Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” In Running

When I was in the military service, this was my “Bible” and had read this book for a hundred times. This compilation of essays written by Sun Tzu (a Chinese General & Philosopher) was translated by Samuel B Griffith in 1960 and they were written more than 2,400 years ago. It is considered as the oldest writings on the conduct of warfare. In all my military trainings, from a young officer to the generalship, the treatise in this book had been repeatedly discussed and explained to us. Being a former Commander of different units in the Philippine Army, from the squad-level (leading 9-men team) up to a Division-size Command (with almost 10,000 soldiers under me), the “treatise” of this book had been very effective in leadership; winning the “hearts & minds” of the people and at the same time in subduing the enemy.

The Book: Sun Tzu: The Art Of War

Lately, there had been books that were published in adopting the different treatise of Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”  in relation to Business and Politics but I have yet to read these books.

I have the assumption that some selected “treatise” of the book, “Sun Tzu: The Art Of War” are very useful to all the runners. My favorite passage in this book is the following:

“Know the enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never be in peril.

When you are ignorant of the enemy but know yourself, your chances of winning or losing are equal.

If ignorant both of your enemy and yourself, you are certain in every battle to be in peril.”

Translating these passages into running, it would be like this:

“Know the race route and train yourself properly; in a hundred races you will always finish the race.

When you are ignorant of the race route but you trained yourself properly, your chances of finishing the race or DNF are equal.

If ignorant both of the race route and proper training, you are certain that in every race you are DNF.”

On a grand scale, of which could be directed and understood by our Sports leaders and authorities in our quest for Sports Excellence and our First Olympic Gold Medal, my favorite passage of Sun Tzu’s “The Art Of War” would be very relevant and appropriate. I guess, there is no need for further explanation on this.

It is no wonder that the Chinese today are on top of the Olympic Medal Standing in the latest 2008 Summer Olympic Games!


My Running Workout For This Week

I am officially starting my Marathon Training for the San Francisco Marathon this week.

1)  6:02 AM 15 April 2008 (Long Slow Distance with “Fartlek”)

Distance—12 kms       Time—1:08:48 hrs

Average Pace—5:38 mins/km        Average Speed—10.6 kms/hr

Maximum Speed—14.4 kms/hr     Total Calories—712 cal

Average HR—151 bpm                   Maximum HR—164

Running Shoes—ASICS Gel-1120   Music—Bob Marley

 2)  6:08 PM 15 April 2008 (Speed Play-Yasso 800s)

a) 890 meters—4:51 mins      Ave Pace—5:27 mins/km

b) 841 meters—3:52 mins      Ave Pace—4:37 mins/km

c) 852 meters—4:09 mins      Ave Pace—4:52 mins/km

d) 863 meters—4:01 mins      Ave Pace—4:39 mins/km

e) 857 meters—4:35 mins      Ave Pace—5:20 mins/km

f) 860 meters—3:58 mins      Ave Pace—4:37 mins/km

***10 seconds slow jog in-between runs

Cool Down Run—2.12 kms @ 13:28 mins (Ave Pace of 6:21 mins/km)

Running Shoes—ASICS Gel-1120     Music—Bon Jovi

3)  6:16 PM 16 April 2008 (Tempo Run)

a) 3.20 kms—16:45 mins    Ave Pace—5:20 mins/km

Ave HR—151 bpm          Max HR—162 bpm

b) 3.20 kms—16:30 mins    Ave Pace—5:18 mins/km

Ave HR—159 bpm         Max HR—164

c) 3.20 kms—16:42 mins    Ave Pace—5:23 mins/km

Ave HR—158 bpm        Max HR—164 bpm

d) 3.20 kms—16:32 mins    Ave Pace—5:18 mins/km

Ave HR—159 bpm       Max HR—164 bpm

***10 seconds slow jog to drink water in between runs

Running Shoes—ASICS Gel-1120       Music—Bon Jovi & Dave Matthews Band

4)  6:11 PM 17 April 2008 ( Slow Run)

