Pictures @ The “Boodle Fight”

The following are the pictures taken in last night’s “Boodle Fight” with Team Bald Runner and other runners. For more description of the said event, please read Bugobugo’s latest post:


Cris Sabal and the rest of our elite athletes prepared for the proper arrangement/presentation of the food.


Lester, in addition to the food he brought, he took the initiative to bring sardines and a can opener for the activity.


After Philip delivered his brief Prayer Before Meals, I made the command to start the “Boodle Fight”!


“Boodle Fight” is really a fight for the food infront of you!


These guys are not only “hardcore” in running but also “hardcore” in eating!


Lester, one of the sponsors of Team Bald Runner, receiving his gifts. Lester also handed me lots of “gifts” for the elite runners of Team Bald Runner. Thanks, Lester!


Philip as he received his share from the Team Bald Runner


Coach Rio, our special guest, received some gifts, too!


Coach Rio’s Team & Coaches also received a Wall Calendar


Philip aka Foreign Runner donated his ASICS Gel-Kayano 13. Philip, sorry for the camera!


Mesh donated her slightly used Newton’s Distance Racer; two pairs of  Mizuno Shoes; and five (5) finisher’s singlets/t-shirts


Mesh aka My Iron Shoes was awarded her “1,000-Km Club” Finisher’s T-shirt. She completed the distance while running the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. Congratulations, Mesh!


Jay aka Prometheus Cometh, who arrived later after spending Wedding Anniversary with his wife.


12 thoughts on “Pictures @ The “Boodle Fight”

  1. prometheuscometh

    Thank you for the invitation to join you guys tonight and the gifts too! You chose a great place to hold the boodle fight, perfect for hungry boys and girls celebrating friendship and running. Hope this is not the last time…


  2. kingofpots

    jay, thanks for coming and for the food you brought. the idea is for us to do a regular “boodle fight” next year!

    philip, thanks for those “pork barbecue”. the event would not be possible without your support. yes, i will send the pictures.

    mesh, you are welcome. thanks for those lots of food you brought to the party. “pot luck” talaga! thanks also for your continous support to my projects. God bless.


  3. BR – thanks so much for inviting us. and for all the gifts, specially the calendar hehe kahit na i can only dream of beating your time. more power to you this coming year.


  4. kingofpots

    lester, thanks for the support and those gifts you shared for the athletes.

    bards, you are still young and haven’t reached your potentials yet in running. with your training and dedication, i know running a sub-4 in a marathon will be coming soon!

    jaymie, there will be more of this in the future and hope that you could join us and the rest of the runners. it was fun & merry x’mas & happy new year, too to you & to your family.


  5. runnerforchrist

    I rejoice with you guys, and I’m happy seeing those pictures! Nagutom tuloy ako hehe.
    God bless to all of you, especially team BALDRUNNER!

    I salute you!


  6. markfb

    Ah, I missed this! I just logged on. Merry Christmas to you BR , best wishes to your family and Team Bald runner.

    I hope that meeting with Patafa is the start of something bigger for Philippine running. : )

    Its been a very busy season for me, so many things to do so little time. I gotta get on my freaky feet and start running again tomorrow. Nag sub 50 na si Bugo, change is good. : )


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