2012 Olympic Games Qualifying Standards For Athletics

30 04 2011

Sculptor Art For the London Olympic Park (From http://www.london2012.com)

In a meeting last April 11-12, 2011 in Daegu, South Korea among the members of the IAAF Council, it was approved that  there are 47 Medals (Men & Women) to be contested which are categorized as the following:
IAAF Qualification System Athletics 2011. In addition to the list of events, a qualification system is also discussed and stated.
Running/Walking/Track Events—29 Medals
Field (Throwing & Jumping)—16 Medals
Combined Events (Decathlon & Heptathlon)—2 Medals
Total Medals In Athletics—47 Medals
With the list above, it is in Athletics where you have the most number of Medals in contention in the Olympic Games. The next sports which has the most number of medals would be Swimming. I think the 3rd medal earner would be Gymnastics. And the last would be a tie for boxing, taekwando, and other combat/contact sports like wrestling and judo.  It could be noted that these sports are all DOABLE for the Pinoys and we could excel in them! Basing from our physical features, average height and weight, we are not different from the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans who had been among the top medal earners in the Olympic Games.
I will not deal on how we would be able to excel and become Olympic qualifiers on these sports because our Sports Officials and NSA Coaches have better ideas and have the necessary resources to attain such objective/goal.
The following are the qualifying times and distances for the different track/running and field events for the 2012 London Olympic Games:
The following are the list of Marathon Races which are considered as Olympic Games Qualifying Races for the 2012 London Olympics’ Marathon Race. It is well noted in the list that the 2011 CAMSUR Marathon Race is the qualifying Marathon Race in the Philippines. I hope our National Pool of Athletes for the Marathon Race will be able to attain their qualifying time for the 2012 London Olympics.
On Racewalking, the following are the published races which are considered as Official Qualifying Races for the 2012 London Olympic Games.
I hope the above documents will be a good reference to our NSA in Athletics, to their Coaches, our National Pool of Athletes and to the upcoming elite athletes in athletics.


29 04 2011

I never learn my past mistakes and heed to the lessons learned I have been repeatedly writing on this blog. I am simply stubborn!

I should have recovered from my latest adventure run for at least 4-6 weeks due to the injury I incurred on my left knee. But I was not able to control my urge to run on this particular place.

Paved Road Covered With Big Trees

Not Much Traffic From Vehicles

But I Was Able To See A Lot of Cyclists

In A Place Called "Meadow" After Running 5K Uphill On A Trail

Trail Covered With Trees

Redwood Trees All Around The Place

Trail Running Is Fun!!!

Highest Peak of the Trail

This is the Place Where "Folger's Coffee" Started Its Production

For a clear description of the trail and park, please visit Leor Pantilat’s blog.

A distance of 40 kilometers, 20K on paved road and 20K on mountain trail, for six hours made me limped towards the end of the run. Because of this run, my recovery was disrupted and I am back to square one! However, I am back to my rehab activities.

My mantra during the rehab period is PATIENCE!!!

TNF (Phil) Sucks!

26 04 2011

Reasons Why I Don’t Run The North Face (Phil) Races

You can see in my profile that I never participated in any of the local TNF Races and I have personal reasons for it. Although I finished my first taste of an Ultra Trail Run at the Bulldog 50K in 2008 in Malibu, California in 2008, I was happy to know that the Main Sponsor for such race was The North Face. By chance, I finished this first ultra trail run using a TNF Arnuva 50 BOA Trail Shoes! Since then, I’ve been using various TNF Trail Shoes and apparel/equipment for my trail runs here and abroad to include my training runs up to the point that I feature them in this blog!

Let me go directly to the reasons why I don’t run on TNF local races. These are my personal reasons and I don’t want that my readers will be influenced by these reasons.

