Team BR Performance (15-16 Aug 09)

8:15 PM 15 August 2009/KR Urbanite 15K/10K/5K Run @ The Fort

Elmer Sabal—Champion in the Kenny Roger’s Urbanite 15K Run with a Finish Time of 51:00+ minutes (Unofficial Time)

Rene Desuyo–2nd Runner-Up in the KR Urbanite 15K Run with a Finish Time of 52:00+ minutes (Unofficial Time)

Marecil Maquilan—Champion in the KR Urbanite 10K Run with a Finish Time of 41:00+ minutes (Unofficial Time)

Frankreader Indapan—4th Place Overall in the 5K Run with a Finish Time of 16:00+ minutes (Unofficial Time)


6:00 AM 16 August 2009/1st AMEPA 6K/3K Run @ Mall of Asia

6K Run/Men’s:

Alquin Bolivar—6th Place Overall

Rene Desuyo—9th Place Overall

Frankreader Indapan—10th Place Overall

6K Run/Women’s:

Marecil Maquilan—2nd Place, Women’s Overall

Anna Valdez—7th Place, Women’s Overall

3K Run:

Jujet De Asis—Champion

Gerald Sabal—5th Overall

Raul Lamprea—10th Overall

Milbert Nabuab—12th Overall

Christian Dalida—20th Overall


6:00 AM 16 August 2009/Walk/Run For Moral Force 10K @ Quirino Grandstand, Luneta Park

Rey Antoque—5th Place Overall with a Finish Time of 38:00+ minutes (Unofficial Time)

Lunch Hosted By Reinier6666

I was taken by surprise when Mr Amado Castro, Jr, popularly known as Reinier6666 among the runner-bloggers, called me on the day after the Ateneo 5K Team Run and asked me if it is possible for him to invite the members of the Elite Team Bald Runner for a lunch at Jade Palace along Shaw Boulevard on Thursday. I immediately approved his request and we had the said lunch on the scheduled date.

Mr Castro had been very supportive to the Elite Team Bald Runner as he sponsored the registration fees of the elite athletes in his racewalking feats in most of the road racing events in Metro Manila and lately, even went to the extent of coming up with a running uniform for the 5K Team runners in the last Run For M.E. held at Ateneo De Manila University Campus.

In the said lunch, we discussed “ideas” and projects/programs that will continuously enhance and promote running and racewalking in the country. I believe these plans will be realized as we are both dedicated to the sports we love.

Coach rey Antoque, BR, & Sir Amado
Coach Rey Antoque, BR, Sir Amado, & Coach Titus Salazar
Elite Team BR's Carboloading Lunch
Elite Team BR's Carboloading Lunch
A Group Picture After The Lunch
A Group Picture After The Lunch

Thank you very much, Sir Amado. More power and blessings!

The “Best” Sponsor & “Corporate Head”

Who among the “corporate heads” who have the “heart” and initiative to help the elite athletes in their plight to give honor to the country in international competitions? I know there are corporate heads who are helping elite athletes in other sports but  I am not sure of those who are presently helping our elite athletes in long distance running. 

"Corporate Head" @ Fig+7th Building in LA
"Corporate Head" @ Fig+7th Building in LA
BR & "Corporate Head"
BR & "Corporate Head"

The statue above is located at the Fig+7th Building along Figueroa & 7th Streets in Downtown Los Angeles. It is called the “Corporate Head” which depicts an “executive” guy whose head is stucked to the building. I really don’t know if our Corporate Heads are like this guy who really have their heads stucked permanently to those high-rise buildings whose offices have the “best” view of the whole city. How I wish they would also embrace an active & healthy lifestyle and be able to help/support promote the sports they love and at the same time help our elite athletes. A small help/support from them means a lot to our elite athletes.

I have an answer to my question in the person of Mr Amado Castro, Jr who is the President & Owner of Reinier Pacific and fondly called as Reinier6666 among runner-bloggers. Aside from being a passionate racewalker and runner who had already exposure in international racewalking competitions and international marathons, he is silently helping and supporting our elite athletes. And he had done a lot in helping our athletes for the past months.

Surprisingly, he came up with an initiative to finance the registration fees of two (2) teams for the RUN FOR M.E. 5-Km Team Run this coming Sunday consisting of our Elite Team Baldrunner. He also came up with the idea of designing and financing for the teams’ running uniforms. And yesterday, I was able to receive the teams’ race bibs and running uniforms. They are nice and they have the color of “green”! 

