189 Days: “Never Stop Exploring”

8:15 AM 28 September 2008: Trail Run at Tagaytay/Mt Batulao, Cavite

After my experience of competitive trail runs and exposure to trail running workouts while I was in California for two months, I started to look for places near Metro Manila where I could run along the mountain trails. After reading the posts and blog of High Altitude, I asked him to accompany me to the trails of Tagaytay which happened to be the trail route used for the The North Face (TNF) 100K Trail Run last July of this year. So, after I arrived in the country, I coordinated with him for a taste of trail running in one of the Sundays of this month.

I left Manila at 6:00 AM of Sunday for Tagaytay and was able to meet with Jerry aka High Altitude; Aldz; and Arjay at Silang, Cavite. After picking them up, we proceeded to Evercrest and started preparing our things for the trail run. We left the premises of Evercrest and followed the trail route for the TNF 10K run. The trail was very challenging because of the mud and slippery condition. We had to jog, run, and jump along the trail with all those loose mud and water along the way.

The four of us were all using TNF trail running shoes and outfit/accessories and that’s the reason why this post is entitled as such, the main message of the Performance Outfit Company, The North Face. I could say that the trail running shoes we were using from TNF were very responsive to any trail condition. Mud and Water would stick to my TNF Arnuva 50 BOA shoes but the mud would be thrown out from the sole of my shoes while running.

It started to rain when we were about to reach back to Evercrest but we never stopped until we reached our starting area. After a brief rest, we started our run towards the peak of Mt Batulao which is another 10K run from the Evercrest area to the peak and back where we started. The trail run to the peak of Mt Batulao was another challenging route and memorable experience.

We finished our trail run at 12:00 Noon, running, jogging, jumping, hiking, and resting briefly for buko and water for almost 3 1/2 hours.

Thanks, Jerry, Aldz, and Arjay for the company, for the pictures and the hospitality. I’ll see to it that this trek to Mt Batulao will be a monthly activity.

Does anybody from my readers interested to join this kind of mountain trail run workout?

10 thoughts on “189 Days: “Never Stop Exploring”

  1. aldzheimerz

    Woohoo! Nice running with you sir! I’ll be running with you again next month.. The weather was great! Clouded sky, cooling breeze, little showers for cooling, buko..


  2. miraclecello

    Am glad you liked it BR. At least 5 percent of the TNF100 participants last July are members of my club and even more should be joining next year.

    You guys might want to try the La Mesa Dam trail next. Igue Lopez conducts trail running clinics there.


  3. runningshield

    ive always wanted to do trail running again but my knees cant handle the twist and turns. must be getting old. im glad you had fun. byt he way but what shoes did you use ? see you in the hope in motion run


  4. kingofpots

    prom, thanks. i’ll inform you of my next trip to the mountains.

    aldz, thanks. you were great and strong. of course, we’ll be back to the peak of mt batulao again.

    cecille, i really like running on trails and being outdoors. i have no complaints about the condition of the trails and even the rains during our trail run. one of these days, i will try the la mesa dam trails. thanks!

    patrick, there is a possibility that your knees will get stronger if you run on trails and hills. speed is relegated to the background here. actually, we jogged, ran and walked along those trails. i used the tnf m arnuva 50 boa running shoes.


  5. rayabe

    Hi BR!

    It’s great to know you’re back (and doing a lot already)!

    Kindly inform us about the trail run (or any other trip) skeds so my friends and I can (rearrange our skeds) join you.

    Looking forward to running with you.


  6. tnfph

    Hi BR,

    Glad you enjoyed the TNF100 trail. Please help us spread the word on our upcoming event:

    The North Face continues its campaign to bring runners to the trail as it supports the 1st ever Mayon Trail Run on October 19 2008 at Legaspi, Albay. 18k of trail, lava gullies and unprecedented views of Mayon Volcano await athletes and outdoor enthusiasts who are willing to test their endurance and indulge their passion to Never Stop Exploring. Visit http://www.mayontrailrun.multiply.com and The North Face shops nationwide for registration and details.



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