BR’s “Best” In Running For 2010

1) 2nd Edition of BDM 102—Better administration and conduct of the event with lesser manpower; more runner-participants; slowly getting exposure and awareness in the running community; runners from overseas increased; and finally dubbed as the “longest solo running event in the country today”.

2) Jeju & Soochow Ultramarathon Events—Exposure of our local elite athletes to IAU-sanctioned events proved to be beneficial. As a Race Organizer, more information and technology had been absorbed, studied and applied. Meeting and talking to the “Gods” of Ultrarunning in these events was one of the best experiences!

3) Marin Headlands—Mountain Trail Running at its best! This is still my reference or model for a mountain trail run in the country.

4) PAU Races—the conduct of four (4) “out-of-town” ultramarathon races outside Metro Manila was a great accomplishment plus the fact that “Sports Tourism” had been promoted. Simple & “minimalist” in organization but runners had fun and memorable experiences.

5) Cebu, CAMSUR, & Quezon City Marathons—good examples of Marathon Races which are initiated and supported by the city/provincial government. In other key cities in the world, it is the city government that organizes, operates & supports the conduct of their marathon races.

6) MILO Marathon—keeps on improving in terms of organization, technology, support, and “social responsibility” to the public (“Donate-A-Running Shoe for School Children” Program). Despite some “glitches”, it remains to be the most prestigious marathon race in the country.

7) FrontRUNNER Magazine—Being featured as the Cover Page in a runner’s magazine is some sort of a “diploma” and acknowledgement for my contributions to the running community.

Happy New Year to Everybody!!!


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