mendoza and his staff for their commitment to inform the public about running as a sports and a part of one’s life!

Who needs a modern oval track when there are roads (paved or not) and trails to run? All we need is a positive attitude to get out of the house and let our feet and legs move forward! Did I hear or read something to the effect that the government should buy golf course and transform them into Public Parks? For me, we need more “nature” parks rather than air-conditioned malls!

For the ultrarunners, you will get what you wished for in the BDM 160! It will be the first 100-mile solo non-stop ultramarathon race in the country! I’ve never experienced finishing a 100-mile run in one count but I’ve experienced running at least 50 kilometers a day for 5 consecutive days. I could not imagine how the runners will go through during the race but this is nothing compared to what our past heroes and soldiers  had gone through during those hot summer days of April 1942 under the brutal hands of the Japanese Imperial Army.

As for the “Runners’ Library & Museum”, it will remain as a “dream”. But let me offer a solution. If there are 10,000 regular runners in  every month and each runner contributes Five Pesos (what is 5 pesos nowadays? it’s a coin, right?), we can lease an office space and Fifty Thousand Pesos could pay for it plus its maintainance. The contents (furnitures, books, memorabilias, and others) will be donated by the different running clubs. I hope Coach RIO is reading this one. I think this is the best “thing” that he can give back to the running community.

Dream “BIG”…Run “FAR”…Live “LONGER”!


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