  1. TNF Philippines did not act on my request for sponsorship for the 1st BDM 102K in 2009 with the reason that it was not an ultra trail run. However, I saw TNF Logos being displayed on the Support Vehicles of Pinoy Ultra Runner (PUR) members who participated in the 1st BDM 102K which simply means that these runners were “sponsored” by TNF. I really did not understand why TNF would sponsor PUR runners/participants in my race when in fact they did not favourably act on my request for sponsorship for the event. (Note: I wonder what happened to the elite ultra runners who called themselves as “Pinoy Ultra Runners”)
  2. TNF Philippines gave a TNF Trail Running Shoes to a runner-blogger who have not yet experienced running on a trail running race event for the simple reason that the runner-blogger was going to participate a TNF 10K Trail Run along the lahar grounds of Clark-Sacobia area. I called the attention of TNF Philippines about this and complained why they are not giving “something” for the Bald Runner as he was fielding a team of runners from the Elite Team Bald Runner for the past two editions and had been a loyal user of TNF apparel and products. Moreso, that I finished already an ultra trail running event. TNF Phil promised to give a new pair of TNF shoes to me as a result of my complaint but up to now I have yet to receive the shoes. It was a simple case of being envious but it was not fair on my part as I’ve endorsed their products way ahead than the other runner-bloggers.  Fortunately, it was one of my BDM 102 finishers who gave me a brand new TNF shoes but he is not in any way connected with TNF. Thanks to July Oconer for the “gift” and generosity. July is also a TNF “loyalist” like me.
  3. I complained about the condition of my TNF Rocky Chucky Trail Shoes after a 50K Trail Run at Mt Pinatubo and TNF did not replace it. Instead, TNF Phil repaired the shoes by using glue to the detached parts and I got the repaired shoes after 5 weeks (that’s a long time to repair a pair of shoes!). After using the repaired shoes for one running workout, the glued parts were separated again. For once, I praised the customer service of TNF Phil when they replaced my non-operating BOA lock & wire for my TNF Arnuva 50 BOA shoes with a new pair of TNF trail shoes but in this case, their customer service was simply poor and deplorable.
  4. It came to my attention of a complaint made by a runner who joined the TNF Baguio about his lost drop bags who got an unsatisfactory feedback from the Race Organizers but the bottom line here is that TNF Phil did not give a satisfactory reason why the runner’s drop bags lost during the conduct of the race. BDM 102 “veteran” Eric Socrates would attest to this information.
  5. On technical matters about the local TNF races. In their 100K trail runs, the prescribed cut-off time is 30 hours. I think this is a very easy requirement to finish an ultra trail run with such distance. You can practically walk all the way up to the finish line even if the terrain is very challenging. The thing that I don’t understand is that the TNF Phil races has the same “point equivalent” with that of a ultra trail running event in the USA which is more challenging and longer in distance. Such accumulated points are needed if you want to qualify for the TNF Mont Blanc 100-Mile Endurance Run (UTMB) in Chamonix, France. So, if you have plans of participating in future UTMB Races, then joining the TNF Phil races will give you the “points” needed for you to be qualified for the race.
  6. For this year, TNF Phil has scheduled a Trail Run in Camarines Sur on April 30-May 1 as part of the 2011 TNF Pacific-Asia Ultra Trail Run Series. Up to this time, TNF Phil is silent about the details of the race but there is only one mountain that is prominent in the province and that is the Mt Isarog. While I was in Camarines Sur for the Marathon Race last year, I had the chance to talk to the Philippine Army’s Intelligence Officer based thereat. In our conversation, I asked him about the security condition of Mt Isarog and he told me that it is not yet declared as “cleared” from the NPA/insurgent forces operating in the area. I hope and wish that from the time I had a conversation with the said Intelligence Officer up to this time, the Mount Isarog is already declared as “cleared” from the armed insurgents! (Note: I wrote this post 2 months ago and I hope that by this time the security forces in the area had “cleared” the place and they will be there to provide the necessary security for the said event)
  7. I created a sports federation for ultra running in the country which is the Philippine Association of Ultrarunners (PAU) under the auspices of the PATAFA and the International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU). PAU embraces and covers all running events that are considered farther than a Marathon Distance which is 42.195 kilometers, whether they are ultra trail runs, ultra road races, or multi-day/multi-stage runs. What I don’t understand is that the Race Organizers of TNF Phil are not coordinating with me or with PAU with regards to their races. If these people are professionals, they should have, at least, the respect and courtesy to coordinate with the sports federation on ultra running. A simple e-mail or SMS would satisfy me on this matter. (Note: This observation goes also to those Race Organizers/Directors who are coming up with ultra marathon races in the different parts of the country who do not coordinate with me/PAU in coming up with their scheduled events. I don’t want that the sports federation for ultrarunning will become like our cycling, basketball, shooting & other sports who have two or more associations/federations under each sports!)
  8. This could be a petty reason but I would like to repeat it (all over again!) as I stated in my previous posts. When will TNF Phil sponsor the visit of Dean Karnazes to the Philippines? I think you know that DK is one of the most prominent athlete endorsers of TNF, if not, the most prominent in the world. I admit that I was strongly influenced by the first book of this guy to get into ultra trail running and eventually come up with the 1st BDM 102K Ultramarathon Race. To describe how crazy I was to meet this guy, I went to Badwater, California for the start of the Badwater Ultramarathon in 2008 (a trip with my wife for 5 hours from Los Angeles where I drove a car) just to personally meet and have a photo-ops with this guy and it later resulted to meeting and talking to him again in two separate events. I hope TNF Phil will not wait till the time when DK is within the age of Jeff Galloway (age of 66) to visit the country.

