5th BDM 102 Medal Finishers

5 02 2013

As I announced in last year’s BDM Ultra Races Awarding Party, a new Finisher’s Medal Standards will be implimented in this year’s edition of the Bataan Death March 102 Ultra Marathon Race (BDM 102).

The following will be the Finisher’s Medal Awards based from the runner’s Finish Time:

GOLD Medal—-12:59:59 hours or faster (<13 hours)

SILVER Medal—-15:59:59 hours or faster (13 hours to <16 hours)

BRONZE Medal—-18:00:00 hours or faster (16-18 hours)

Each of the finishers in this year’s edition will again be a part in the history and milestone of this prestigious road race.

Based from the past 4 editions of the BDM 102 Ultra Marathon Race, hereunder should have been the Medal Tally of the Finishers:

2009 10 23 30 63
2010 8 28 68 104
2011 4 49 59 112
2012 11 57 92 160

Good luck to Everybody!



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6 02 2013
Race I’ll Never, I’ll think of, I might, I definitely WILL DO AGAIN: RIP THE ROAD 5 TIMES! « "Running the Good Race" Stories

[…] it would mean a Grandslam award (finishers of 160 and 102 within the same year). and add to that a Gold, Silver, Bronze award is now at stake.  (I’m a silver medalist for both my 2011 race and in my 160K check-in time at 102). […]

7 02 2013
Oliver Tanseco


Good Evng,

I would like to inquire on how I can join the next BDM?

oliver tanseco PNP


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