95 Days: Bald Runner’s Top Posts

The following posts are the top seven (7) ranked stories that got the most number of hits by my readers/visitors:

1) Running Shoes Review: ASICS Gel-Kinsei 2—I posted this article last 24 April 2008 and it got 7,320 views/hits as of the present. I am stil using the said shoe during my “long runs” and “runabouts”  but I have used it only once in a 10K road race. It is the “heaviest” pair of running shoes I am using but it is also the “most comfortable” shoes!

2) Bald Runner—It is the first Page I created with the blog describing me and lately added a list of my road/trail runs & races in it since I created this blog. It got 3,334 hits/view with this page.

3) Road Races—This is the second Page I created where I posted the races I intend to participate/compete. It got 2,961 hits/views.

4) Results: 2008 Women’s Olympic Marathon—I was fascinated to see Constantina Tomescu-Dita of Romania, live on TV, on her last 5 miles to the Finish Line. She is now the oldest Marathon Champion in the history of the Olympic Games at the age of 38 years old. She finished the 2008 Beijing Women’s Olympic Marathon in 2:26:44 hours. This post got 2,238 hits/views.

5) 2008 Olympic Games & Philippine Sports—In this post, I stated that there are thirty-three (33) sports events in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and out of these sports events, Athletics (Track & Field) has a total of 47 competitive events or gold medal chances for each country to qualify and compete. Since “Athletics” has the most number of gold medal chances for the country, nobody answered my question as to what Sports Event does the Philippines should concentrate in developing and training our athletes so that we have a greater chance of winning our first Olympic Gold Medal. This post got 1,815 hits/views.

6) My Running Idols in the ’80s—Before the Kenyans and the Ethiopians started winning Marathon Races in the 90s and never been featured in cover pages of Runner’s World Magazine, I had the US, Australian, New Zealand, Japanese, and British marathon runners as my idols, each of whom were featured in cover pages in almost all running magazines in the world. Today, instead of featuring the famous African runners on the cover of runner’s magazines, you could see unknown, beautiful, and American women runners on their covers. This post got 1,505 hits/views.

7) Olympic Games Qualifying Standards For Track & Field Events—I suspect that future Olympic athletes, here and from other countries, click on this post as their source of reference. The elite members of Team Bald Runner are closely checking on the qualifying standards for the 1,500-meter, 3,000 Steeplechase, 5,000-meter, 10,000-meter, Marathon (Men’s & Women’s), and race walking events. This post has 1,486 hits/views.

Once again, I would like to emphasize to my readers that this blog is a journal of my running workouts and races and sharing the knowledge on running from what I read and the experiences I got from other runners. My critique and “lessons learned” from road races will also be maintained. I make posts about my reviews to running attires and running shoes but it doesn’t mean that I advertise them. I never advertise any running apparel or running shoes or any item related to running in this blog. This blog does not announce or advertise future road races in my posts except for ultramarathon races. Takbo.ph and the other Pinoy Runner’s Blogs are posting such road race schedule.

Simply said, this blog is about running seriously—competing with yourself to improve & attain your goal…and competing with the digital clock at the Finish Line…and testing the limits of one’s endurance!

Happy New Year To Everybody!!!


96 Days: Back On The Oval Track

I was able to run at the ULTRA Oval Track on 22-24 December and PSC announced that the Oval Track and the PSC Compound will be closed from 25 Dec-02 Jan 09. For the remaining days of the week, I was able to do “runabouts” along the streets of Metro Manila for three consecutive days (25-27 Dec) and ended the week with a 6-Km run on a treadmill last Sunday. In summary, I was able to run a total of 95 kilometers for the week.

Due to the resourcefulness of the elite members of Team Bald Runner, they were able to locate an alternate tartan oval track at the Rizal High School Compound in Pasig City where they had been doing their speed training since the day ULTRA Oval Track was closed.

