Training Journal (25 Nov-01 Dec 2007)

25 Nov 2007 (Sunday)—Race Day: 5th Animo Run at Mall of Asia; 10K/6.2 Miles @ 55:31 minutes; pace of 5:33 minutes/kilometer

26 Nov 2007 (Monday)—Long Run with Slight Tempo Runs at Libingan ng mga Bayani; “Heritage” Mile; Lawton Avenue; & at The Fort. Duration of Run: 2 hrs 35 mins 18 secs. Estimated Distance: 23-24 Kms/15 miles.

27 Nov 2007 (Tuesday)—Rest/No Runs; 30-minute “aerobics & taebo” workout @ Home (Music by Barry White, Bob Marley, James Last & Foo Foo Fighters); 5 sets X 20 reps Push-Ups; 5 sets X 25 reps Bend-Knee Sit-Ups & 2 sets X 50 reps Knee Bends.

28 Nov 2007 (Wednesday)—Speed Play/”Fartlek” Runs at the Libingan ng mga Bayani; Time of Run: 8:30-9:50 AM; 6 reps X 800 meters @ 4:00-4:10 minutes, jog 4:00 minutes as recovery run in between reps; 2 reps X “Heritage Mile” @ 8:00 minutes; Duration of Run: 1 hour & 20 minutes; Distance of Run: 13 kilometers/8.125 miles.

29 Nov 2007 (Thursday)—Tempo Run at the Laoag City Oval Track at 5:10 PM; Duration of Run: 25 laps at 53:20 minutes; Average Pace per Lap: 2:05-2:08 minutes; Average Pace: 5:20 minutes per kilometer/8:35 minutes per mile. Total Distance: 6.2 miles/10 Kilometers.

30 Nov 2007 (Friday)—Short Slow Run on the Roads of Barangay Dibua from 4:10PM-5:00PM; Pace of Run: 6:20-6:30 minutes per kilometer/10:20-10:30 minutes per mile; Total Distance: 7 kilometers/4.375 miles.

01 Dec 2007 (Saturday)—Rest, Massage, Watch the Movie “The Kingdom”, and Sleep Early.

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