Distance—10.52 kms        Time—1:03:16 hrs

Ave Pace—6:00 mins/km   Ave Speed—10 kms/hr

Ave HR—146 bpm              Max HR—157 bpm

Running Shoes—ASICS Gel-1120      Music—Earth, Wind & Fire

5)  7:10 AM 18 April 2008 (Race Pace)

Distance—8 kms                Time—41:55 mins

Ave Pace—5:13 mins/km   Ave Speed—11.5 kms/hr

Max Speed—14.8 kms/hr   Total Calories—588 cal

Ave HR—157 bpm               Max HR—162 bpm

Running Shoes—ASICS Gel-1120      Music—Flyleaf & Foo Foo Fighters  

My running workouts for this week were done along the 2-mile route inside the camp in Jamindan and along the new 581-meter jogging lane in our parade ground.   




Yasso 800s @ Iloilo Oval Track

15 March 2008 (6:00-7:15 AM)

I woke up at 5:30 AM to prepare myself for my planned “speed run” at the Iloilo City Sports Complex. At 5:45 AM, I was already at the Sports Complex and I started with my stretching for about 15 minutes while watching those many Ilonggos, young and old, men and ladies, and some Koreans, walking and jogging along the oval track. In my estimate, there were at least a hundred people using the oval track!

I started a slow 800-meter (2 laps) run at 4:32 minutes with one lap (400 meters) as interval slow jog.

My first Yasso 800 lap was timed at 4:23 minutes with an Average Pace of 5:01 minutes/kilometer.

2nd Yasso 800 lap was timed at 3:38 minutes with an Average Pace of 4:27 minutes/kilometer.

3rd Yasso 800 lap was timed at 3:54 minutes with an Average Pace of 4:22 minutes/kilometer.

4th Yasso 800 lap was timed at 4:01 minutes with an Average Pace of 4:37 minutes/kilometer.

5th Yasso 800 lap was timed at 3:56 minutes with an Average Pace of 4:26 minute/kilometer.

In between laps, I jogged for 400 meters/one lap. Later, I jogged for 8 laps with an Average Pace of 5:15 minutes/kilometer. I had two laps as my cool-down run before performing my post-stretching exercises.

I was able to cover a distance of 6.2 miles or 10 kilometers for this morning’s run at the Iloilo City Oval Track.

Running Shoes—ASICS Gel 1120

20 Kms @ 1:58:13 Hours

13 March 2008 (5:29-7:30 AM)

Waking up early at 4:00 AM for the Army Physical Fitness Test Challenge and its postponement brought me to an earlier and another long run for today. Starting from my quarters at Fort Bonifacio, I proceeded to the Heritage Park up to C-5 Road and back towards the Libingan ng mga Bayani for one round taking the outermost roads of the park. From the Libingan, I went to the Headquarters Philippine Army Grandstand and had one round in its two-mile run route. I went out from Gate 1 of Fort Bonifacio and went to The Fort, going around the different routes inside the complex. From The Fort, I went back to Fort Bonifacio.

I was able to cover a distance of 20.10 kilometers with a time of 1:58:13 hours which was a little faster than my long run yesterday. I started at 5:29 AM and was able to finish the run at 7:30 AM with a slow jog back to my quarters. I had a 15-minute stretching after I finished my slow jog.

The following data were taken from my GF 305:

Distance—20.10 kilometers             Time—1:58:13 Hours

Average Pace—5:52 mins/km         Average Speed—10.2 kms/hr

Maximum Speed—14.2 kms/hr      Total Calories—1,470 cal

Average HR—154 bpm                     Maximum HR—172 bpm

Total Ascent—596 meters               Total Descent—589 meters

Running Shoes—ASICS-Gel 1120 

Music—Barry White: The Ultimate Collection (This “sexy” voice during the Disco Era in the 70’s-80’s died last year. Here are some of his songs—“You’re The First, The Last, My Everything”, “Love’s Theme”,”Don’t Make Me Wait Too Long”, “Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love Babe”, “Let The Music Play”, “Just The Way You Are”, “Love’s Theme”, and others).

