187 1/2 Days: Last Week’s Recap

I ran a distance of 81.98 or 82 kilometers or 51.25 miles for the past week. I had three long runs, one speed run and one tempo run. Out of the three long runs, I was able to run on mountain trails in one occassion. Overall, I was able to increase my previous week’s number of kilometers I’ve covered by 10 kilometers.

So far, so good! Keep on running!


188 Days: JFK 50 & Monday Recovery Run

On the early part during the administration of US President John F Kennedy in the early ’60s, he revived the challenge of past President Theodore Roosevelt for the US Marines Officers and US Armed Forces to run and hike a distance of 50 miles (80 kilometers) in 20 hours carrying with them their individual provisions (food and water). Soon, this was adopted as part of the Physical Fitness Program for all the Officers and Enlisted Men of the US Armed Forces and was conducted throughout the United States. There was a team competition of this “JFK 50-Mile Challenge” then where a team was composed of 10 officers or enlisted men and the five (5) lowest/fastest time were cumulated to represent the team’s finish time. The lowest/fastest cumulated time for a team won the much-coveted “Kennedy Cup”. This Hike-Run Challenge was open to the public but it maintained its reputation as a military event. Continue reading “188 Days: JFK 50 & Monday Recovery Run”

189 Days: “Never Stop Exploring”

8:15 AM 28 September 2008: Trail Run at Tagaytay/Mt Batulao, Cavite

After my experience of competitive trail runs and exposure to trail running workouts while I was in California for two months, I started to look for places near Metro Manila where I could run along the mountain trails. After reading the posts and blog of High Altitude, I asked him to accompany me to the trails of Tagaytay which happened to be the trail route used for the The North Face (TNF) 100K Trail Run last July of this year. So, after I arrived in the country, I coordinated with him for a taste of trail running in one of the Sundays of this month.

I left Manila at 6:00 AM of Sunday for Tagaytay and was able to meet with Jerry aka High Altitude; Aldz; and Arjay at Silang, Cavite. After picking them up, we proceeded to Evercrest and started preparing our things for the trail run. We left the premises of Evercrest and followed the trail route for the TNF 10K run. The trail was very challenging because of the mud and slippery condition. We had to jog, run, and jump along the trail with all those loose mud and water along the way. Continue reading “189 Days: “Never Stop Exploring””

190 Days: My Runners To Cebu & UP Run

Yesterday morning, two elite runners (Male & Female) sponsored and supported by Bald Runner left Manila for Cebu City to compete in this Sunday’s World Heart Day 10K Run. I hope they will win in their respective categories.

At 4:30 AM this morning, I woke up and prepared myself for an early morning run at the UP Diliman Campus. After my morning ritual, I was already on the road (by car) at 4:50 AM and was able to reach the Campus at 5:20 AM. After stretching, I immediately started my run while it was still dark and with only about less than 10 runners/walkers on the road. After running for about 30 minutes, the number of runners and walkers increased to include the cyclists. Before I ended my workout, I could estimate that the number of runners/walkers and cyclists increased to more than a hundred.

Before it started raining, I was already doing my post-stretching exercises. The following were the data I gathered from my GF 305:

Distance—13.5 kms                  Time—1:17:25 hrs

Average Pace—5:44 mins/km              Average Speed—10.4 kms/hr

Maximum Speed—13.2 kms/hr           Total Calories—989 cal

Average HR—149 bpm                         Maximum HR—163 bpm

Total Ascent—273 meters                   Total Descent—276 meters

I am looking forward to more running workouts at the UP Diliman Campus.

191 Days: “Running Generals” (Part 2); Gym Workout; & Update On Bataan Ultra Run

After coming from a 2-hour workout at Gold’s Gym this morning, I received a SMS from LT GEN Alan Cabalquinto (Ret.), a “running general”, my partner in past marathon races, my former “boss”, and my “idol’ as a commander and a leader in the Armed Forces of the Philippine, informing me that he just read my post about “Running Generals” which I posted during the early days & weeks of this blog. The said post was a “tribute and honor” to the members of the AFP who rose to the rank of General (Star-Rank) who had the passion and commitment to running. Lt Gen Cabalquinto (Ret) was glad to know, through this blog, that I had kept the faith and love in running. In return, I was happy to inform him of my project on the Bataan Death March Ultra Run and I was glad to know that he sees to it that running is still a part of his daily activities. Sir, my snappy salute to you! How I wish our active military and police Generals have still the attitude and strength to show to their officers and men that they are really good “examples” and “models” of physical fitness, not in words but in deeds. Continue reading “191 Days: “Running Generals” (Part 2); Gym Workout; & Update On Bataan Ultra Run”

