On Honesty

2 02 2013

Nobody in this world is honest. Nobody, period!
Even our leaders and top elite athletes are dishonest.
They cheat in some form or another
But they do it for some reasons and nobody knows
Some are kept secret but ultimately they will be revealed

But this is not a reason for you to cheat in my race
Cheaters pay the price in my future races.
It is either they vanish or get banished from my races
Regret is not enough, you did it and somebody reported it.
I am hard as a stone in my decision if you don’t follow my instructions.




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2 02 2013
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4 02 2013
tony jimenez

I subscribe to that sir jovie. More than fooling anybody, they are fooling and cheating themselves. In the end, they will have to deal with themselves.

Tj Jimenez

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