I declared yesterday, Monday, as my rest day. This morning, I joined the elite members of Team Bald Runner at the Rizal High School Oval Track. Captain Espejo was there to supervise our practice run. I was able to run 12 kilometers (to include 4 laps of warm-up) with an average pace of 5:06 mins/km.

After three days of “runabout” along the streets of Metro Manila, Captain Espejo noticed that my strides became shorter as my body was leaning much forward and my footstrike was heavier as if I was making a brake on my feet while I was running along the track. I immediately corrected my defect after doing some drills and practice runs.

It was nice to be back again on the oval track where I could improve my pace/speed and prepare for better finish times in the incoming road races.

Reasons Why I Don’t Play Golf Anymore

The following are the reasons why I don’t play golf anymore:

1)   Playing golf is very expensive. Even if I play at discounted golf/green fee in any of the four (4) military golf courses and one (1) government-controlled golf course (Veteran’s Hospital Golf Course) in Metro Manila, playing a round of golf is still very expensive.  Expenses in one golf game, to include some betting, would cost one set of NIKE/New Balance/Adidas running apparel (singlet & running shorts).

2)   An average 18-hole golf game lasts for 4-5 hours. Yes, it takes a marathon race time finish to walk and “whack” a tiny ball and put it to 18 holes, covering a distance of 6 to 7 kilometers.

3)   I’ve seen and met a lot of different kinds of people. It is in the golf course where you can meet different personalities and observe the attitudes of people which you seldom see when you are talking to them in their offices and in personal meetings. Some are decent-looking but they “cheat” their scores and “fix” their ball on the fairway. Some are rude, noisy, and correct/lecture you on how to drive your ball correctly if you committed some mistakes. However, it is in the game of golf where I discovered my “most trusted and best friends” in my military profession.

4)   Players don’t know “Golf Etiquette” and “Rules of Golf” anymore.  Players now most especially the “late-bloomers” don’t know the time-tested Golf Etiquette and the Rules of Golf. The game of golf is a gentleman’s game whose players are honest, decent and knows by heart the rules and etiquette of the game. “Kahit sinu-sino na lang pwedeng maglaro at manalo ng golf”. This is the exact words that I hear from better golfers whenever a “late-bloomer golfer” wins an award in his Class. The reason why that golfer won is obvious.

5)   I Don’t Play Politics. One of my former “boss” in the military who retired as a Three-Star General has this theory/reason why people in the middle-class or those in the C & D populace learn to play golf as this is a “ticket” for them to “rub elbows” with the elites and/or politicians. Our military and police officers are not exempted from this observation or theory. This could be the reason why our military and police Generals are not joining weekend road races as they prefer to hone their driving, sand blast techniques, pitching and putting skills in the driving ranges and fairways. I think simple addition and subtraction skills are included, too! On the other hand, except for Senator Pia Cayetano, Mr Fernando Zobel de Ayala and some of the younger corporate executives, who among the politicians have you seen in the past joining weekend road races? Chances of “rubbing elbows” with the elite and politicians in running and road races is very nil. I am sure that by the middle of 2009, you could see politicians at the starting line to “fire the gun” and award the podium finishers, if not, as the primary sponsors of weekend road races. 

 6) Nothing to prove anymore. I made a “hole-in-one” at Hole #17 in Camp Villamor Golf Course in September 1997.  I missed 2-3 inches from my 2nd “hole-in-one” at the Hole #8 in the Philippine Army Golf Course in May 2004. These are holes that your eyes could see from the tee mound/tee-off area and in the presence of golfers waiting to make their putts on the said hole/s as witnesses!

I thought of posting this story/item because of the controversy that happened at the Valley Golf and Country Club lately. If you want to know the truth of the incident, ask the caddies!!!

99 Days: 3 Days of “Runabouts”

25 Dec 2008—I had my Christmas run on the road. I started almost 9:00 AM from BHS to McKInley Hill and back to Global City. Later, I proceeded to J.P. Rizal Street to visit the Makati Park and Garden along the Pasig River. It was accidental that I was able to see the newly-contructed modern oval track at the University of Makati Compound. I told to myself that I have to come back to the said oval the following day to take a picture. From the said oval track, I returned to the BHS area for another 2 kilometers before my cool down run & walk. I was able to run a distance of 14 kilometers in almost 1:30 hours.

