Reasons Why I Don’t Play Golf Anymore

The following are the reasons why I don’t play golf anymore:

1)   Playing golf is very expensive. Even if I play at discounted golf/green fee in any of the four (4) military golf courses and one (1) government-controlled golf course (Veteran’s Hospital Golf Course) in Metro Manila, playing a round of golf is still very expensive.  Expenses in one golf game, to include some betting, would cost one set of NIKE/New Balance/Adidas running apparel (singlet & running shorts).

2)   An average 18-hole golf game lasts for 4-5 hours. Yes, it takes a marathon race time finish to walk and “whack” a tiny ball and put it to 18 holes, covering a distance of 6 to 7 kilometers.

3)   I’ve seen and met a lot of different kinds of people. It is in the golf course where you can meet different personalities and observe the attitudes of people which you seldom see when you are talking to them in their offices and in personal meetings. Some are decent-looking but they “cheat” their scores and “fix” their ball on the fairway. Some are rude, noisy, and correct/lecture you on how to drive your ball correctly if you committed some mistakes. However, it is in the game of golf where I discovered my “most trusted and best friends” in my military profession.

4)   Players don’t know “Golf Etiquette” and “Rules of Golf” anymore.  Players now most especially the “late-bloomers” don’t know the time-tested Golf Etiquette and the Rules of Golf. The game of golf is a gentleman’s game whose players are honest, decent and knows by heart the rules and etiquette of the game. “Kahit sinu-sino na lang pwedeng maglaro at manalo ng golf”. This is the exact words that I hear from better golfers whenever a “late-bloomer golfer” wins an award in his Class. The reason why that golfer won is obvious.

5)   I Don’t Play Politics. One of my former “boss” in the military who retired as a Three-Star General has this theory/reason why people in the middle-class or those in the C & D populace learn to play golf as this is a “ticket” for them to “rub elbows” with the elites and/or politicians. Our military and police officers are not exempted from this observation or theory. This could be the reason why our military and police Generals are not joining weekend road races as they prefer to hone their driving, sand blast techniques, pitching and putting skills in the driving ranges and fairways. I think simple addition and subtraction skills are included, too! On the other hand, except for Senator Pia Cayetano, Mr Fernando Zobel de Ayala and some of the younger corporate executives, who among the politicians have you seen in the past joining weekend road races? Chances of “rubbing elbows” with the elite and politicians in running and road races is very nil. I am sure that by the middle of 2009, you could see politicians at the starting line to “fire the gun” and award the podium finishers, if not, as the primary sponsors of weekend road races. 

 6) Nothing to prove anymore. I made a “hole-in-one” at Hole #17 in Camp Villamor Golf Course in September 1997.  I missed 2-3 inches from my 2nd “hole-in-one” at the Hole #8 in the Philippine Army Golf Course in May 2004. These are holes that your eyes could see from the tee mound/tee-off area and in the presence of golfers waiting to make their putts on the said hole/s as witnesses!

I thought of posting this story/item because of the controversy that happened at the Valley Golf and Country Club lately. If you want to know the truth of the incident, ask the caddies!!!


15 thoughts on “Reasons Why I Don’t Play Golf Anymore

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  4. prometheuscometh

    I actually stopped playing golf 3 years ago because of those kinds of experiences. What happened in Valley Golf only confirms my decision. Too bad though as I had a really nice Taylormade set gathering dust! He he


  5. “I am sure that by the middle of 2009, you could see politicians at the starting line to “fire the gun” and award the podium finishers, if not, as the primary sponsors of weekend road races.”

    I can also foresee this. Bayani had one race this year. And since 2010 is very close, I expect to see more.


  6. miraclecello

    Thank God I can’t afford it, I do not have to rub elbows with the Pangandamans ha ha. Here’s the link:

    But you served down there BR, how was it like having to deal with these warlords? Masiu is rido country, I know. One of the most surreal stories we have had to report out of Mindanao was Renato de Villa calling in an air strike against a Sulu mayor, for Chrisssakes, to stop a clan war on election day.


  7. m8parco

    The Valley Golf incident is both sad and scary. In the past we would never hear of this incident but with the power of internet/blogs the news has spread like wildfire. I personally think the person and his bodyguards should be banned from all golf courses in the country over and on top of whatever penalty he receives from the courts. I am off course assuming that justice will be served.

