2013 BDM 102: NEW Rules & Regulations

The Bataan Death March 102 Ultra Marathon (BDM 102) had always been evolving every year in consideration for the safety of each of the runner. In addition, there is also a need to maintain the INTEGRITY of the race.

The following are the additional Rules and Regulations of the Race:

1. Each Runner Shall Have ONE Support Vehicle. Anybody caught having more than one support vehicle will be automatically disqualified. (Note: The Race Tarpaulin provided to every runner should be displayed on any part of the Support Vehicle)

2. Runners must be able to SUBMIT the Name, Model, Color & Plate Number of his/her Support Vehicle during the Final Briefing & CLP. Last chance for the runner to provide the details of his/her Support vehicle will be during the Processing of Runners, One Hour Before the Start of the Race. (Note: Please approach one of my staff for your Support Vehicle to be registered before the start of the race)

3. Runners are responsible to brief their Driver of Support Vehicle and their Support Crew on the Rules and Regulations of the Race. Your driver must know what is the meaning of “leap frogging” or “shadowing”. Your driver must know how to park your vehicle on the shoulder of the road. Nobody will be allowed to park their Support Vehicle on the Highway. Infractions of the Drivers on the Rules & Regulations will result to the disqualification of their runner.

4. ALL RUNNERS are strictly NOT allowed to enter and stay inside their parked Support Vehicle during the Race or while the Runners are still on the course. Anybody caught violating this rule will be disqualified immediately. (Note: Be resourceful. You can change any of your running apparel/kit while you are outside of your vehicle)

5. Any RUNNER who will be late for the Start will be DISQUALIFIED and declared Did Not Start (DNS). The Race will start at exactly 10:00 PM of Saturday, March 2, 2013 or EARLIER. (Note: You have trained for months for this race and don’t be a fool/stupid to be late for the Starting Gun just because you missed your travel arrangements)

6. NO Support Vehicle will be allowed to enter, drop their passengers/spectators and park on the road leading to the Finish Line/Old Railway Station. This narrow road will be cleared from any entry of any vehicle, whether they are support vehicles or vehicles of spectators/cheerers of runners. This is a ground for disqualification for the runner. (Note: Runner should advise their Drivers to park their Support Vehicle on the wide road in front of the Pampanga Provincial Capitol)

7. A Runner approaching the Finish Line will NOT be allowed to have ESCORTs from his/her Running Team or from Runners who have already crossed the Finish Line. Let us STOP the habit of ESCORTING a Runner-Finisher to cross the Finish Line. Leave the Runner ALONE to cross the Finish Line! (Note: There are some runners who have finished the race going back to escort their team mate or friend and escort them to finish line. This practice had made confusion to our Time Recorders as we are not using RFID timing devices)

8. The TIMER/Clock stops at 18:00 Hours. There will be Marshal/s on the Rear of the Last Runner while the race is on-going. Runners who are still on the road once the Cut-Off time had been reached are advised to STOP and take a ride in their Support Vehicle for them to proceed to the Finish Line. These runners are declared DNFed. RD and Staff will not wait for any runner insisting to cross the finish line after the cut-off time of 18 Hours.

9. NO Runner will be allowed on half-naked during the race!

10. Refer to the BASIC Rules & Regulations of the BDM 102 on my blog’s previous posts or at http://bataan102.blogspot.com. (Note: Please SEARCH “BDM 102 Rules & Regulations, if you want to browse on my blog’s previous posts)


Good Luck To Everybody!



You can “google” the word if you want to know what the word means. These are stone or rocks being compiled or grouped together to form a certain structure. They are mostly made by men on top of mountains or hills or in a certain part of a trail. The cairns could be seen as a pile of stones and rocks or simply some formations of rocks or stones.

In the history of making cairns, there are so many meanings and purposes why people would make these structures. From one continent to another, their purposes are varied. Some are simply markers to signify that you are at the peak of the mountain/hill. Some would point to a certain direction; some would symbolize as a mark of honor to somebody; or some would simply wish good luck for one’s trip or hike in the mountains.

I am not sure if we practice on making cairns in our country. In my peak bagging activities last year, I haven’t seen any cairns on the peaks of the mountains that I visited. I think I might as well start the said practice of making cairns on the peak that I bagged or visited. Well, it takes some extra effort to collect such stones or rocks within the area of the peak of the mountain but the effort is worth if the purpose is well meant and comes from the heart.