26 Dec 2008—I started my “runabout” at BHS area at 8:30 AM and proceeded to the Makati Park & Garden along JP Rizal Street. Took some pictures at the said park and met some runners inside who “saluted” me despite wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses. From the park, I proceeded to the newly-constructed University of Makati Oval Track and took some pictures. I talked to the Security Guards of the compound and I was informed that the Oval Track will be open to the public next month, January. I am really impressed on how the oval track was constructed which is surrounded by covered bleachers with colored seats. How I wish the Philippine Sports Commission and all the local government executives in the country should see this athletic infrastructure. This is the most modern oval track I’ve seen in my life, better than the school tracks I’ve seen in Los Angeles and California! After taking some pictures of the oval track, I ran towards the Powerplant and ran around the buildings and crossed the Pasig River towards Mandaluyong. From Mandaluyong, I took the Shaw Blvd towards Pasig City, turning right along C-5 and back to BHS/Global City. I finished my “runabout” at McKinley Hill. I finished almost 19 kilometers in 2:03 hours.


Makati City improved this area three years ago along JP Rizal Street going towards the Guadalupe Bridge


The pathway along the park on the banks of Pasig River (fronting the Powerplant area)


Where are those brass letters on this marker of the park?


Kids playing and swimming along the banks of Pasig River at the Guadalupe area.


Inside the Makati Park & Garden


The University of Makati Oval Track is surrounded with covered bleachers. So far, this is the best oval track I’ve ever seen, better than the oval track at Mt San Antonio College (Mt SAC) near Los Angeles where US amateur track events’ records are always broken. The tartan track looks like this when it is newly applied on the ground!


Plastic seats screwed on the concrete steps of the bleacher.