This was my first time to use my Ipod Classic in my running workout.

LSD Run (12 Mar 08)

12 March 2008

After two days rest since Sunday’s 7th DND-AFP Half-Marathon Race, I had my long slow distance run this morning. My run started around the vicinity of the Old Gate 1 of Fort Bonifacio and went towards the back of the S & R Store and later to Kalayaan Road. From Kalayaan Road, I traced the road/route back to The Fort as part of the route last Sunday’s Half-Marathon. I passed by the Bonifacio High Street Loop and went around for almost five times before proceeding to MC Home Depot. There were runners, bikers and walkers going around the said loop.

After running a distance of 11 kilometers, I had my water stop at the Comfort Room of MC Donalds near HSBC. From this point I proceeded to Lawton Avenue and turned left at Bayani Road and went inside the Libingan ng mga Bayani.. I had two rounds around the Libingan, taking the outermost roads and stopped my run after my GF 305 registered a distance of 20 kilometers. I asked for some drinking water from the Office of the Grave Registration Unit inside the Libingan after I stopped my run. I had my stretching for 15 minutes before finally walking towards Gate 3 of Fort Bonifacio and ultimately reaching my quarters.

The following were the data taken from my GF 305. I forgot to use my Heart Rate Monitor Belt.

Distance—20 kilometers                   Time—2:05:39 Hours

Average Pace—6:17 mins/km          Average Speed—9.5 km/hr

Maximum Speed—13.9 km/hr        Total Calories—1,420 cal

Total Ascent—609 meters                Total Descent—596 meters

Running Shoes—ASICS Gel-Kinsei 2

Tempo Run

29 December 2007 (AM Run)

I did a modified speed/”fartlek” run this morning along the 2-mile route inside the camp with the goal of running 6.2 miles or 10 kilometers to find out if I can still improve my time. Using the TIMEX “Zone Trainer Digital Heart Rate Monitor”, I would like also to experience the feeling of reaching my Maximum Heart Rate during my speed run workout.

I made three rounds along the 2-mile route inside the camp and additional 400 meters to complete the distance of 6.2 miles or 10 kilometers. I registered the following split times every round:

1st round—-16:25 mins

2nd round—-31:44 mins

3rd round—-47:49 mins

400 meters—-49:52 mins

From my TIMEX Zone Trainer Heart Monitor, I got the following data:

Peak Heart Rate—-173

Minimum Heart Rate—143

Average Heart Rate—-157

Total Calories—-769

I made a 1-mile cool-down run at 9:00 min pace/mile after the speed run and it was followed by stretching.

It appears that I am slowly improving my time for the 10K distance.

Recap: Training Journal (02-08 Dec 2007)

Total Distance Covered: 31.5 miles or 50.6 kilometers

Average Pace: 5:45-6:00 minutes per kilometer/ 9:00-9:30 minutes per mile

Comments: Reduced mileage for this week; increased the distance in LSD run; minimized speed and fast tempo runs; and strengthened leg muscles through workouts and cycling.

Training Journal (02-08 Dec 2007)

02 Dec 2007 (Sunday)—27th RUNNEX 10K Executive Classic Race @ UP Diliman Compound; Time: 52:07 minutes; Average Pace: 8:23 minutes per mile/5:12 minutes per kilometer. Total Distance: 1oK/6.2 miles. (Comment: Improved 10K PR best time by 3:24 minutes)

03 Dec 2007 (Monday)—Rest/No Runs; Raining in Jamindan

04 Dec 2007 (Tuesday)—Rest/No Runs; Still raining in Jamindan

05 Dec 2007 (Wednesday)—2K run @ 6:30 minutes per km pace; 15-minute stationary cycling at 65-70 rpm; workout at my quarters’ mini-gym using free weights; 3 X 20 Biceps Curl (20 lbs); 3 X 10 Bench Press (50 lbs); 3 X 20 Heel Raises (30 lbs); 3 X 10 Dumbbell Flyes (20 lbs); 3 X 20 Knee Bends w/ 20 lbs weight; 3 X 20 Inclined Sit-ups; and 15-minute stretching before and after run/workout. Total Time for Run & Cycling: 28 minutes; Total Distance: 5K or 3 Miles (Comment: Started to rain after running one kilometer)

