95 Days: Bald Runner’s Top Posts

The following posts are the top seven (7) ranked stories that got the most number of hits by my readers/visitors:

1) Running Shoes Review: ASICS Gel-Kinsei 2—I posted this article last 24 April 2008 and it got 7,320 views/hits as of the present. I am stil using the said shoe during my “long runs” and “runabouts”  but I have used it only once in a 10K road race. It is the “heaviest” pair of running shoes I am using but it is also the “most comfortable” shoes!

2) Bald Runner—It is the first Page I created with the blog describing me and lately added a list of my road/trail runs & races in it since I created this blog. It got 3,334 hits/view with this page.

3) Road Races—This is the second Page I created where I posted the races I intend to participate/compete. It got 2,961 hits/views.

4) Results: 2008 Women’s Olympic Marathon—I was fascinated to see Constantina Tomescu-Dita of Romania, live on TV, on her last 5 miles to the Finish Line. She is now the oldest Marathon Champion in the history of the Olympic Games at the age of 38 years old. She finished the 2008 Beijing Women’s Olympic Marathon in 2:26:44 hours. This post got 2,238 hits/views.

5) 2008 Olympic Games & Philippine Sports—In this post, I stated that there are thirty-three (33) sports events in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and out of these sports events, Athletics (Track & Field) has a total of 47 competitive events or gold medal chances for each country to qualify and compete. Since “Athletics” has the most number of gold medal chances for the country, nobody answered my question as to what Sports Event does the Philippines should concentrate in developing and training our athletes so that we have a greater chance of winning our first Olympic Gold Medal. This post got 1,815 hits/views.

6) My Running Idols in the ’80s—Before the Kenyans and the Ethiopians started winning Marathon Races in the 90s and never been featured in cover pages of Runner’s World Magazine, I had the US, Australian, New Zealand, Japanese, and British marathon runners as my idols, each of whom were featured in cover pages in almost all running magazines in the world. Today, instead of featuring the famous African runners on the cover of runner’s magazines, you could see unknown, beautiful, and American women runners on their covers. This post got 1,505 hits/views.

7) Olympic Games Qualifying Standards For Track & Field Events—I suspect that future Olympic athletes, here and from other countries, click on this post as their source of reference. The elite members of Team Bald Runner are closely checking on the qualifying standards for the 1,500-meter, 3,000 Steeplechase, 5,000-meter, 10,000-meter, Marathon (Men’s & Women’s), and race walking events. This post has 1,486 hits/views.

Once again, I would like to emphasize to my readers that this blog is a journal of my running workouts and races and sharing the knowledge on running from what I read and the experiences I got from other runners. My critique and “lessons learned” from road races will also be maintained. I make posts about my reviews to running attires and running shoes but it doesn’t mean that I advertise them. I never advertise any running apparel or running shoes or any item related to running in this blog. This blog does not announce or advertise future road races in my posts except for ultramarathon races. Takbo.ph and the other Pinoy Runner’s Blogs are posting such road race schedule.

Simply said, this blog is about running seriously—competing with yourself to improve & attain your goal…and competing with the digital clock at the Finish Line…and testing the limits of one’s endurance!

Happy New Year To Everybody!!!


4 thoughts on “95 Days: Bald Runner’s Top Posts

  1. kinderdorf

    Allow me to be the first one to comment and to greet you Happy New Year! I was truly blessed this 2008 for having taken up running and stumbling on your site. Before the year ends , allow me to sincerely thank you for what you have done to make me a better runner. I wish you and your loved ones more blessings of genuine peace, hope and love. May you share them with others always.

    Naimbag nga baro nga tawen apo Bald Runner!


    1. kingofpots

      lakay philip, thanks and you are welcome. there are more things to do for the year 2009 and beyond in order to promote running to everybody and discover/develop our talented athletes so that they will give honor to our country and people in world competition. happy new year, too and regards to your family and friends! good luck & keep on writing!


    1. kingofpots

      happy new year, too! i guess, it’s raining in your place instead of snow and enjoy your stay in the US. of course, there is a lot to tell about running and i have more stories to come. happy new year!


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