Blogging Reboot (2016)

15 08 2016

Starting with this post I am back again with my blogging.

Thinking back almost nine (9) years ago, I started this blog to document or journalize my daily running activities; write Race Reports in my running events (whether I am a participant or a Race Director); try to remember and document my previous running experiences; and re-post whatever running resources or information I have read in the books that I’ve purchased and read and what I’ve read in the Internet. Sometimes, I would post my personal opinion on what has transpired in the running world, whether it is within the local or in the country and in the international arena.

So, I am going back to what I know about blogging——sharing and letting my readers know what is happening to me in my running workouts, activities, and adventures. From time to time, I would also share things that are important or worth knowing in the field of running (specially on ultra running).

However, this blog will remain as the main source of information on the Ultra Races that I organise and direct.

I will not be competing with my Facebook account but in essence this blog will be “What is on my mind…about running”.

Now, it is time to go out and run!

Trail Running In Kayapa, Benguet, Philippines

Trail Running In Kayapa, Benguet, Philippines


2 01 2014

I reached my sixth year of blogging last October 25, 2013 and I am becoming more lazy to write something about my training, running thoughts, and my running races. It could be that I was too busy and focused with my training and/or conducting my ultra races as the Race Director or had been out of the Metro Manila area for the much-needed and more reliable Internet connection.

On the other hand, Facebook could also be the main culprit as I had more time making my daily status or reading other friends’ experiences on their running adventures and training. I am going back again to my bad habit of using my Facebook Wall and FB Group Pages as my mini-blog, thereby, forgetting my principal responsibility to update my blog. This is the very reason why I was not been able to be productive in writing and posting my stories in this blog. The past year, my sixth year, could be my lowest productive year in this blog and I could see it in my blog summaries that it was my “worst” in terms of the number of posts and the number of “hits”. However, I am still happy and satisfied that my followers are still increasing in number.

Accidentally, I was able to browse something in the Internet that motivated me to write again. I was able to see, at a glance, on a website that says or advocates writing “something” at least 500 words every day, without any edits, and by just simply writing anything and posting it in the Internet. So, here I am trying to remember and recall the things that I have to post for the past months of last year and try my best to write and post a 500-word story/essay on running every day.

My blog has now transformed into an ultra marathon site as I don’t write about much on marathon and lesser distance races except for trail running. The focus and concentration of my posts had been on the ultra marathon races that I have organized and directed from the yearly Bataan Death March Races (BDM 102 & BDM 160) and the PAU Ultra Races in the different parts of the country. Clearly, my blog had become a source of information of those runners who are runner-participants in my ultra races, to include registration procedures, rules and regulations of races, and their official results.

I also had the chance to bring two elite ultra runners to the Vibram Hongkong 100K Trail Ultra on the early part of 2013, with the help and support of Andre Blumberg of Hongkong, and they performed well that they are both qualified for the lottery for the prestigious 2014 Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run. But no matter how good my intention and plans for these two local elite ultra runners, there are still people who try to bring you down and derail your plans. It brought myself into reality that no matter how talented and good our runners are, they have also their weaknesses in terms of their behavior and attitude when they are no longer on the road/trail running in a race.

As I go on with my seventh year as a blogger, this blog will go on and on until my race stops. And that race is called LIFE.

Going Strong To My Seventh Year Of Blogging

Going Strong To My Seventh Year Of Blogging

Blog’s 2012 In Review By WordPress

4 01 2013

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

About 55,000 tourists visit Liechtenstein every year. This blog was viewed about 320,000 times in 2012. If it were Liechtenstein, it would take about 6 years for that many people to see it. Your blog had more visits than a small country in Europe!

Click here to see the complete report.

“Take Five”

20 12 2012

This is the most popular jazz composition of the late Dave Brubeck, who just died few weeks ago before reaching the age of 92 years old and also the famous jazz pianist who led the Dave Brubeck Jazz Quartet known throughout the world. Listening to the rendition of “Take Five” simply brings back the music of Dave Brubeck in to my mind.

“Take Five” and the Dave Brubeck Jazz Quartet had started the proliferation of contemporary jazz music and inspired others to love such kind of music.

Last October of this year counts as my Fifth Year Anniversary in blogging and thinking of where I am right now blows my mind of reminiscing the past years of trying to share my experiences and adventures in running to my readers. This blog evolved by itself from a daily journal of my runs and training/preparations for my incoming races which turned to narration of detailed Race Reports of each race that I joined. I am sure that these Race Reports were accepted by Race Organizers as feedback to improve on their future races. Ideas brought about as a result of my experiences, observations, and researches made through journals, books and other resources in the Internet gave birth to plans. And these plans were brought to action.

