Recap: Training Journal (25 Nov-01 Dec 2007)

Total Distance Covered: 40 Miles/64 Kilometers

Average Pace: 8:40-8:50 minutes per mile/5:25-5:35 minutes per kilometer

Predicted Time To Finish 10K Run: 54:00-56:00 minutes

Predicted Time To Finish Marathon At This Time: 3:55:00-4:10:00

Comments: I registered a faster pace this time because of my “fartlek” and tempo runs this week. I will maintain this pace for next week and sustain my running form and footstrike. Hopefully, I will be able to increase my speed in small increments. Also, I will start to implement and practice Dr Sheehan’s Breathing Technique (expand the stomach when inhaling & contracting the stomach when exhaling) next week.


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