So, I’ve started making some cairns on the peaks of hills and mountains that I’ve visited for the past days and weeks. These cairns had been dedicated to special friends in the ultra running community to wish them good luck in their present condition. Miguel De Alba is supposed to join the 2013 BDM 160 Ultra last January but due to an accident during the “test run” last December, he is now recuperating from a broken bone in his right leg. I have dedicated the cairns that I’ve made in one of the peaks of the Verdugo Mountains in Glendale, California and at the peak of Mt Lukens in Arcadia, California.

Cairns @ One of the Peaks at the Verdugo Mountains For Miguel De Alba
Cairn @ One of the Peaks at the Verdugo Mountains For Miguel De Alba
Cairns @ The Peak of Mt Lukens For Miguel De Alba
Cairn @ The Peak of Mt Lukens For Miguel De Alba

In my visit to the Echo Mountain in Pasadena, California, I made a cairn for my good friend, Andre Blumberg of Hongkong, as a symbol of appreciation to the selfless support to my elite ultra runners for their participation to the Vibram Hongkong 100K Trail Run for the past two years. It is also my way of wishing him good luck for his participation in the 2013 Ultra Running Grand Slam in the United States.

Cairns @ The Peak of Echo Mountain (Pasadena, CA) For Andre Blumberg
Cairn @ The Peak of Echo Mountain (Pasadena, CA) For Andre Blumberg
Another View of the Cairn For Andre Blumberg
Another View of the Cairn For Andre Blumberg

If ever you will be visiting on these places where I made some cairns for these gentlemen, you are requested to add more more rocks into them.

As I continue in my peak bagging feats, I will be making more cairns and feature their pictures in this blog. Their purpose will be to honor the “gods” of the mountain for them to keep us away from harm and danger and at the same time wish good luck to our hike/trek on the said mountain. And if you happen to see these cairns, you are enjoined to add more rocks into them.

See you on the mountain trails and peaks in the coming days, weeks and months!

Result: 2013 BDM 102 “Test Run” (Km 50-Km 102)

2013 BDM 102K “Test Run” (BDM Km #50 To BDM Km Post #102)

7:00 AM February 10, 2013

Abucay Public Market, Abucay, Bataan To Old Railway Station, San Fernando, Pampanga

Number of Starters: 55

Number of Finishers: 51

RANK N  A    M  E BIB # T I M E 
1 REX SAN PEDRO 539 5:54:35
2 ALLAN BULOS 697 6:16:52
3 GILBER ANAMA 533 6:20:05
4 ROCKY TAYLAN 566 6:24:33
5 ELVIN PASTORFIDE 522 6:25:20
6 VINCE TANGLAO 565 6:29:51
7 MATET DORIN (F) 578 6:36:16
8 MICHAEL GAPAN 575 6:36:17
9 HERMIE SALUDES 542 6:37:56
10 JOSEPH PINEDA 562 6:57:02
11 JON BORBON 535 6:57:03
12 ROLLIE DELA CRUZ 577 6:57:04
13 MARK SIGUE 538 6:57:05
14 GIA ESTRELLA (F) 539 6:58:41
15 JUSTINE VALDERAMA 574 7:11:06
16 ROY OCHAVO 572 7:11:07
17 DENVER VENDER 573 7:16:33
18 MARC MOLINA 543 7:19:21
19 EDGARDO DELAS ALAS 546 7:28:09
20 EMMANUEL EBUAN 548 7:28:36
21 ZALDY SANTILLAN 530 7:32:37
22 VINCENT RODRIGUEZ 540 7:35:27
23 ALLAN ESTABILLO 549 7:41:22
24 DONALD ANCHETA 563 7:50:06
25 EDRICK NICDAO 564 7:50:16
26 MANNY OCAMPO 613 7:50:56
27 RONALD ROBLES 552 8:02:04
28 MARK ANTONY TIBO-OC 532 8:04:33
29 NOEL KO 531 8:04:34
30 WILSON JOHN BARBON 536 8:06:54
31 ORLANDO YLAYA 541 8:10:18
32 ALLEN GO 567 8:13:32
33 MARX VILLAMORA 547 8:14:45
34 JIRREH  CASTILLON 550 8:14:49
35 BONG LEANO 558 8:15:07
36 THEA BARTOLOME (F) 576 8:33:12
37 NAP OCAMPO 559 8:33:26
38 LYOD CHUA 561 8:37:27
39 LYRA ROSARIO (F) 560 8:37:39
41 RYAN SISON 525 8:46:45
43 JEC SUYO 569 8:54:55
44 ED BALAEVA 537 8:55:04
45 BONG CAPITON 534 8:55:08
46 PEACHY TAMAYO (F) 568 8:56:44
47 RUSSEL HERNANDEZ 571 8:57:36
48 TED MALLEN 545 8:58:22
49 JOEL SISON 570 9:01:06
50 CHRISTOPHER STA. CRUZ 527 9:06:48
51 RUBEN PAJARDO JR 990 9:49:13


