190 Days: My Runners To Cebu & UP Run

Yesterday morning, two elite runners (Male & Female) sponsored and supported by Bald Runner left Manila for Cebu City to compete in this Sunday’s World Heart Day 10K Run. I hope they will win in their respective categories.

At 4:30 AM this morning, I woke up and prepared myself for an early morning run at the UP Diliman Campus. After my morning ritual, I was already on the road (by car) at 4:50 AM and was able to reach the Campus at 5:20 AM. After stretching, I immediately started my run while it was still dark and with only about less than 10 runners/walkers on the road. After running for about 30 minutes, the number of runners and walkers increased to include the cyclists. Before I ended my workout, I could estimate that the number of runners/walkers and cyclists increased to more than a hundred.

Before it started raining, I was already doing my post-stretching exercises. The following were the data I gathered from my GF 305:

Distance—13.5 kms                  Time—1:17:25 hrs

Average Pace—5:44 mins/km              Average Speed—10.4 kms/hr

Maximum Speed—13.2 kms/hr           Total Calories—989 cal

Average HR—149 bpm                         Maximum HR—163 bpm

Total Ascent—273 meters                   Total Descent—276 meters

I am looking forward to more running workouts at the UP Diliman Campus.

4 thoughts on “190 Days: My Runners To Cebu & UP Run

  1. Good luck to your team. I also see that a group of Cebu Runners are starting to make the sport popular there. I believe a 10miler is scheduled within the year too. If they have a marathon crossing the bridge in Mactan, that will be interesting and tourist friendly.


  2. schlagger

    kayo po pala yung nakita ko kanina… saw you near the firestation. (i was the guy wearing a very red shirt) glad you enjoyed running in up… before it rained. 🙂


  3. gaucherive

    hi baldrunner. i joined the world heart day run 10k this morning. the winners were the usual suspects both in the men’s and women’s category. i hope any of them was your sponsored runner.

    @jinoe- the 10miler organized by the cebu holiday gym and spa will held on october 12. hope baldrunner can sponsor deserving runners again so they can spread the word that cebu is one amazing running destination.


  4. kingofpots

    jinoe, one of these days, i might join one of the road races in cebu to jibe with my business trip there soon!

    schlagger, yup, i think i remember seeing a runner with such colored attire. next time, shout my name (bald runner) if ever i meet or pass on you so that we can have a brief chat while running. hope to see you soon at up campus again!

    gauch, unfortunately, my runners were not able to catch up with the race last sunday. anyway, they told me that they will be running in next sunday’s run in cebu. my runners were frustrated to have missed a higher cash reward/prize last sunday’s road race. i hope to send some of my runners to cebu to join/compete in your races. i might be personally joining them, too!


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