27 Dec 2008—I received a txt message from Jonel/Bugobugo on Christmas Day inviting me for a “runabout” on this day with a route plan from BHS to MOA area. I immediately accepted his invitation. So, this morning, I prepared for the unexpected just like when I had my “runabouts” for the past two days. I wore my runner’s cap, Maui Jim sunglasses, long-sleeved NIKE performance shirt, NIKE tight shorts, TNF Hydration Backpack, camera, cash, cellphone, and my heavy but most comfortable ASICS Gel-Kinsei 2 shoes with thick PUMA socks. We were four runners—Jonel, Armand, Rico, and I, for today’s “runabout”. Jonel & Armand are “hardcores” and it was Rico’s first long run/”runabout” and it was a way to “baptize” his newly-acquired brand-new GF 305. This “runabout” is also memorable to Rico because the first data in his GF 305 will be entered as his first entry for the “1,000-Km Club”. We stared at 6:23 AM at ROX/BHS and we ran towards Lawton Avenue until we reached the Diosdado Macapagal Avenue. After running for the first 10K, we had our first pit stop at McDonald’s for pancakes & orange juice. As we started to run again, we decided to reach the Cultural Center of the Philippines after running along the seawall of MOA. Running towards MOA and along the seawall was a comforatble pace for us as we met so many people who were jogging, walking, and sitting along the seawall and at the park. We reached  and ran the ramp of the Film Academy Theater, passed infront of the Sofitel Hotel (former Philippine Plaza Hotel) and Folk Arts Theater. We stopped at the Jollibee near the CCP to relieved our bladders and drink water. As I was adding more water to my hydration pack, one of the waitresses made a friendly comment about my perspiration dripping on top of the table where I placed my hydration pack. I told her that we are passing through as we started our run from The Fort and we are still be going back to the the said place by running. The waitress was surprised and amazed. I guess, she was thinking that we were “crazy”. From Jollibee, we walked to a park across the CCP and had some photo-ops. After the photo-ops, another “decision” has to be made—are we going back to BHS from this place or go all the way to Luneta first before going back? Unanimously, we have to reach Luneta! Still running at a slow pace, we ran along the seawall and I was trying to see the water if  it was clean and free from wastes like plastics, papers, and styrofoams. I did not see any waste on the water but the water was too dark and I was surprised to see a lot of people swimming along the rocky shore of Manila Bay. Some of the people were fishing using the traditional “hook & line” and others were there with their family and friends enjoying the sight and smell of Manila Bay. While approaching the US Embassy, I was dismayed to see a lot of wastes along the small portion of seashore of Manila Bay near the US Embassy compound. I wonder why we have to wait for a decision and ruling from the Supreme Court to force the Government to clean the shores and the water quality of Manila Bay. In my opinion, an efficient waste management system along the seawall or park along the Manila Bay would solve the clean sight of the seawater by placing appropriate trash bins along the seawall; employing efficient “sweepers” who make their rounds every 30 minutes to one hour; a regular garbage truck to pick-up accumulated trash bags; an a disciplined populace (this is the hardest thing to satisfy!). The quality of water along the Manila Bay is another problem to deal with which needs a complete overhaul of our “old” and “ancient” sewerage and drainage system for the whole Metro Manila. It should ne noted that all our wastes and drainage end up to the Manila Bay! As we reached the “KM 0” mark, another decision has to be made again!—Are we going to run back to BHS or take a taxi ride? After some photo-ops at Km 0 and at the Rizal Monument, the decision had been made—what else?…run along Roxas Blvd towards Buendia/Gil Puyat. And we run and run until we reached  Ayala Avenue. We had a brief pit stop for “taho” at corner Gil Puyat & Ayala Avenues near the RCBC. After the “taho” stop, we walked towards the nearest 7-11 Store and replenished our hydration bladder and bottles with water. We run again along Ayala Ave crossing EDSA without going through the pedestrian overpass. It was only while running along the McKinley Road that I realized that the road was an uphill towards The Fort area. It was almost 11:00 AM when we entered the territory of The Fort. We ended our run at the usual Start/Finish Area of road races at the Fort. All of us enjoyed the run and we ended doing our stretching exercises. My GF 305 registered a distance of 28.4 kilometers with a running time of 3:22 hours. My thanks for the company of Jonel, Armand, and Rico. They will be surprised to know from this post that this run was my third day of “runabout” since Christmas Day. Guys, you are all certified “hardcores”!


At the park near the CCP (Rico, Armand, BR & Jonel/Bugobugo)


This is the only part of Manila Bay along Roxas Blvd where I saw a beach sand with lots of trash! Look at those people swimming!


At KM 0, where all the kilometer posts in the country are based from. We are at the center of the country!


Infront of the Rizal Monument in Luneta Park (Jonel, BR, Rico & Armand)


Our “pit stop” for “taho” at the RCBC Building

Our next “runabout” will be a run along the EDSA—from Roxas Blvd to Monumento (Caloocan) and back. It is the fault of Rico for asking from Jonel the exact distance of the whole EDSA. The “hardcores” will measure the distance/length of EDSA through our GF 305s. This is the “hardcores’” way of celebrating a prosperous new running year of 2009.  If you think you are “crazy” in running and interested to join, contact Jonel/Bugobugo for the details. The date is still “secret” for security purposes. Do you want to join?

100 Days: One Friday Evening Workout

7:03 PM 19 December 2008 @ ULTRA Oval Track

Yes, on this day (26 Dec 08), you have 100 days before the Inaugural Bataan Death March 102K Ultramarathon Race!

I attended the Friday session of our “speed” training, barely two days before last Sunday’s Patakbo sa Kabundukan. After the usual warm-up easy run around the oval track for four laps and almost 40-minute stretching and drill runs supervised by Coach Salazar, we had a 5-minute rest for water break and personal necessities.