Thirst Threshold

Or it would mean or simply understood as my personal Thirst Tolerance. It is the point where I could no longer tolerate my body not to be able to drink any fluid during a running workout. Beyond this period, I would start to slow down and walk, or sometimes becomes dizzy.

I had been doing this kind of experiment for the past weeks. I’ve done it during daytime and at night time and compared what my body would react during these times and conditions of the day.

Why am I doing this? It is a part of my training for my future adventure runs and hopefully, significantly will reduce the weight of fluid I would carry during these runs. Lighter weight being carried during the run would mean a fresher body that would last for more distance during a certain period of time.

It would also determine my training plan if I need to bring a hydration bottle or system in a workout whether it is a 30-minute recovery run or an hour of daily runs.

As a result of my experimentation, I would last up to 1 hour and 45 minutes without any fluid intake where my workouts would start at 10:00 AM up to Noon time. This is the maximum length of my workout where I could no longer sustain my pace without having to drink water or sports drinks. On average, I would cover a distance of 13.5-14 kilometers for the same period.

On night time, I usually do my experiment starting at 10:00 PM and I’ve observed that I could extend my thirst tolerance/threshold up to 2 hours. Beyond that, I would start to drag my feet and become slower in my pace. On average, I would cover a distance of 17-18 kilometers or slower because of the night/dark environment even if I am using a headlight.

However, before I start these experiment workouts, I must be able to drink at least 2 glasses of water and eat some snacks of fruits, bread, or left-over foods in the refrigerator.

In some clinical studies, it would show that adults over the age of 50 years have higher thirst threshold than the younger ones. It shows also that elder persons have lower water daily intakes of water than the younger ones. But for an elder active person like me, I think I have higher water daily intakes than the younger runners.

I am not telling you to do this kind of experiment in your running workouts. Always remember that, running is an experiment of one. What might be good for me might not be good for you!

Keep on running!

(Note: Don’t ask me how many glasses of water that I would drink every time I finished these workouts!)

5th BDM 102 Medal Finishers

As I announced in last year’s BDM Ultra Races Awarding Party, a new Finisher’s Medal Standards will be implimented in this year’s edition of the Bataan Death March 102 Ultra Marathon Race (BDM 102).

The following will be the Finisher’s Medal Awards based from the runner’s Finish Time:

GOLD Medal—-12:59:59 hours or faster (<13 hours)

SILVER Medal—-15:59:59 hours or faster (13 hours to <16 hours)

BRONZE Medal—-18:00:00 hours or faster (16-18 hours)

Each of the finishers in this year’s edition will again be a part in the history and milestone of this prestigious road race.

Based from the past 4 editions of the BDM 102 Ultra Marathon Race, hereunder should have been the Medal Tally of the Finishers:

2009 10 23 30 63
2010 8 28 68 104
2011 4 49 59 112
2012 11 57 92 160

Good luck to Everybody!

On Honesty

Nobody in this world is honest. Nobody, period!
Even our leaders and top elite athletes are dishonest.
They cheat in some form or another
But they do it for some reasons and nobody knows
Some are kept secret but ultimately they will be revealed

But this is not a reason for you to cheat in my race
Cheaters pay the price in my future races.
It is either they vanish or get banished from my races
Regret is not enough, you did it and somebody reported it.
I am hard as a stone in my decision if you don’t follow my instructions.