Short Slow Run

Before leaving Laoag City last night, I had a 45-minute slow run along the concrete & dirt roads of Barangay Dibua on or about 4:10 PM up to 5:00 PM. It was my first time to run/jog and get inside the farmlands of this barangay. The route was a mixture of concrete and dirt roads. The scenery was nice with vegetated hills on my right and rice fields on my left. I was surprised to see newly-constructed big houses copied from houses in the US and Europe in the interior places of the city. These are signs of the presence of OFWs in the said area. The place is clean and the air is fresh.

My average pace was 6:20-6:30 minutes per kilometer. I was able to run about 7 kilometers/4.375 miles.

I was able to loosen up tight leg muscles in that short slow run after last Thursday’s tempo run on the oval track. I had stretching before and after the short run.

Looking forward for this Sunday’s RUNNEX 10K Run.

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