All the participants in the “speed” training were surprised to hear from Coach Espejo what we had to do. We were told to run 75% of the distance we had to run for the Sunday’s race with our best effort or race pace. The rest of the students did not have any race to participate for the coming Sunday but they opted to run 75% for an imaginary 10K race. Since I was scheduled to participate in the Patakbo Sa Kabundukan’s 21K Run, I had to run 15.75K with my best effort.

According to Coach Espejo, the reason why we had to this kind of speed training two days before race day was to simulate what the body would do and expect during race day. However, he advised us to follow it up with another 30-minute active recovery run on the day before the race at 70% effort.

On that Friday evening workout, I ended doing 16.25K with an average pace of 4:45 mins/km for the 1st 10 kilometers and slowed down to an average of 5:00 mins/km for the next 5 kilometers and later picked up my pace on the last kilometer at 4:50 mins/km. Overall, I had an average pace of 4:54 mins/km. The speed run training culminated with a one lap walking and stretching exercises.

After this Friday evening workout, I realized that my “speed endurance”  was only good for 10 kilometers. I was not surprised about my assessment on my endurance because after I finished the MILO National Finals Marathon, my training were geared towards two successive 10K road races and most of my runs were active recovery runs after the Marathon Race and I never had any running workout for a distance more than 10 kilometers.

After assessing my endurance capability with the said speed workout, I formulated my race strategy for the Sunday’s 21K run—I had to slow down with my average pace on the 1st 5K and slowly increasing the pace on the 6th to 11thK, and race on my best up to 110% effort for the last 10 kilometers. If not for those jeepneys, tricycles, & garbage trucks along the route and lack of road marshalls, I could had made a better time on my last 10 kilometers. I experienced my first “negative split” in a half-marathon distance in this road race.

So, one of the “secrets” in our speed training is already out for other competitive runners to try and follow—run 75% of the race distance you have to compete two days before race day with your best effort (100%) and follow it up with a 30-minute active recovery run at your 70% effort a day before race day. This should be done if the road race for Sunday is a half-marathon and lesser distance road runs.

My 2009 Pasig River Marathon Training Started Last 01 Dec ’08

On the following day, Monday, after I finished the MILO National Finals last 30 November 2008 with a time of 3:48:42 hours, I was back at the ULTRA Oval Track doing my active recovery run for 30 minutes. It was on this slow recovery run where I thought of seriously preparing for the Bataan Death March 102K Ultramarathon Race which will be held on April 5, 2009. Henceforth, all my weekend races and marathon race/s before the ultramarathon race will be a part of my training.

So, while the rest were tapering for their Singapore Marathon and later recovering and resting after the said race, I, together with the Hardcores and Team Bald Runner were already preparing for our next marathon race. And out from nowhere, I received a text message  from the race organizer of the Philippine Marathon for Pasig River stating that the race will be held on March 8, 2009.

As part of my training for the March 8 Marathon and 102K Ultramarathon, the Hardcore Group (HG), Team Bald Runner, and participants in the 102K Ultramarathon will conduct a “50K practice run” along the route of the Bataan Death March on 23 February 2009.

For the past weeks, I’ve been running a total of 70-90 kilometers every week; going to the gym at least twice a week to strengthen my core & upper body muscles; and attending the “speed” lesson/training at the ULTRA Oval Track three times a week. For this week, I should be able to reach a total of 90-100 kilometers and for the month of January, I should be hitting 110+ kilometers per week already.

Race Goal for Philippine Marathon for Pasig River: 3:30:00-3:45:00 hours

How will I prepare for it? The following are the ingredients of my preparation every week:

2—Long Steady Distance Runs

2—Speed Runs

1—Tempo Run

1—Speed Drills/Pylometrics

1—Active Recovery Run

8—Hours of Sleep Every Night

1—Massage Session

1-2—Gym Workout Sessions

Lots of “Double” runs for the day, and

Lots of Positive Attitude and Discipline

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year To Everybody!!!