    Congratulations on your hole in one. I still play golf ocassionally just to be ready in case a customer wants to play.

    Tiffin took lessons but she prefers to run.

    Regards Mark & Tiffin


  8. I am still a member of Valley Golf and Country Club, however, the circumstances arising to the incident has been blown out of proportion to either side depending on who you are listening/getting the story from. I just played yesterday and am quite surprise on what I have heared. May it be on the golf course or not it takes two to ignite a fight. An ACTION from one side and a COUNTER REACTION from the other side. However, there would have not been any ACTION on the first place had the person kept his cool and humble enough. Given that that someone made an ACTION there could not have been a fight if the other side had been understanding and did not go down beneath a gentleman’s level instead of making a violent reactive action. This circumstances, you find not only in the golf course but on our daily life. IF one day we find ourselves on either side THINK and be forgiving dont ever allow such situation to affect us. Be happly enjoy life with friends and make no enemies. Happy New Year and have a ready smile to all….

    P.S. I still mix and enjoy both sports. That doesn’t make me polygmous is it not?


  9. kingofpots

    jay, nice golf set! i think we should form also a “golf-running-blogger” group among us and play golf in our military courses or in caliraya or kalikid golf course..instead of walking in between strokes, we should be jooging/running..just for fun!

    jinoe, you are right! these politicians will try to court the running community by sponsoring road races prior to the election 2010.

    cecil, there was no problem dealing with them. they are humans, too! i just apply the “golden rule” and the “law of karma” to them and I got their cooperation and trust from them.

    mark, sometimes breaches of rules & etiquette of golf are unavoidable but if players are well-informed and have the nice approach to warn other players of such breaches, then this kind of incident could had been avoided.

    amado, after reading the blog of one of de la paz kids and the news report from the daily news online, i could surmise that there was a lack of communication between the two parties. we usually use our caddies to relay our intentions to the flight infront or on our back if we need to inform something to them. in case there had been infraction or breaches of rules/etiquette somewhere along the golf course, the way you approach and deliver your “message” should be deliberate & with care to the point of being humble and respectful to the one who committed the fault. golfers do not need to be angry while playing on the course as this would completely destroy one’s game. thanks for the comment. maybe, you could invite me for a round of golf at the valley golf one of these days. just give me time to practice my swing!..hehehe!


  10. m8parco

    reinier666 – That is so true. It takes two to tango and I certainly think both parties are at fault. I guess it was spiderman who said that with greater power comes greater responsibilities ( or something like that). So I guess in the end the party with the guns and goons should be be more responsible. But yes both parties would be at fault and I hope they both learn their lesson. Violence begets violence.

    Gosh it’s sad that I use marvel cartoon superheros as role models.

    Regards Mark


  11. quicksilverrunner

    Great post, BR!

    The game of golf is interesting, since it focuses intense scrutiny on the smallest fault. You can say that about the game or a person’s character.

    I’ve seen that type of thing in running too, but not as prevalent. Who has time for politics during the run? Plus, the rules are much simpler!

    Have fun running in 2009!



  12. I still enjoy golf and still play it — but I play with my friends or join corporate tournaments. When I play in club tournaments, I see winners who sandbag their handicaps just so that they can win — imagine winning with a net 16 or 17 under score — that’s ridiculous.

    As such, I agree with your observations — players should endeavor to learn the rules of the game and it’s etiquette. It’s still an gentleman’s game but most just want to win for the sake of bragging rights, nothing else.

    I love sports in general. Running is now my passion — it provides me the avenue to discipline myself and get fit at the same time. Golf is also a passion — but it provides me with the opportunity to commune with nature and play with friends. It’s a fantastic stress reliever — if you don’t get too serious with the game. Besides, I love the raffle prizes in the tournaments I join!!! he! he!

    I hope you don’t stop playing for good — maybe you, me and Jay can have a round at Valley Golf — I’m a member too — let’s show them how gentlemen play the game!! Happy New Year!!


  13. markfb

    It seems I was the last one to know about this golf incident. I dont play, reserving it when I can no longer run or paddle. Its disappointing how family members can just cover up one another. You cant blame them, I would have done the same for my brother. Im sorry about the mayor, he cant be emotional and let his anger overtake his position.


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