Early next year will be the staging of the 5th Bataan Death March 102K Ultra Marathon Race (BDM 102) and this event is my gauge on how far I’ve been into serious running and blogging. It is also my gauge on how far has the running community in the country had been influenced and inspired to train, prepare, and experience what is like to finish an ultra marathon distance. And it seems that runners see this event as the “Holy Grail” of running experience and accomplishment. This event transformed me into Race Organizer and Director for Ultra Running Events in the country. And I was able to inspire and influence others to do the same and spread the conduct of ultra running events in other parts of the country.

I’ve created an Elite Team of Runners and made them as Champions and Podium Finishers. I’ve created a Sports Federation for Ultrarunning in the country and we are ably represented in Ultra Running Events in other countries sanctioned by the International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU) by bringing some of our elite runners to these events. Other local ultrarunners are finding their way to join ultra running events in Asia, Europe, and the USA. But what is most important is that we are slowly transforming the country as the center/mecca of ultrarunning events in ASIA and Southeast ASIA through the Bataan Death March 160K & 102K Ultra Marathon Races (BDM 160/BDM 102); the Taklang Damulag 100-Mile Endurance Run (TD 100); West Coast 200K Multi-Day Stage Run (WC 200); and other ultra events that are staged/scheduled almost every month in the country.

Soon, an ultrarunner can have a choice of at least two (2) ultrarunning events in a period of one month! Race Organizers in other parts of the country are sprouting fast for the past years and most of their races have qualifying points for most of the popular ultrarunning events in the world. All of these occurrences in ultra running are unprecedented and more runners are attracted to the challenge and determination to finish such events.

So, where is this blog going for the next FIVE years? It will still be a blog, of course! It will remain as my journal of my running experiences and adventures here and abroad. I will also feature my thoughts, ideas, plans, observations, and things/persons about running and ultra running. It will also continue as the resource of ultrarunning in the country.

Just like the music “Take Five” and the Dave Brubeck Jazz Quartet, this blog will continue as a “pioneer” in running events/adventures and as inspiration for others to explore what they are capable of in terms of endurance and determination.

In simple terms, this blog will always remain about RUNNING.

Bald Runner (Photo By Jojo Brito)

Bald Runner (Photo By Jojo Brito)

Result: 1st BR’s Laoag BEER Mile

14 08 2012

The following is the Official Result of the 1st BR’s BEER Mile held in Laoag City at the Provincial Oval Track & Athletic Ground o/a 8:00 AM August 12, 2012.

RANK N   A   M   E T   I  M  E
1 Roger Nartatez 9:19
2 Jhoneley Ballesteros 9:37
3 Numeriano Dela Cruz 13:10
4 Vernal Verlim 14:35
5 Steve Paul Dumlao 15:52
6 Ace Guerrero 17:20
7 Chester Puno 18:12
8 Kenken Sacro 19:30
9 Herdy Yumul 20:12
10 Jorge Guerrero 21:17
11 Tom Baniwas 24:17
12 Aaron Dondoyano 30:40
13 Sandy Matias 30:41

Ilocano Beer Mile Runners

Official Finishers Of The 1st Laoag City BR’s BEER Mile

Congratulations To All The Participants & Finishers!

Going On My Fifth (5th) Year

1 11 2011

I started this blog on October 25, 2007 by publishing four (4) posts in one day! These were stories I could think of while I was a Commander in one of the Philippine Army Divisions in the Western Visayas and had initially inspired me to resume my running on a regular basis.

It was a time when there was a running event within one or two month’s time in the whole country!

It was the time when The Bull Runner was the only local regular running blog in the country. And she was ahead by 5 months! Why not a blog coming from an old, average and competitive male runner who could hardly remember his past marathon race accomplishments? Slowly but surely, Bald Runner started to be known.

And everything now is history.

Bald Runner

So, what will you expect in the years to come?

This blog will remain to be simple as it started in the beginning. Everything is purely on running. It will continuously inspire others to start to engage themselves in any kind of endurance or physical activity that will improve their health and well-being. It will promote adhering to healthy lifestyle for everybody. It would never dare to touch on political, social, and economic matters as this is the expertise of others out there who have job descriptions to implement as part of the mission of their respective organization.

Sharing one’s running workouts and training. In my early years of blogging and up to this time, I’ve shared to my readers my training and other information I’ve discovered from other sources. I’ve experimented on them and made my own conclusion on each of these, from training, form, nutrition, hydration and apparel. Since I have the time to browse on the Internet, I might as well share my “discoveries” to everybody. However, in the end, Dr. George Sheehan’s words that “running is an experiment of one” still holds true!

My personal opinion on observations on running will always be part of this blog but I will limit them to road and trail races that I participate. This will serve as my personal reference if ever I would join again in their future editions.

Reviews on running apparel and shoes will always be a part of this blog and I had been lagging behind on this aspect. In a sense, I believe that there is truth on what they say as “Sports Fashion” in Running. If you can’t make it in speed, do it in your fashion statement!