06 Dec 2007 (Thursday)—3 X 2-mile route; 1st rep @ 16:50 minutes (8:25 mins/mile); 2nd rep @ 16:26 minutes (8:13 mins/mile); and 3rd rep @ 18:19 minutes (9:09.5 mins/mile); 300-meter cool down run. Total Time: 53:35 minutes; Total Distance: 6.3 miles or 10 kilometers.

07 Dec 2007 (Friday)—No Runs/Rest; Body Massage

08 Dec 2007 (Saturday)—LSD Run along the 2-mile route inside camp; 8 X 2-mile with an average pace of 10:10 minutes per mile or 6:15 minutes per kilometer; Total Time: 2:42:37 hours; Total Distance: 16 miles or 25.6 kilometers.

Short Slow Run

Before leaving Laoag City last night, I had a 45-minute slow run along the concrete & dirt roads of Barangay Dibua on or about 4:10 PM up to 5:00 PM. It was my first time to run/jog and get inside the farmlands of this barangay. The route was a mixture of concrete and dirt roads. The scenery was nice with vegetated hills on my right and rice fields on my left. I was surprised to see newly-constructed big houses copied from houses in the US and Europe in the interior places of the city. These are signs of the presence of OFWs in the said area. The place is clean and the air is fresh.

My average pace was 6:20-6:30 minutes per kilometer. I was able to run about 7 kilometers/4.375 miles.

I was able to loosen up tight leg muscles in that short slow run after last Thursday’s tempo run on the oval track. I had stretching before and after the short run.

Looking forward for this Sunday’s RUNNEX 10K Run.

Training Journal (25 Nov-01 Dec 2007)

25 Nov 2007 (Sunday)—Race Day: 5th Animo Run at Mall of Asia; 10K/6.2 Miles @ 55:31 minutes; pace of 5:33 minutes/kilometer

26 Nov 2007 (Monday)—Long Run with Slight Tempo Runs at Libingan ng mga Bayani; “Heritage” Mile; Lawton Avenue; & at The Fort. Duration of Run: 2 hrs 35 mins 18 secs. Estimated Distance: 23-24 Kms/15 miles.

27 Nov 2007 (Tuesday)—Rest/No Runs; 30-minute “aerobics & taebo” workout @ Home (Music by Barry White, Bob Marley, James Last & Foo Foo Fighters); 5 sets X 20 reps Push-Ups; 5 sets X 25 reps Bend-Knee Sit-Ups & 2 sets X 50 reps Knee Bends.

28 Nov 2007 (Wednesday)—Speed Play/”Fartlek” Runs at the Libingan ng mga Bayani; Time of Run: 8:30-9:50 AM; 6 reps X 800 meters @ 4:00-4:10 minutes, jog 4:00 minutes as recovery run in between reps; 2 reps X “Heritage Mile” @ 8:00 minutes; Duration of Run: 1 hour & 20 minutes; Distance of Run: 13 kilometers/8.125 miles.

29 Nov 2007 (Thursday)—Tempo Run at the Laoag City Oval Track at 5:10 PM; Duration of Run: 25 laps at 53:20 minutes; Average Pace per Lap: 2:05-2:08 minutes; Average Pace: 5:20 minutes per kilometer/8:35 minutes per mile. Total Distance: 6.2 miles/10 Kilometers.

30 Nov 2007 (Friday)—Short Slow Run on the Roads of Barangay Dibua from 4:10PM-5:00PM; Pace of Run: 6:20-6:30 minutes per kilometer/10:20-10:30 minutes per mile; Total Distance: 7 kilometers/4.375 miles.

01 Dec 2007 (Saturday)—Rest, Massage, Watch the Movie “The Kingdom”, and Sleep Early.