192 Days: 22K + 10K Runs

I just did a long steady distance run yesterday afternoon/early evening at The Fort, McKinley Hill, Lawton Avenue and Bayani Road. I was able to run a distance of 22.25 kms in 2:18:40 hours with an Average Pace of 6:13 mins/km. I started at 4:53 PM infront of the Every Nation and went through all the streets where road races at The Fort would run through and extended my run to McKinley Hill and all the way to Bayani Road. I had to replenish my water supply at the Philippine Army Golf Course and bought a bottled water and retraced my way back to BHS. Before reaching BHS area, I did hill workout in one of the streets near the American Cemetery with a distance of 50 meters. I finished my run with 2 laps around the BHS big loop.

At 9:15 PM last night, I was already on my bed with the thought of waking up early the following day for some speed runs at the ULTRA Oval Track.

I woke up at 4:45 AM this morning, drank a cup of coffee, took my crap, wore my running kit and picked up my TNF backpack with hydration pack and I was out of my place few minutes before 5:00AM. I jogged from my place to the ULTRA Oval Track without the usual vehicular traffic and in 25 minutes, I was already inside the ULTRA premises. Before I entered the Oval Track, I saw Prometheus Cometh leaving the track as he had finished his run already.

After stretching, I did 5 laps as my warm-up run with a pace of 2:15-2:30 mins per lap. After my last lap, I had 4 reps of 400 meters speed runs with one lap in-between rep as my recovery run. My speed run times ranged from 1:43-1:49 mins per lap. I took a 15-minute rest as my water break and decided to run one set of 800-meter run. My single 800-meter run was timed at 4:00 minutes and I felt relaxed and comfortable after the run. I finished my workout with two more laps with slower pace and later had my post-stretching exercises. In my conservative estimate, I was able to run a distance of 10 kms this morning.

If you are thinking that I had to run back to my place, you are wrong. I had to call my driver and drove me way back to my place.

My running workout for today is done.

2 thoughts on “192 Days: 22K + 10K Runs

  1. kingofpots

    sundaywarrior, sometimes, i need to run daily but i see to it that i have an 8-hour sleep at night. thanks for dropping by and continue reading this blog.


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