194 Days: “Plyometrics” & 16K Run

5:10 AM 23 September 2008 at The ULTRA Oval Track

It was my first time to wake-up so early for a practice run this morning at 4:30 AM. It was still dark at the ULTRA Oval Track when I reached the Grandstand but I had observed that there were two runners already making laps around the oval. “Prometheus” and another guy within my age bracket were already there. After doing my stretching exercises, I started my running workout, taking the outermost lane, as I intended to have 2 sets of 6K run around the oval track which served as my recovery run after my Milo Half-Marathon  Run in Laoag City last Sunday. My plan was to do a tempo run for 6K and then do some “pylometric” exercises in-between sets of 6K runs.

My first 6K was timed at 30:38 minutes with an average pace of 5:05 mins per km. My average HR was 163 bpm and maximum HR at 171 bpm. I slowed down for the next two laps and stopped to do some “plyo” exercises. It took me at least 30-40 minutes to perform selected exercises I got from my P90X program. Doing such “jumping exercises” made me sweat some more!!! I was glad I brought a bath towel this time to wipe my sweat. I am sure the other runners at the oval track were thinking that “I am crazy” doing all those weird jumping movements.

I did my second set of 6K and I had the chance to run and chat with Prometheus. It was nice running about two laps with him and I told him about my running workout for the day. Later, he allowed me to resume my pace and I continued my run. My time for the 2nd set of 6K was 31:50 minutes with an average pace of 5:17 mins/km. Average HR was 161 bpm and Maximum HR was 166 bpm. I finished my 2nd set with two laps of slower pace.

I had some rest while talking to Coach Rio, Kim, Captain Espejo, a coach for triathletes, and the rest of the military elite runners. Before I finished my workout, I ran 2 repetitions of 400 meters where I recovered each repetition with one lap of 6:00 min/km pace. My first 400-meter race pace was timed at 1:38 minutes (HR-152/164 bpm) and my 2nd rep was timed at 1:46 minutes (HR-164/168 bpm). The last rep was followed with a 2-lap run with slower pace. After, my post-stretching routine, I changed my running kit and I went home satisfied with my running workout.

I was able to run a total distance of 15.68 kilometers for the day.

5 thoughts on “194 Days: “Plyometrics” & 16K Run

  1. bugobugo

    sir, there is a website, pinoyrunner.com, that lists all local races.if it is alright with you,we can email the moderators and have the ultra posted in the race skeds to create awareness among interested runners who in turn can prepare early.just a suggestion.the details and contact number/person can follow later on.importante,posted na ang date at ang race name.


  2. markfb

    Pretty strong BR! Very impressive numbers. If I didnt know you, I would have assumed you’re just in your late 30s. Im trying to find a way to join the Singapore Marathon. Too much dragonboat training made me forget to check the site out. ; ) In fact, before I started paddling again I ‘ve been frequenting their site since May.
    I was reminder to register when my wife asked me about it. To my horror, I was 2 days late! I just emailed the person in charge for those running for a cause. Im not singaporean so am not qualified. Im just hoping for the best.


  3. kingofpots

    loony, i hope to see you there, too! i had the tendency of running faster with the military elite runners as my training mates. they are my “rabbits”! hahaha!

    bugo2x, we’ll do that as you had suggested. one of my staff will be sending such info to the website.

    markfb, if you want you can run with us (bugo2x & loony) as “bandits” during the milo marathon finals or train for coach rio’s quezon city marathon on 01 feb 2009. hope to see you soon on the road or oval track.

    prom, yup! i will be a regular runner there for my speed and tempo runs.


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