What else can I say? This “Corporate Head” is somebody who has the passion and dedication to help and try to alleviate the plight of our elite athletes. Such deed shows what “Leaders” are made of. Mabuhay ka, Mang Amado!

The following are the pictures of the new Team BR running uniform:

Nice Uniform For Team BR
Nice Uniform For Team BR
Printed My Web Address At The Back
Printed My Web Address At The Back

Thank you, Sir Amado! So far, you are the “best” sponsor to our elite long distance runners and future racewalkers! God bless and may you have more blessings to come!

“Elite Team Bald Runner” Prevails

After I officially formed and organized the Elite Team Bald Runner for the past one year, the members are still trying their best to improve their training and performance towards the quest for excellence in long distance running.

In today’s road races, the following are the results:

A) 2nd Tic-Takbo at UP Campus:

Elmer Sabal—Champion Overall & Men’s Category in the 18K Distance at 56:48 minutes. Received P 4,000 Cash & Medal

Marecil Maquilan—Champion Overall Ladies Category in the 18K Distance at 1:11:25 hours. Received P 4,000 Cash & Medal

Rey De Los Reyes—3rd Runner-Up Overall & Men’s Category in the 18K Distance at 1:05:08 hours.

Alquin Bolivar—1st Runner-Up, Overall and Men’s Category in the 6K Distance at 17:45 minutes. Received P 2,000 Cash & Medal

Gerald Sabal—2nd Runner-Up, Overall and Men’s Category in the 6K Distance at 18:05 minutes. Received P 1,500 Cash & Medal

B) MILO Half-Marathon Elimination Race in Tarlac City

Anna Vargas—Champion, Overall Ladies Category at 1:28:00 hours. Received P 10,000 Cash Prize and Trophy. She is qualified for the MILO Finals.

Southern Race: A “Test” Run & Others

After two weeks of rest and recovery, I registered to run in the Southern Race ATC 10K Run this Sunday morning. I considered this run as my “test run” in order to bring back my running legs and feet back into action again. There was no plan for a PR this time due to lack of speed and endurance runs.

The following were my schedule and the workout I did since Tuesday:

Tuesday: I did a 30-minute active recovery runs at 75% effort at the ULTRA Oval Track

Wednesday: Another 30-minute recovery run at 75% effort at the ULTRA Oval Track

Thursday: “Walkabout” for 1:19+ hours @ 10 minutes/km

Saturday: “Walkabout” for 1:30+ hours  @ 10 minutes/km

In my estimate, I was able to run and walk a distance of 30-32 kms for this week before the race this morning.

There were three (3) road races scheduled for today. One road race was held in San Fernando, Pampanga. Another road race was held in Marikina City and the other one was the Southern Race held at the Ayala Alabang Village. The reason why I joined this race was because it was for the benefit of the SOS Children’s Village where my friend and fellow Ilocano runner, Felipe Dumpit, is the key mover and chief administrator of this cause.

Jinoe aka Manokan Express/
Jinoe aka Manokan Express/
Team Bald Runner-Professional Group
Team Bald Runner-Professional Group (Jonas, Michelle, Ivy, Jonel, & Jay Lee)
Legs, Running Shorts & Shoes
Legs, Running Shorts & Shoes
The Takbo.Ph Group
The Takbo.Ph Group

I arrived at the Ayala Town Center at 5:00 AM and immediately saw familiar faces—runner-bloggers, members of Team Bald Runner-Professional Group, and runners from other running groups. Instead of having a warm-up run, I did some stretching exercises at the Starting Area while waiting for the start of the race. Finally, the race started at 5:42 AM and it started with a short uphill from the Parking Area of the commercial establishment for the first 100 meters. The 10K runners started ahead of the lesser distance runners and it was an orderly start for the 10K runners. After a few meters, we entered the gate of the Ayala Alabang Village (AAV).

Looking Forward For A Nice 10K "Test" Run
Looking Forward To A Nice 10K "Test" Run
The 1st 100 meters of the 10K Run
The 1st 100 meters of the 10K Run

Basically, the race route covered the main streets inside the Ayala Alabang Village and it is a rolling terrain from start to finish. I would say that a 10K course is already uneventful for me and I just concentrated on my running form and pacing during the race. My objective in this race was to test my body if it can sustain a race level performance even with only few kilometers of running few days before race day. Moreso, I did not expose myself in any speed runs for the past weeks. Instead, I had more time to walk around the streets in Metro Manila.