More ultra marathon and adventure runs. Yes, there will be more to come to challenge myself and for everybody, whether in roads and trails. Sufferings and pains are the things that ultra runners would love to experience and keep them from looking for more. Just ask your average ultra runner how it feels to finish one, he or she will tell you that will be their last one but after a week, he/she will be looking for the schedule of the next ultra event. Amazing people! Not only that, it is becoming apparent that joining an ultra will be cheaper than joining a marathon race!

Transparency? It is a standard practice for a runner-blogger to post a picture (in action) in his story if he/she relates his/her story and experience in finishing a race. It is a must! So that you are sending the message that you are a credible runner. Nothing more, nothing less. I really don’t mind the finish time, just show us that you are running.

Lately, there had been media releases about runners who are doing adventure runs throughout the country (Philippines) and other parts of the world and they are very commendable in terms of their respective advocacy they are promoting. Very nice indeed but I need to see their daily stories and I could not wait for their books or journals to be published months or years after they finished their respective feats. Is it hard for them to blog their daily runs? It still boggles my mind as these runners are good writers and professionals, too! In short, if I can do it in my local adventure runs, they can do it, too!

Keep on sending elite athletes to international ultra races in the years to come will be one of the major tasks and primary advocacy of this blog. Surprisingly, I have received only two of my readers in this blog who e-mailed me to support such endeavor. And in my Facebook status about my post on “Good Samaritan”, my ultra friends who are based abroad were the ones who responded to my call. Thanks for your support. I know that majority of those who kept their silence on my post will be willing to give their share once I will send them my “letter of request” and I might as well thank them for their support in advance.

Simplicity, Transparency, Sharing, Persistence, Credibility, Compassion, and Challenge are the words to live by in this blog.

Thanks for your visits and comments!

95 Days: Bald Runner’s Top Posts

31 12 2008

The following posts are the top seven (7) ranked stories that got the most number of hits by my readers/visitors:

1) Running Shoes Review: ASICS Gel-Kinsei 2—I posted this article last 24 April 2008 and it got 7,320 views/hits as of the present. I am stil using the said shoe during my “long runs” and “runabouts”  but I have used it only once in a 10K road race. It is the “heaviest” pair of running shoes I am using but it is also the “most comfortable” shoes!

2) Bald Runner—It is the first Page I created with the blog describing me and lately added a list of my road/trail runs & races in it since I created this blog. It got 3,334 hits/view with this page.

3) Road Races—This is the second Page I created where I posted the races I intend to participate/compete. It got 2,961 hits/views.

4) Results: 2008 Women’s Olympic Marathon—I was fascinated to see Constantina Tomescu-Dita of Romania, live on TV, on her last 5 miles to the Finish Line. She is now the oldest Marathon Champion in the history of the Olympic Games at the age of 38 years old. She finished the 2008 Beijing Women’s Olympic Marathon in 2:26:44 hours. This post got 2,238 hits/views.

5) 2008 Olympic Games & Philippine Sports—In this post, I stated that there are thirty-three (33) sports events in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and out of these sports events, Athletics (Track & Field) has a total of 47 competitive events or gold medal chances for each country to qualify and compete. Since “Athletics” has the most number of gold medal chances for the country, nobody answered my question as to what Sports Event does the Philippines should concentrate in developing and training our athletes so that we have a greater chance of winning our first Olympic Gold Medal. This post got 1,815 hits/views.

6) My Running Idols in the ’80s—Before the Kenyans and the Ethiopians started winning Marathon Races in the 90s and never been featured in cover pages of Runner’s World Magazine, I had the US, Australian, New Zealand, Japanese, and British marathon runners as my idols, each of whom were featured in cover pages in almost all running magazines in the world. Today, instead of featuring the famous African runners on the cover of runner’s magazines, you could see unknown, beautiful, and American women runners on their covers. This post got 1,505 hits/views.

7) Olympic Games Qualifying Standards For Track & Field Events—I suspect that future Olympic athletes, here and from other countries, click on this post as their source of reference. The elite members of Team Bald Runner are closely checking on the qualifying standards for the 1,500-meter, 3,000 Steeplechase, 5,000-meter, 10,000-meter, Marathon (Men’s & Women’s), and race walking events. This post has 1,486 hits/views.

Once again, I would like to emphasize to my readers that this blog is a journal of my running workouts and races and sharing the knowledge on running from what I read and the experiences I got from other runners. My critique and “lessons learned” from road races will also be maintained. I make posts about my reviews to running attires and running shoes but it doesn’t mean that I advertise them. I never advertise any running apparel or running shoes or any item related to running in this blog. This blog does not announce or advertise future road races in my posts except for ultramarathon races. and the other Pinoy Runner’s Blogs are posting such road race schedule.

Simply said, this blog is about running seriously—competing with yourself to improve & attain your goal…and competing with the digital clock at the Finish Line…and testing the limits of one’s endurance!

Happy New Year To Everybody!!!

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