My Running Workout For This Week

I am officially starting my Marathon Training for the San Francisco Marathon this week.

1)  6:02 AM 15 April 2008 (Long Slow Distance with “Fartlek”)

Distance—12 kms       Time—1:08:48 hrs

Average Pace—5:38 mins/km        Average Speed—10.6 kms/hr

Maximum Speed—14.4 kms/hr     Total Calories—712 cal

Average HR—151 bpm                   Maximum HR—164

Running Shoes—ASICS Gel-1120   Music—Bob Marley

 2)  6:08 PM 15 April 2008 (Speed Play-Yasso 800s)

a) 890 meters—4:51 mins      Ave Pace—5:27 mins/km

b) 841 meters—3:52 mins      Ave Pace—4:37 mins/km

c) 852 meters—4:09 mins      Ave Pace—4:52 mins/km

d) 863 meters—4:01 mins      Ave Pace—4:39 mins/km

e) 857 meters—4:35 mins      Ave Pace—5:20 mins/km

f) 860 meters—3:58 mins      Ave Pace—4:37 mins/km

***10 seconds slow jog in-between runs

Cool Down Run—2.12 kms @ 13:28 mins (Ave Pace of 6:21 mins/km)

Running Shoes—ASICS Gel-1120     Music—Bon Jovi

3)  6:16 PM 16 April 2008 (Tempo Run)

a) 3.20 kms—16:45 mins    Ave Pace—5:20 mins/km

Ave HR—151 bpm          Max HR—162 bpm

b) 3.20 kms—16:30 mins    Ave Pace—5:18 mins/km

Ave HR—159 bpm         Max HR—164

c) 3.20 kms—16:42 mins    Ave Pace—5:23 mins/km

Ave HR—158 bpm        Max HR—164 bpm

d) 3.20 kms—16:32 mins    Ave Pace—5:18 mins/km

Ave HR—159 bpm       Max HR—164 bpm

***10 seconds slow jog to drink water in between runs

Running Shoes—ASICS Gel-1120       Music—Bon Jovi & Dave Matthews Band

4)  6:11 PM 17 April 2008 ( Slow Run)

Distance—10.52 kms        Time—1:03:16 hrs

Ave Pace—6:00 mins/km   Ave Speed—10 kms/hr

Ave HR—146 bpm              Max HR—157 bpm

Running Shoes—ASICS Gel-1120      Music—Earth, Wind & Fire

5)  7:10 AM 18 April 2008 (Race Pace)

Distance—8 kms                Time—41:55 mins

Ave Pace—5:13 mins/km   Ave Speed—11.5 kms/hr

Max Speed—14.8 kms/hr   Total Calories—588 cal

Ave HR—157 bpm               Max HR—162 bpm

Running Shoes—ASICS Gel-1120      Music—Flyleaf & Foo Foo Fighters  

My running workouts for this week were done along the 2-mile route inside the camp in Jamindan and along the new 581-meter jogging lane in our parade ground.   




5 thoughts on “My Running Workout For This Week

  1. markfb

    Hi BR,

    How do you do your long distance with Fartlek? I never got to figure out in doing this. Maybe I have but just didnt kow what its called. hehehe

    I see that your tempo run consists of 4 16 plus minute sesssions. Maybe you can try to make one or 2 20 minute sets with a 4:54 steady pace for the entire set. The 20 minute run will not include any warm up time. I computed 4:54 based on your projected 48 minute 10k . T pace is the one used for Tempo. Here’s a link to the chart
    You can make a workout on your garmin and even put pace alarms. It will act like your “coach” the whole time your doing your training run.


  2. kingofpots

    mark, i am doing my running workouts in the mountains of Jamindan and i am doing my runs in a 2-mile route with two distinct ascending portions of 100-150 meters distance. that is where i make “speed bursts” and consider that as my “fartleks”. the descending and flat portions are my recovery points. my time here in the mountains is slower than my time in Manila for obvious reasons that the terrain here is unusual. i just added a jogging lane in our parade ground and it is relatively flat with a distance of 581 meters. just this morning, i discovered a 4-km loop course with the jogging lane added to my usual 2-mile circuit course plus one round around my Hqs Building. pls note also the time I had my running workouts (speed & tempo) in the early evening. practically, i am running in the dark here in the camp as most of the roads are not yet lighted. anyway, thanks for the “tip” and the link. it will be useful for my training for the SFM in August. see you this sunday.


  3. markfb

    Wow, Im envious you have the hills for training. The best alternative here is the one outside Ultra. The stretch would be around 400meters. We have yet to use that though. Doing uphill speed bursts are actually safer compared to doing it in the track. I read that somewhere, probably in Runners world. Running in the dark does give you a false sense of speed. Im just glad Garmin solves that. : )

    What is SFM?


  4. kingofpots

    mark, that’s the San Francisco Marathon on the first Sunday of August. that will be on my retirement vacation’s rest & recreation (R & R) period..hehehe..


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