2012 Olympic Games Qualifying Standards For Athletics

Sculptor Art For the London Olympic Park (From http://www.london2012.com)
In a meeting last April 11-12, 2011 in Daegu, South Korea among the members of the IAAF Council, it was approved that  there are 47 Medals (Men & Women) to be contested which are categorized as the following:
IAAF Qualification System Athletics 2011. In addition to the list of events, a qualification system is also discussed and stated.
Running/Walking/Track Events—29 Medals
Field (Throwing & Jumping)—16 Medals
Combined Events (Decathlon & Heptathlon)—2 Medals
Total Medals In Athletics—47 Medals
With the list above, it is in Athletics where you have the most number of Medals in contention in the Olympic Games. The next sports which has the most number of medals would be Swimming. I think the 3rd medal earner would be Gymnastics. And the last would be a tie for boxing, taekwando, and other combat/contact sports like wrestling and judo.  It could be noted that these sports are all DOABLE for the Pinoys and we could excel in them! Basing from our physical features, average height and weight, we are not different from the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans who had been among the top medal earners in the Olympic Games.
I will not deal on how we would be able to excel and become Olympic qualifiers on these sports because our Sports Officials and NSA Coaches have better ideas and have the necessary resources to attain such objective/goal.
The following are the qualifying times and distances for the different track/running and field events for the 2012 London Olympic Games:
The following are the list of Marathon Races which are considered as Olympic Games Qualifying Races for the 2012 London Olympics’ Marathon Race. It is well noted in the list that the 2011 CAMSUR Marathon Race is the qualifying Marathon Race in the Philippines. I hope our National Pool of Athletes for the Marathon Race will be able to attain their qualifying time for the 2012 London Olympics.
On Racewalking, the following are the published races which are considered as Official Qualifying Races for the 2012 London Olympic Games.
I hope the above documents will be a good reference to our NSA in Athletics, to their Coaches, our National Pool of Athletes and to the upcoming elite athletes in athletics.

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