Now, if you ask me if I will join in this year’s TNF Phil? No way, Pedro! I’d rather run in the San Francisco’s 50-Mile TNF Endurance Ultra Trail Run this December!

Good luck to all the TNF 100 CamSur trail runners & trekkers! Have fun and stay safe!

By the way, does TNF Phil allow the use of trekking poles? Just asking!


24 04 2011

Grete Waitz of Oslo, Norway died last Tuesday, April 19 due to cancer. She was 57 years old. She was considered as the fastest lady marathon runner from 1978 to 1988, except in 1981 when she DNFd the New York Marathon due to shin splints and when she placed 2nd and earned the Silver Medal in the 1984 Olympic Games’ Marathon Race. Nobody among the lady marathoners had broken her record of winning the Ladies New York Marathon for 9 times! She won also the Ladies Category in the London Marathon in 1983 and 1986. She was one of my marathon idols when I started to train and run for my marathons races in the 80’s. May she rest in peace!

Grete Waitz, A Consistent ADIDAS Endorser & Sponsored Athlete

In contrast, a young athlete, Sally Meyerhoff, a runner and a triathlete, died last March 7, 2011 due to cycling accident as she was bumped by a fast pick-up truck wile she was crossing a road intersection. She died on the spot. She was still young at the age of 27 and had the potentials to be a future Olympic Games athlete. What makes her more memorable is that she maintained a blog at http://runsal3.blogspot.com where she wrote her latest post entry a day before she died.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, each year, there are more than 500,000 people in the US are treated in emergency department, and more than 700 people die due to cycling-related accidents.

In the Philippines, I have yet to find out the statistics of cycling-related accidents.

Sally Meyerhoff, A "MararthonGuide.Com" Endorser


20 04 2011

There is only one word to describe what happened at the 115th edition of the Boston Marathon which was held last Monday—Unbelievable!

For the past years, I was not interested  in trying to monitor what is happening “live” during the race due to the fact that the elite runners were not so much known to me as most of them were from East Africa—Kenya and Ethiopia. After Toshihiko Sato of Japan won the race in 1987 for the 2nd time, the succeeding years up to now had been won by either from Kenya or Ethiopia, except in 1990 when it was won by Gelindo Bordin of Italy and in 2001 when Lee Bong-ju of South Korea won the race. On the women’s division, after Rosa Mota of Portugal won the race in 1990, those elite runners from Poland, Germany, Russia, and of course, Kenya & Ethiopia did not “ring” a bell in my ears. It could be that the winners’ names were hard to memorize or it could be my non-interest then of running because my sensitive assignments or it could be that I did not mind updating myself on what was happening in the running world’s events by not subscribing or buying the latest editions then of the popular running magazines.

But what caught my attention again in this year’s edition of the Boston Marathon was the fact that Ryan Hall and Kara Goucher of the USA had been featured in the runners’ magazines and other running news of their desire to win in the said race. Of course, who would not be excited to see an American/US citizen who will win this year’s edition when the last American winner (Greg Meyer) was in 1983 (almost 3 decades ago). And this is the reason why there is a lot of euphoria and expectations on the result of this year’s edition as being played by the press releases, articles published in running magazines, and other media pronouncements.

But the results in last Monday’s race proved that the Kenyans would steal the show from the rest of the elite runners. Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya won the race in the fastest ever recorded Marathon Finish of 2:03:02 hours. In the Ladies Division, Catherine Kilel of Kenya won the Championship with a time of 2:22:36 hours. Geoffrey Mutai and Moses Mosop are definitely the fastest marathoners whose times were faster than the existing record time of 2:03:59 hours by Haile Gebrselassie at the 2008 Berlin Marathon. Whether Mutai’s time was not considered as an official Marathon World Record, it is considered as a New Course Record for the Boston Marathon. In my opinion, Mutai will not be affected with such decision as he is more interested in cashing in the Cash Prize he received for his efforts. A cash prize of $ 200,000 is a lot of money for a Kenyan runner!

Ryan Hall, Desiree Davila and Kara Goucher of the USA had also unbelievable results in their efforts where each of them improved their respective PRs. But there was another unbelievable show during the race which was 53-year old Joan Benoit Samuelson’s finish time of 2:51:29 hours making her the record holder for the fastest finish time in the ladies age group of 50-54 years old.

