One Wish

This is a wish that could be attained in 2-3 years. I wish that the BDM 102 and 160 will be included as a “Qualifying” Race for the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Race and Badwater Ultramarathon.

Let me know about your thoughts on this wish.

(Note: If you don’t know these running events or what I am talking about, then you are not yet an ultramarathoner/ultrarunner)

15 thoughts on “One Wish

  1. Yes, maybe Badwater but I am not sure about WS100. We can tell from experience on how a road race is almost a totally different specie froma trail event. The distinct difference is elavation loss and gain or terrain. The solution actually is to look fo a good scenic trail route on this side of the planet. This is ironic because we do not lack mountains here.

    If I could connect Miyamit falls (Pampanga) to Mt. Pinatubo to Tarlac and back, I would hold a 100 miler. (This reminds me to go back to Miyamit for UTMB training after the two BDMs this year). If I am going to oranize and maintain a premier annual trail event, it would be a 100-mile trail race, the elevation of which is something to turn even the sturdier legs into marshmallows. Just kidding. Cheers.


  2. I am one of those who believe that they should have tighter qualifying standards at Western States. Lottery entrants should have at least completed one 160km event road or trail. No 50 mile or 100k qualifying races. BDM 160 would qualify. I’m not excited about the idea of having the 102 being included since it’s less than 100 miles and mostly road.

    For Badwater, according to their qualifying rules, applicants must at least finish three races of at least 100 miles. BDM 160 would qualify again. It would be great if BDM 160 could be recognized as a qualifying race. Both are road races and in hot weather. BDM 160km would be a great qualifying race.


    1. kingofpots

      thanks for the comment. i stand corrected with the WS 100 qualifying one. i know it will not pass but i am still hopeful that a 100-miler trail run is doable soon.


  3. Why not? Kung annual na yung 160, it will be much cheaper to rack up all the three qualifying 100-milers here. But entering Badwater will cost an arm and a leg. At 43:1, the reg fees alone will cost P42,875.00, may pamasahe pa plus crew and logistics. parang pangarap lang sya for many of us here.


  4. nerilim

    Sir Jovie, in order for BDM 160 to be recognized, it should have a separate website where ultrarunners could access for info like place, time, fee, tech challenge, awards, qualifications, etc. Have the event entered in ultra schedule site like and do it at the same time every year. can process the registration for you.
    You can combine the 102 and 160 on the same date to minimize cost and add more water stations.
    Then if it were me, I’ll give 102 medals and certificate to those 100 milers who but did not finish the 160 but passed the 102 mark. Umstead 100 is a 100 miler, but you get credit for 50 mile ultra if you pass that mark before quiting.


    1. The problem with offering 100 milers a chance to drop out at the 100k mark is that you end up getting a lot of drops or have runners who sign up for the 100 mile who never intended to run the entire 100 mile distance. This could happen if the 102 sells out first. I’ve seen this for myself at races that I’ve run, crewed and paced. I was crewing and pacing at Umstead last year and there were folks that signed up with the intention of only running 50 miles. A shame because the race sells out very quickly and there were many people who wanted to run the entire distance who didn’t get in. I heard HURT 100 will no longer offer the 100k option and probably for this reason and I think Javelina Jundred is going to do the same, not totally positive on that however.

      I think and like everything else I’ve said, just my opinion, if you sign up for a distance and fail to achieve it then you should have a dnf. There should be no reward for failure and failure is not always a bad thing, builds character. Besides ultra-marathoners don’t need to be coddled anyway, that’s a tough bunch. Also what happens when a front runner in the 100 mile drops down to the 100k and bumps off a 100k runner who didn’t think he was racing said person? Crazy thing is that I’ve actually heard the reverse of this. The Headlands 50-mile used to be held in the same day as the Headlands Hundred. The leader of the 50-mile wanted to bump up to the 100-mile race because he was hanving an unexpectedly good day. They wouldn’t let him because it would have not been fair to the leaders of the 100-mile race who didn’t account for him in their race strategy.

      Anyway sorry for the long reply, good discussion.


      1. nerilim

        Hi Rick, I understand what you’re saying since I’ve been on both side of the issue. The Umstead 100 is advertized as 100-mile ultra and no awards are given for the 50 milers. All 50-milers pays the same registration fee as the 100-milers. Last year, when you were there, I paced a Filipino nurse to her 1st 50 mile finish. As I continued on, my back started to hurt that I stopped after mile 75. I still had 9.5 hrs to do the last 25 miles and an Asian offered to pace me. But the pain was excruciating. It was nice that Norman (race director) sent me a 50-mile ultra finisher certificate. Consuelo de bobo, but I love it.
        Last Sept. I missed the cut because the cpu I was using in Manila was too slow. Registration filled up in less that 5 min.
        Most of the 50-milers are doing it as training runs for longer ultras like Badwater. They belong to the 500 and 1000 mile club and had been doing Umstead before it became popular, so they have some priority.
        I am a recreational runner and happy when ultras and marathons are available on my free time. Rick, I hope to see you at BDM.
        PS. Sir Jovie, si Abe Lim po ito, hindi si Nestor.


  5. kingofpots

    nestor, the 2011 BDM 160 (1st edition) is a “pilot” project just like the 1st BDM 102 which i want to closely observe with only a handful of hardcore runners. your suggestions are already for implimentation for the 2nd edition (2012 BDM 160) which i will have to focus this year. thanks again for the suggestions.


  6. I think I saw your friend. I was at the lodge when a young Filipina came in between her loops to access her drop bags. Her mom and friends were there for support.

    It was a great time at Umstead, my first time, and I really liked that lodge with it’s huge fireplace, it was quite cold in the morning and at night after my runner finished. My friend asked if I could crew and pace again but unfortunately I have a race the same weekend, otherwise I would gladly go.


    1. nerilim

      Where you there (Umstead) during the day just hanging around at the lodge waiting for the night to pace a friend? If so, I’ve talked to you… Hope to see you on the trails.


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