Panaad Sports Complex

5:03 AM 08 May 2008

Whenever I visit my troops in Negros Island, I always stay in our Army Transient Facility (ATF) which is located inside the Government Center in Panaad District, Bacolod City. About 50 meters from the ATF is the Panaad Sports Complex which has an oval track.

This morning, it was my first time to see and run along the oval track of the said sports complex. I was surprised to see that the oval track is not fully maintained and many portions of the tartan oval had been cut to remove the “bubbles” making the oval track as if there so many potholes.

I started my run at 5:03 AM from a slow warm-up jog from the ATF to the Oval Track. Once I hit the track, I was already on my “speed” mode. I did some interval training runs with the distance of 200 meters and a recovery run of another 200 meters. Basically, I had a speed burst of 200 meters and reduce my pace in the next 200 meters in every round until I finished 25 times around the oval. I did not register my lap time in every 200 meters.

I finished and covered a distance of 10.5 kms with a time of 51:50 minutes. I did not feel any tightness in my breathing or sore/pain on my legs. I slowly had my cool-down routine, jogging two rounds on the oval and later had my stretching exercises. I wanted to run some more and be able to run at least 15 kms for the day but I had a schedule to follow. I have yet to visit another Brigade Headquarters for a Talk to the Men and Breakfast with my Officers.

These were the readings from GF 305 and pictures taken by my staff while I was running at the said Sports Complex:

Distance—10.5 kms                      Time—51:50 mins

Average Pace—5:10 mins/km       Average Speed—11.6 kms/hr

Maximum Speed—16.1 kms/hr    Total Calories—735 cal

Music—Hoobastank & Foo Foo Fighters

Running Shoes—ASICS Gel-1120

I was informed by my security escorts from Negros Island that the facility is almost 15 years old and the oval needs to be repaired. This is one of the Sports Complex in Bacolod City. There are other two oval tracks available within the city.

I hope this place will be repaired soon. I usually start my speed run from this part of the oval track and end at the other side (one-half of the oval) and have my recovery run at a slower pace for the next half of the track. If not for the “potholes” on the track, I could had registered a faster time and pace with my speed runs.

I started very early and I was alone at the track. After thirty minutes, local residents and soccer players started to arrive in the area. Before I ended my workout, the oval track was already full of slow joggers and walkers.

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