The Worst Road Race Of The Year…

….Is the “Patakbo Sa Kabundukan” held in Montalban, Rizal last Sunday, 21 December 2008

But I Improved My Time by 3:15 minutes for the 21K distance from my last 2008 Adidas KOTR 21K Run’s fnish time.

From the Race Bib, to the Emcee, up to almost everything, the race was poorly planned, prepared and implemented. The distance for the 21K was accurate with at least 400 meters in excess as registered in my GF 305. I can safely call this road race as the “Askal Run” but the presence of the Hardcores/Team Bald Runner made this race as a road run to evaluate and assess their “speed” training at the ULTRA Oval Track for the past weeks. All the members of the Team Bald Runner, to include the elite runners, performed better and improved their finish times. I finished with a time of 1:45:40 hours.

Details and pictures will be posted soon!

Philippine Amateur Track and Field Association

Philippine Amateur Track and Field Association (PATAFA)

For the past months, the following questions had been playing in my mind whenever I have my running workouts and during my participation in weekend road races in Metro Manila and in other provinces:

1)      Why is it that there are so many road races every weekend up to the point that at least four road races are being conducted in one day? Is there an instituion or body who should be controlling all of these races?

2)      Why is it that there is no uniform registration fee for every road race? Who should be responsible in controlling the registration fee of every road race?

3)      Who are the registered and authorized “road organizers”? Who controls the prolifiration of road organizers in the country?

4)      Why is it that there are so many running “coaches”? Are these running “coaches” certified and have a permit/s to operate their coaching business? Who controls their “coaching fees”?

5)      What is the organization or institution that covers and governs everything about road races and running in the country?

6)      Who is going to inspect and determine the presence and quality of support system ( like water, security, medical & emergency needs) to be given to runners during road races?

7)      Who determines or certifies a road race if the distance is precise and accurate?

8)      Who gives sanctions to race organizers where there are reported cases of stealing  and other criminal acts committed during road races?

Through my research, I found out that the International Amateur Athletics Federation (IAAF) is the international governing body for Athletics (track and field sports, to include road races) and in among member nations/countries, a National Athletics Federation is the governing body for Athletics. In the Philippines, IAAF’s national athletics federation is the Philippine Amateur Track and Field Association which is simply called PATAFA. The PATAFA is so powerful that everything that happens in Athletics in the country should happen under the authority of the federation and nothing should be organized without the approval of the federation. It has a great power and at the same time has a great responsibility!

The roles of PATAFA are:

1)      To lead and serve the Federation

2)      To manage all aspects of Athletics

3)      To build on past successes

4)      To ensure a financial basis for present and future activities

5)      To act as guardian of the values of the sport and have the responsibility to set an example and promote these values to the benefit of Athletics.

The following are the functions and obligations of the PATAFA:

A)     On Governance

1)      To be responsible for all aspects of Athletics in the country.

2)      To promote the sport of Athletics and the development of an Athletics Culture.

3)      To provide an appropriate administrative structure and services for the functioning of the Federation and the sport.

4)      To maintain an official list of National Records.

5)      To undertake proceedings against athletes who have rendered themselves ineligible and to impose sanctions where appropriate.

6)      To undertake proceedings against any individual who may have violated the rules of the Federation and to impose sanctions.

B)      On Resources

1)      To obtain and manage the financial, human and technical resources required for the functioning of the Federation.

2)      To set budgets and maintain financial records.

3)      To control expenses.

4)      To arrange for an audit of financial statements.

C)      On Communications

1)      To maintain good relations with and appropriate information to athletes and members of the Federation.

2)      To maintain good relations with the government office responsible for sports and other organizations which have an interest in Athletics or may be of assistance to the Federation.

3)      To maintain good relations with the media in order to ensure the positive promotion of the sport and the Federation’s activities.

D)     On Competitions

1)      To promote the development of a program of competitions including national championships.

2)      To select and organize teams to participate in international competitions.

3)      To maintain a national calendar of Athletics competitions.

