“Back To The Slope” #4 (3rd Week)

1. For this week, I slowly introduced some speed drills during my runs. The speed drills consist of “fartlek” and “strides” incorporated during my runs. My “fartlek” runs are done by increasing my pace for the duration of one minute and then continue with my usual pace during the run. After 2 minutes of my regular pace, I do another repetition of a fast-paced one minute duration until I could do at least 10 repetitions. Sometimes, I do some counting from 1 to 60 as my left foot touches the ground during my “fartlek” runs.

2. For the “strides”, I do a fast-paced run of 100 meters and then go back to my regular pace for the next 100 meters. I usually do this while running on the oval track. I do at least 20 repetitions of the “strides” during my running workout at the oval track.

3. My total mileage for this week is 62 kilometers. The following were my workouts for the 3rd week:

28 Dec (Monday)—10K Easy Run at The Fort with an average pace of 6:18 mpk

29 Dec (Tuesday)—12K Easy Run at Camp Aguinaldo with an average pace of 6:09 mpk.

30 Dec (Wednesday)—Rest Day (?) Rizal Day 32K Run as Race Director.

31 Dec (Thursday)—12K Easy Run at The Fort & McKinley Hill with an average pace of 6:36 mpk.

01 Jan (Friday)—10K Easy Run with “Fartleks” at UP Diliman Compound with an average pace of 6:07 mpk.

02 Jan (Saturday)—12K Easy Run at The Fort with an average pace of 6:45 mpk.

03 Jan (Sunday)—6K Fast Run at the Rizal High School Oval Track with an average pace of 5:25 mpk.

4. My run last Sunday, 03 Jan at the Rizal High School Oval Track in Pasig City was supposed to be an active recovery run for about 30 minutes. However, once I started my run after my stretching and warm-up, I felt I was running faster than my usual pace for an easy run. I felt comfortable with my pace and continued my run and finished 6K. I really do not know if the Adidas TechnoFit compression/tight shorts was instrumental for my fast pace. It was my first time to try such compression shorts with “special bands” squeezing my butt, hamstring, and quadricep muscles. I have yet to use it more in my runs in order to assess and evaluate its usefulness as its price is too expensive as compared to other compression shorts.


2 thoughts on ““Back To The Slope” #4 (3rd Week)

  1. sidrks

    Hi Sir Jovie, I saw you in Ultra this morning po. Cinder pa din po ba yung surface ng oval sa Rizal High School? I kinda miss running there. Yung Technofit compression po ng Adidas sana po makapaglagay kayo eventually ng review kung useful po sya talaga. I am still reluctant in buying it kasi parang rubber lang yung silver lining (Just my thought). More power to your blog po!


  2. kingofpots

    Rizal High School Oval Track is made of tartan already. It was the venue of the NCR Athletic Meet last year (3rd quarter). Don’t worry, I will make a review on the said technofit compression shorts soon. see you soon!


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