Lastly, the most unbelievable of them all is the decision of the BAA last February of this year to reduce the qualifying time for each age category for the Boston Marathon by 5 minutes. This means that I have to finish a marathon race in 3:55:00 hours by next year (as I will turn to be a 60-year old!) if I need to include joining the Boston Marathon in my “bucket list”. At this point in time, a decision to join or qualify for the Boston Marathon in the future will entail a lot of focus, patience, determination, and resources. There is a need to completely dedicate my time in this life-defining quest for excellence in running.

But, for the Bald Runner to finish the Boston Marathon that would definitely be…UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

For 2013, these are the new qualifying times for the Boston Marathon

Age Group Men Women
18-34 3:05:00 3:35:00
35-39 3:10:00 3:40:00
40-44 3:15:00 3:45:00
45-49 3:25:00 3:55:00
50-54 3:30:00 4:00:00
55-59 3:40:00 4:10:00
60-64 3:55:00 4:25:00
65-69 4:10:00 4:40:00
70-74 4:25:00 4:55:00
75-79 4:40:00 5:10:00
80+ 4:55:00 5:25:00

Creed For The Ancient Marathoner

19 04 2011

For those who are about to reach their “half-century” age and “senior citizen” status, the following “creed” is nice to read and as a good reference. The complete article where this excerpt was taken can be browsed at Marathon and Beyond Magazine. This creed applies to me!

Creed for the Ancient Marathoner

1.  Honor the run. Train enough, but not too much. Don’t rely on yesterday’s experience for today’s challenge. Be true to the task. Know
that you are the torchbearer for those younger. You show them not just what you can do but what they will be able to do. You show
them their future.

2.  Don’t be surprised. Train in the heat and in the cold. Know how todrink and eat. Know where each step is taking you.

3.  Don’t take any extra weight along with you; be spare.

4.  Be rested, be fresh, and arrive at the start ready for a full go. Know that each part of you is ready to go the full course.

5.  Age is not an excuse. It is an advantage. Each of us has been up our personal hill more often than the younger runners. We are older, we have experienced more, we have more to give—and we understand more.

6.  Don’t make excuses. Don’t rely on someone else. You are in charge. You alone can crest the rise, fight the fatigue, master the moment.

7.  Although you are in charge of yourself, you are not alone. Your number increases. You run in the footsteps you have made—but also in the paths of Emil, Frank, Johnny, Grete, Clarence, George, and others. You tie your shoes with their laces. You are one with the heroes and heroines.

8.  Don’t compete with your yesterday. No one can defeat you. Be the best that you can be this day. By being your best today, you will
prepare for being your best tomorrow.

9.  Listen to the wisdom of your body. It is older. It has been tested. It knows how. Pay respect and learn from its teachings.

10.  Have fun, don’t take the run too seriously, be confident. 

Bortz’s Law: “It is never too late to start, but it is too soon to stop”

(Source: Running, Aging, and Human Potential by Dr Walter Bortz, Marathon And Beyond Magazine, Sep/Oct 2009)

On Rehab

17 04 2011

For the past one week, I’ve been regularly going to the Gym to strengthen my knees, quadriceps and calf muscles. In short, I’ve been trying to to cure my injury which I incurred during my “West To East” Run. The problem lies on my left leg which I think had been my more dominant running leg in my workouts and road/trail races.

Since I’ve finished my latest adventure run, I rested and recovered for about 16 days without any run or physical activity. My daily activities were geared to my rest by doing some light stretching exercises, walking, and browsing on the Internet. I did not have any massages but I concentrated more on my intake of natural foods rich in carbohydrates, proteins and fats. However, every two days, I have to take one capsule of Alaxan FR.

After 16 days of no running, I decided to go to the gym and start trying to bring back some “action” to my legs. After 16 days of no activity, I’ve observed that my leg muscles were soft and tender. I missed those times that my legs were full of “lumps” or “rocks” of hard muscles.

I have been doing lots stationary cycling/biking maintaining an rpm of not less than 100; doing also fast rpm on elliptical machines of at least 120 rpm; and lastly, on the rowing machine trying to maintain at least 22-24 strokes per minute. All these exercises are done with an elapsed time of at least 30 minutes. I hope these exercises will result to something better for my running legs.

The core and upper body muscle routine is still there but the emphasis in my gym works are now concentrated to my legs.

To top it all, I’ve been drinking Ensure as my nutrition drinks. Lots of water intake during gym workouts.

We will see in the coming days what would be the result of my gym workouts. I hope my legs will be better.

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