During the race, my ultimate objective was to maintain a pace of less than 5 minutes per kilometer and be able to finish 8 kilometers in less than 40 minutes. And ultimately, be able to finish the 10K run in less than 50 minutes. So, after the race I was able to get feedback from my GF 305.

Last 100 Meters To The Finish Line
Last 100 Meters To The Finish Line (Red Numbers For 10K & Blue Numbers For 5K)

The course has a distance of 9.86 kms and I was able to have a finish time of 48:20 minutes. My average pace was 4:54 minutes per kilometer. I finished 8 kilometers in 38:30 minutes. I had an average HR of 169 beats per minute. Not bad after running a few kilometers but more time to walk around the streets during my workouts.

The Smiling Bald Runner
The Smiling Bald Runner

The race was perfectly done because of the wide streets and the absence of heavy vehicular traffic inside AAV, however, it was observed that the water stations lacked the needed water cups most especially in the last 5 kilometers of the race. In general, the race was orderly and the route was very challenging.

Why did I call this particular 10K road race as my “test run”? I wanted this run as a test road race if I could sustain an average speed of 5 minutes per kilometer or less than that. For me to improve my Finish Time in a Marathon Race, I should be able to sustain a race pace of 5:00 or less but not more than 5:15 minutes per kilometer. Instead of dividing the marathon distance into segments of 10 kilometers, I plan to divide the marathon distance into segments of 8 kilometers. So, at 8 kms, I should be able to have a time of 40 minutes; at 16 kms, I should have a time of 1:20 hours and so on. At 40 kms, I should be able to have a time of 3:20 hours. And the remaining distance to complete the marathon distance would take me 10-12 minutes to cover. In the end, I could have a time of at least, 3:35 hours for the marathon distance.

The Readers & Visitors of this Blog
The Readers & Visitors of this Blog
Comparing Finish Times With Team Bald Runner-Professional Group
Comparing Finish Times With Team Bald Runner-Professional Group

The Team Bald Runner-Professional Group invited me for another 10-K run after the race but I declined the invitation as intended to have another “walkabout” later in the afternoon or early evening. While I was doing my post-stretching exercises after the race, I was approached by Jay Lee Cu-Unjieng as he donated a bagful of Finisher’s T-Shirts for my Project Donate A Shirt. Thanks, Jay, you are really an “angel”!

Jay Lee Donating His Finisher's T-Shirts
Jay Lee Donating His Finisher's T-Shirts

Later in the early evening at 6:15 PM, I did a “walkabout” along the streets at the Makati-Taguig-Pasig areas covering a distance of 9+ kilometers with a time of 1:45 hrs. To include the time of waiting for the green lights in crossing major streets along the route, I was able to maintain an average pace of 10:45 minutes per kilometer.

In yesterday’s Eugene Marathon, Jael Wenceslao of Team Bald Runner-Professional Group finished the race in 4:26:17 hours placing him # 1,120 amount the 6,000+ participants. Congratulations, Wency! You are greatly improving your marathon finish time. Good job!

In last Saturday’s Miwok 100K Trail Run, Rick Gaston finished the race in 10:57 hours. It was a great accomplishment even with the worse condition on the ground during the race. Congratulations, Rick! My congratulations go to the other two (2) Filipinos who joined this race (according to Ben Gaetos).

In the 24-Hour IAU World Championship in Bergamo, Italy, Jaime Donaldson improved her finished ranking from 5th to 4th Place in the Women’s Category, however, she was not able to improve the number of kilometers she finished in last October’s race in Seoul, South Korea which was 221.015 Kms. The following is the “provisional” results of the race in Bergamo, Italy.


So, what is next? See you in this Sunday’s BOTAK’s Paa-tibayan Takbo 42K at The Fort.

Go! Hardcores & “Crazy” Runners!!!

Team BR Performance (14-15 Feb ’09)

Team Bald Runner’s Performance last weekend, 14-15 February 2009:

            a. Milo Marathon (Batangas elimination)-

                            -Marecil Maquilan, Champion, 21K Women
                            -Gerald Sabal, 2nd Place, 21K Men
                            -Ellen Tolentino, 2nd Place, 21K Women
                            -Rey delos Reyes, 6th Place, 21K Men
            b. Power Run (SM MOA)
                            -Cris Sabal, Champion, 15k Men
                            -Bernardo Desamito, 2nd Place, 15k Men  
                            -Elmer Sabal, 3rd Place, 15k Men  
                            -Jujet de Asis, 4th Place, 15k Men
                            -Ailene Tolentino, Champion, 15k Women
                            -Ana Vargas, 2nd Place, 10K women    
             c. Valentine’s Day 10K Run (Vigan, Ilocos Sur)
                           -Isidro Vildosola, Champion
               d. All members of Team Bald Runner who participated in the MILO-Batangas City 21K Elimnation Run and Power Run 15K at SM MOA registered their respective new PR finish times. Special mention goes to Bards aka Banana Running and Vicky who placed No. 7 and 8, respectively in the Women’s Overall Category in the MILO 21K Elimination Race.
Congratulations to Everybody!