192 Days: 22K + 10K Runs

I just did a long steady distance run yesterday afternoon/early evening at The Fort, McKinley Hill, Lawton Avenue and Bayani Road. I was able to run a distance of 22.25 kms in 2:18:40 hours with an Average Pace of 6:13 mins/km. I started at 4:53 PM infront of the Every Nation and went through all the streets where road races at The Fort would run through and extended my run to McKinley Hill and all the way to Bayani Road. I had to replenish my water supply at the Philippine Army Golf Course and bought a bottled water and retraced my way back to BHS. Before reaching BHS area, I did hill workout in one of the streets near the American Cemetery with a distance of 50 meters. I finished my run with 2 laps around the BHS big loop. Continue reading “192 Days: 22K + 10K Runs”

192 1/2 Days: Last Week’s Recap

Last week, I made a post with the goal to start my training for the Bataan Death March Tribute Ultramarathon with a toatal mileage of 50-60 kilometers. I exceeded my target goal and I was able to run a total distance of 71.39 kilometers or 44.62 miles. I had three (3) long runs to include the Milo Half-Marathon last Sunday; one tempo run; and one brief speed run. Overall, I did not encounter any soreness on my legs.

I was able to rest on Tuesday and Saturday and had a Massage session for one & half hours (my first time for this duration) which I think is better than the usual one-hour massage session I was getting for the past months. Continue reading “192 1/2 Days: Last Week’s Recap”

193 Days: Insights On Milo Run (Laoag City)

I have the folowing insights and observations on the conduct of the Milo Elimination Half-Marathon Race held in Laoag City last 21 September 2008:

1) Local Government and Sports Development—My impression during the race was that the local government was used as a “contact point” for the Milo Run Organizers to conduct such race in Laoag City.  Local government officials were at the Start and Finish Line to Fire the Starting Gun and to present awards to the winners. In short, they were there for “exposure” and the “image” that they were promoting sports awareness to the people in Laoag City and Ilocos Norte. These local government officials were also late for the scheduled start time of the race.

2) Lack of Runners—I can not believe that there were only about 40 runners for the Half-Marathon Elimination Race. Out of the 40 runners, five of us came from Baguio City and Metro Manila; one female runner; at least 15-20 runners belong to the 40+ age group; and the rest were local runners. This is a sign that physical fitness or running is not well-exposed in Laoag City/Ilocos Norte. There is a need to develop more runners and promote physical fitness awareness for the province. In contrast with the lesser distance races during the Milo Run in Laoag City, 90% of the runners where children with ages 10-14 years old. About 200 children joined the other races to include some beginners among the adults. It seems that these children were obliged by the school authorities to join the race and be at the starting area at 5:00AM. Some of these children even came from the neighboring towns of Laoag City. Continue reading “193 Days: Insights On Milo Run (Laoag City)”

194 Days: “Plyometrics” & 16K Run

5:10 AM 23 September 2008 at The ULTRA Oval Track

It was my first time to wake-up so early for a practice run this morning at 4:30 AM. It was still dark at the ULTRA Oval Track when I reached the Grandstand but I had observed that there were two runners already making laps around the oval. “Prometheus” and another guy within my age bracket were already there. After doing my stretching exercises, I started my running workout, taking the outermost lane, as I intended to have 2 sets of 6K run around the oval track which served as my recovery run after my Milo Half-Marathon  Run in Laoag City last Sunday. My plan was to do a tempo run for 6K and then do some “pylometric” exercises in-between sets of 6K runs.

My first 6K was timed at 30:38 minutes with an average pace of 5:05 mins per km. My average HR was 163 bpm and maximum HR at 171 bpm. I slowed down for the next two laps and stopped to do some “plyo” exercises. It took me at least 30-40 minutes to perform selected exercises I got from my P90X program. Doing such “jumping exercises” made me sweat some more!!! I was glad I brought a bath towel this time to wipe my sweat. I am sure the other runners at the oval track were thinking that “I am crazy” doing all those weird jumping movements. Continue reading “194 Days: “Plyometrics” & 16K Run”

196 Days: Laoag City Milo 21K Elimination Race

6:00 AM 21 September 2008 in Laoag City

Instead of starting infront of the Provincial Capitol (as published in the newspapers), the Milo Run started along the Ablan Avenue near the Provincial Sports Complex. About 40 runners for the 21K waited for the arrival of the Governor of Ilocos Norte, Hon Michael Keon, the former Director of the Project Gontong Alay and President of the Philippine Olympic Committee as he was late for almost 40 minutes for the 6:00 AM scheduled start of the 21K Race. Anyway, the race started without any problems and the road marshalls were all posted in key intersections as the race proceeded to the main street of Laoag City, Rizal Street, going all the way to the east, towards the direction of the Municipality of Sarrat. Continue reading “196 Days: Laoag City Milo 21K Elimination Race”