4)      To provide official sanctions for competitions including those organized by other parties.

E)      On Facilities and Equipment

1)      To ensure that competition venues and equipment meet the technical specifications mandated by national and international rules.

2)      To guarantee the accurate measurements of road courses used for running and race walking competitions.

F)      On Officials and Coaches

1)      To oversee the recruitment, training, certification, deployment and control of the athletic officials and coaches required to carry out the programs and activities of the sports.

G)     On Medical & Scientific

1)      To plan and coordinate the delivery od sports medicine services to athletes.

2)      To plan and coordinate the delivery of scientific services to coaches and athletes.

3)      To ensure that a doping control program is implemented in accordance with the rules of the IAAF and relevant national regulations.

To confirm all these items I’ve researched, I arranged for an appointment with our country’s President of the PATAFA, Mr Go Teng Kok and I was able to meet and talk to him lengthily about the prevailing situation of athletics and road racing in the country. He confirmed such powers of PATAFA and also admitted that he lacks the resources to implement the rules and regulations/proper administration of Road Races in the country. I presented to him the “projects/programs” that I’ve been doing since I was the Program Director of the DND-AFP Fintong Pangarap for Marathon two years ago and as the “Bald Runner” for the past year. He was surprised to know all these projects. After almost 1 ½ hours of conversation, he asked my assistance for the implementation of the rules and regulations in road racing, of which I accepted on a consultation basis, I think!


Mr Go Teng Kok, Bald Runner & Coach Andaya of FEU at the PATAFA Office

So, to all the Road Organizers, Coaches & “coaches”, Race Sponsors, and the road racers, you know already that there is somebody “up there” who should be supervising us and putting some “sanity” to those numerous weekend races and who should be able to look for each runner’s welfare while participating in a road race.

Pictures @ The “Boodle Fight”

The following are the pictures taken in last night’s “Boodle Fight” with Team Bald Runner and other runners. For more description of the said event, please read Bugobugo’s latest post:


Cris Sabal and the rest of our elite athletes prepared for the proper arrangement/presentation of the food.


Lester, in addition to the food he brought, he took the initiative to bring sardines and a can opener for the activity.


After Philip delivered his brief Prayer Before Meals, I made the command to start the “Boodle Fight”!


“Boodle Fight” is really a fight for the food infront of you!


These guys are not only “hardcore” in running but also “hardcore” in eating!


Lester, one of the sponsors of Team Bald Runner, receiving his gifts. Lester also handed me lots of “gifts” for the elite runners of Team Bald Runner. Thanks, Lester!


Philip as he received his share from the Team Bald Runner


Coach Rio, our special guest, received some gifts, too!


Coach Rio’s Team & Coaches also received a Wall Calendar


Philip aka Foreign Runner donated his ASICS Gel-Kayano 13. Philip, sorry for the camera!


Mesh donated her slightly used Newton’s Distance Racer; two pairs of  Mizuno Shoes; and five (5) finisher’s singlets/t-shirts


Mesh aka My Iron Shoes was awarded her “1,000-Km Club” Finisher’s T-shirt. She completed the distance while running the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. Congratulations, Mesh!


Jay aka Prometheus Cometh, who arrived later after spending Wedding Anniversary with his wife.

Invitation To A “Boodle Fight”

The Bald Runner is inviting the Hardcore Group, “Speed” Training Students, incoming and members of Team Bald Runner to a “Boodle Fight” as a simple Christmas Party for novice and competitive runners. The activity will be held at 7:00 PM tomorrow, Wednesday, 17 December 2008 at the vicinity of ULTRA/Philsports Oval Track.

To the other runners, if you have time, you can drop by the venue of the activity and join us with the elite runners of Team Bald Runner. If you have not joined a “boodle fight”, this will be a nice experience for you!

This is a simple “pot luck” party and you can bring your share from steam rice to any viand and dessert. Bottled water, Gatorade, Propel and canned soft drinks will be accepted. No beer or liqour, please!

See you! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!