08 Feb ’09: Team BR Performance

Following were the results of our team performance last Sunday, 08 February ’09:

            a. Milo Marathon Subic Elimination (21K):
                 Cresenciano Sabal, Champion (Time: 1:09:42)
                 Bernardo Desamito, 2nd Place (Time: 1:10:47)
            b. Deltan Run @ UP Campus:
                  Elmer Sabal, Champion, 10K Open
                  Michael Embuedo, 2nd Place, 3K Open 
            c.  Deltan Run @ UP
                   “Ting” Pascual, 5K @ 26:05 (PR Time with 4+ minutes improvement)
             d.  12-6 Midnight To Sunrise Run with Albert aka Run2Dmoon
                   All members of Team Bald Runner finished the 6-hour run.
                    (See previous post on Mignight To Sunrise Run)

1 Feb 09: TBR Wins Aquathlon & 21K Events

Team Bald Runner Members won in their respective Age Category in yesterday’s SPEEDO Aquathlon held at the ULTRA/Philsports Swimming Pool & Oval Track/Roads. Rosalina “Ting” Pascual won as the Champion in the 40-44 age category. Javy Olives aka Tri’N Hard also won as the Champion in 30-34 age category. The Aquathlon event consisted of 1,000-meter swim in the sports complex swimming pool and 3-K run along the roads of the ULTRA compound. Congratulations, Ting & Javy. Hardwork , Patience & Discipline really made you as champions!

In the 2009 Baguio-Benguet Flower Festival 21K Run held yesterday in Baguio City, Elite members of Team Bald Runner Cresenciano Sabal won as the Champion Overall and Male Category and Ailene Tolentino won as Champion Overall in the Female Category. Congratulations, Cris and Ailene.

Team Bald Runner expresses its thanks and appreciation to Jonel aka Bugobugo85 and Arman Fernando, our “Runabout” veteran and lead runner, for supporting the transportation and accommodation requirements of the Elite members to Baguio City. Mabuhay kayo, Jonel at Arman!

Two or Three Days Rests

Last week, I had a 3-day rest (Monday to Wednesday) from running and resumed my running on the morning of Thursday at the ULTRA Oval Track. I did a 10K run at the oval within my 97% Lactate Threshold with an average pace of 5:03 minutes/kilometer. On the following day, Friday morning, my son and I ran the route of the Happy Run 15K with 79%-80% Lactate Threshold with an average pace of 6:10 minutes/kilometer. However, during our scheduled “speed” session on Friday night, Maj Espejo gave us the usual instruction to run 75% of the distance we are going to run for the Sunday’s race at our 100%-110& Lactate Threshold. So, for the members who were scheduled to run the Happy Run 15K, they ran 11 Kilometers at their race pace and I ran 7.5 kilometers at my race pace for the Resolution Challenge 10K Run and finished it with an average pace of  4:48 minutes/kilometer. On the early morning of Saturday, I was back at the ULTRA Oval Track for my 30-minute “active recovery” run with a 70% Lactate Threshold or with a slow pace of 6:30 minutes/kilometer. Well, last Sunday, I finished the Resolution Challenge 10K Run with an average pace of 4:32 minutes per kilometer, barely missing eight (8) seconds from my 110% Lactate Threshold.

