“Take Five”

This is the most popular jazz composition of the late Dave Brubeck, who just died few weeks ago before reaching the age of 92 years old and also the famous jazz pianist who led the Dave Brubeck Jazz Quartet known throughout the world. Listening to the rendition of “Take Five” simply brings back the music of Dave Brubeck in to my mind.

“Take Five” and the Dave Brubeck Jazz Quartet had started the proliferation of contemporary jazz music and inspired others to love such kind of music.

Last October of this year counts as my Fifth Year Anniversary in blogging and thinking of where I am right now blows my mind of reminiscing the past years of trying to share my experiences and adventures in running to my readers. This blog evolved by itself from a daily journal of my runs and training/preparations for my incoming races which turned to narration of detailed Race Reports of each race that I joined. I am sure that these Race Reports were accepted by Race Organizers as feedback to improve on their future races. Ideas brought about as a result of my experiences, observations, and researches made through journals, books and other resources in the Internet gave birth to plans. And these plans were brought to action.

Early next year will be the staging of the 5th Bataan Death March 102K Ultra Marathon Race (BDM 102) and this event is my gauge on how far I’ve been into serious running and blogging. It is also my gauge on how far has the running community in the country had been influenced and inspired to train, prepare, and experience what is like to finish an ultra marathon distance. And it seems that runners see this event as the “Holy Grail” of running experience and accomplishment. This event transformed me into Race Organizer and Director for Ultra Running Events in the country. And I was able to inspire and influence others to do the same and spread the conduct of ultra running events in other parts of the country.

I’ve created an Elite Team of Runners and made them as Champions and Podium Finishers. I’ve created a Sports Federation for Ultrarunning in the country and we are ably represented in Ultra Running Events in other countries sanctioned by the International Association of Ultrarunners (IAU) by bringing some of our elite runners to these events. Other local ultrarunners are finding their way to join ultra running events in Asia, Europe, and the USA. But what is most important is that we are slowly transforming the country as the center/mecca of ultrarunning events in ASIA and Southeast ASIA through the Bataan Death March 160K & 102K Ultra Marathon Races (BDM 160/BDM 102); the Taklang Damulag 100-Mile Endurance Run (TD 100); West Coast 200K Multi-Day Stage Run (WC 200); and other ultra events that are staged/scheduled almost every month in the country.

Soon, an ultrarunner can have a choice of at least two (2) ultrarunning events in a period of one month! Race Organizers in other parts of the country are sprouting fast for the past years and most of their races have qualifying points for most of the popular ultrarunning events in the world. All of these occurrences in ultra running are unprecedented and more runners are attracted to the challenge and determination to finish such events.

So, where is this blog going for the next FIVE years? It will still be a blog, of course! It will remain as my journal of my running experiences and adventures here and abroad. I will also feature my thoughts, ideas, plans, observations, and things/persons about running and ultra running. It will also continue as the resource of ultrarunning in the country.

Just like the music “Take Five” and the Dave Brubeck Jazz Quartet, this blog will continue as a “pioneer” in running events/adventures and as inspiration for others to explore what they are capable of in terms of endurance and determination.

In simple terms, this blog will always remain about RUNNING.

Bald Runner (Photo By Jojo Brito)
Bald Runner (Photo By Jojo Brito)

7 thoughts on ““Take Five”

  1. jazzrunner

    I am delighted that you have equated a famous jazz tune to the number of years that you have been blogging and as a result has served as a catalyst to the popularity of ultra-running in the country.

    May ultra running grow to another 5 years (and more) so that you could listen to another composition popularized by Brubeck’s quartet, entitled “Take Ten”.

    Btw,, the tune “Take Five” was composed by the late Paul Desmond, Brubeck’s equally famous alto saxophonist in the latter’s quartet. 😉


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