Running-Related Wishes For 2010 & Beyond

1. Organization of More Running Clubs/Groups—Every runner is encouraged to join a running club or group in order for him to be motivated to train and develop his/her full potentials in running and other related endurance sports.

2. More Corporate Sponsorship in Running Events and Training of Elite Athletes.

3. Declare a Week or Month as “National Sports Week” or “Sports Month”—If there are legislators or government executives who are involved in sports, they should legislate a law declaring a part of year as a period where we can hear or meet the people and institutions involved in sports. I know that most of us do not even know the difference between the PSC, POC, and the different national sports federations. It is in this period in the year when Expositions and other running-related activities are scheduled.

4. Winners in Corporate-Sponsored Marathon Races should be sent to International Marathon Races for “exposure”. It is a proven formula that our athletes are only known by our media and our national sports authorities/national leadership when they win in international competition. As winners in international marathon events, our athletes will inspire more of our populace, down to the “grassroots”, to be involved in running.

5. Develop more “volunteerism” during marathon events among the members of the running community—The volunteerism had been highly displayed by the group of Jinoe’s and Captain Amado’s Reinier Pacific during Marathon Races. Of course, Jonel aka Bugobugo85’s Team Hardcore; HINGS Running Club; Carrey-Isko-Eugene Group; and Tintin aka Timothy’s had been consistently the “volunteers” in my road races. I hope that more running clubs and runners will be involved in such acts of giving back their services & goods to the other runners.

6. Conduct of a Running Lecture/Forum/Symposium—How I wish one of the profitable corporate insitutions of the country sponsor the conduct of a Running Symposium where we could meet and hear the words of international runners like Dean Karnazes, Bart Yasso, Paul Tergat, Alberto Salazar, Grete Waitz, and other running Champions in the past. Or maybe, ask our past Project Gintong Alay athletes to share their stories to us. It would be nice to hear how Lydia De Vega trained for the Gold Medal in the past Asian Games.

7. A Wholesome Local Running Magazine—How I wish a Filipino Running Magazine ala Runners World or Running Times or Trail Runner or Trailrunning Magazine be available to the running community with a cheaper price than those published abroad. These pictures will confirm that this wish will become a reality in a matter of days:

Watchout, FR Is Coming!
A Wholesome Running Magazine By Hardcores

8. Oval Tracks at Makati University and International School (The Fort) be opened to the public.

9. BDM 102 will find its future Finish Line in 2011. It will be a 24-hour Road Race to this final destination. If you don’t reach this Finish Line in 24 hours, you will be considered as DNF. The following are the pictures of the future Finish Line.

Wide Finish Line Location
BDM Km Post #145

 10. Finally, A Runners Library & Museum—A place where runners could share their running “collections” and a place where runners would meet and make their research. A place where we could see the Hall of Fame in Athletics!


6 thoughts on “Running-Related Wishes For 2010 & Beyond

  1. kingofpots

    thanks, tere. for sure, i will need you at the finish line of the BDM 102. if you have a ride, you can join the takbo peeps during the test run on jan 23. see you soon!


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