This week, I had another 2-day (Monday & Tuesday) complete rest from running.  I went to the gym after lunch yesterday for a 0ne-hour workout for my upper body and “core” muscles. After a short shower and changing my attire for running, I was already on my way to the ULTRA Oval Track for the Wednesday scheduled training. During our training session, the coaches gave us more new “jumping & bouncing” drills and “new” speed drills we had never experienced before. Our coaches keep on surprising us with their “gimmicks and techniques” wherein they explain the importance of each drill for us to improve our finish time and running technique & form. The best part of such explations is that our coaches deliver their point in English! I can say that almost 100% of the members keep on improving their finish time because of the “message/voice” of Coach Salazar which keeps on repeating to our ears & brains during weekend road races! Here comes now the best part—our “main course” for the day! We were directed to do 5 X 400 meters with 1:30-minute rest in-between interval at our 110% Lactate Threshold. That is just the starter. After 3-minute rest after finishing the 5 X 400, we have to do 2 sets of 15-minute runs with 3-minute rest in-between the sets within our 110% Lactate Threshold, too! There was no need to complain as we knew our coaches were leading us to a new and higher level of running performance. As my GF 305 was not working because of spent battery power, I really did not know how fast or slow we were running on those laps and sets. However, what I knew was that I became stronger and faster after those two days rests and did not have any leg pains or soreness even if I had my gym workout before this speed training session yesterday.

On these two or three days rests, I went to the province, away from the polluted air of Metro Manila. I just enjoyed the fresh air and the nice cold weather in Laoag City last week and in Cagayan Valley last Monday & Tuesday. No running but just a short walk to have a glimpse of those vast fields newly-planted with rice. Just breathing the fresh air around; enjoying the fresh foods which were home-cooked and sometimes, served “raw”; and resting and relaxing for the rest of the day during these days made me recover my tired muscles and I know my body is ready again for more running “adventures” in the coming days.

To all the runners, I suggest you take also a 2 or 3-day rest and drive/fly away from the noise, crowd, traffic and polluted air of Metro Manila and re-charge yourself. Just relax, eat, and breath the fresh air around you.

Also, to most of the runners who want to improve on their speed and finish times in their future road races, you should know your Lactate Threshold and be able to use it in your training. You should know the answers of the “WHY” you are doing those repetitive interval runs of 100, 200, 400, or 800-meter or other speed runs on the track and your “fartleks” in your road runs. Not knowing the reason/s why you are doing something to improve your running is not good for your training.

(Note: For those runners who do not understand or don’t have any knowledge about Lactate Threshold, join or visit our “speed training” sessions at the ULTRA Oval Track, our coaches will be glad to explain it to you. If interested, our coaches will be glad also to test and find out your Lactate Threshold. For our schedules of training, please visit

25 Jan 09: Latest “Team BR” Performance

At the 2009 Resolution Challenge held in SM Mall of Asia (MOA) 10K Race, Elite Team Bald Runner’s Cresenciano Sabal won the Championship with a time of 30+ minutes. Another Elite Team BR’s Alley Quisay won the 1st Runner-Up with a time of 31+ minutes. Rene Herrera, Gold Medalist in the past ASEAN Games 3,000-meter steeplechase placed 2nd Runner-Up. This is the second time in road races that members of Elite Team Bald Runner defeated a member of the RP Athletics National Team. In the Female Category, Ailene Tolentino and Anna Vargas of Elite Team Bald Runner won 1st Runner-Up and 2nd Runner-Up, respectively. The Female Championship in the 10K went to Mercedita Manipol of the RP Athletics National Team.

In the Resolution Challenge 5K Run, Gerald Sabal of Elite Team Bald Runner won the Championship with a time of 15:55 minutes. Oher members of Elite Team BR, Rene Desuyo and Jujet De Asis won 2nd Runner-Up and 3rd Runner-Up, respectively. In the Female Category, Marecil Maquilan won the Championship.

At the Happy Run 15K which started & ended at The Fort, Jose Mari Javier of Semi-Elite Team Bald Runner placed 6th Overall and won 1st Place in the  Age “C” Category (30-39) with a fast time of 1:08:10 hours. Mayo Rodriguez of the Semi-Elite also placed 5th Overall with a time of 1:08:01 hours. Another Semi-Elite Team BR member, Jonel Mendoza aka Bugobugo85 who placed 12th Overall with a time of 1:08:20 hours and barely missed getting 1st Place in the Age “D” Category by 40 seconds from the 1st Placer. Coach Saturnino Salazar also finished the 15K in 1:08:40 hours while pacing and reminding the members to be “light & fast” with their midfoot strike and stride frequency.

The rest of the Competitive Team (about to become Semi-Elite) Bald Runner members: High Altitude, RunMD, Tri’N Hard, Banana Running, My Iron Shoes, BroJ & Baby, Jay Lee Cu-U, Jody Jacinto (whose finish time is in the Female Category), Nino Ramos, Charlie Chua, Gold’s Gym’s Power Runners, and the rest of the “Hardcore-Concerned” Runners, were able to improve their PR times in the 15K distance. Congratulations, guys!