Financial Report: Rizal Day Run

 I started doing this accountability and transparency “thing” since the 1st MASTERS Run held last September 6, 2009. For being consistent in our race events, I am posting a financial report on the conduct of the Rizal Day Run last December 30, 2009. We gained more than One Thousand Pesos during our 1st MASTERS Run but it was fun seeing the support of our friends and participants. This was a running event where we “first” awarded the “Baldie” Medal to every finisher and a significant event to introduce cold beer and ice cream at the Finish Line.

The following is the financial report for the Rizal Day Run. A total of 372 runners registered for the run. 

Collection From Registration Fees  P 111,600.00  
Commemorative T-Shirts    P 27,900.00
Race Bibs   P4,500.00
Gatorade, Foods/Groceries   P 3,700.00
Purchase of Additional Water   P 1,000.00
Rentals For Tables   P 500.00
Water Cups   P 2,000.00
Bond Papers   P 400.00
Brown Envelopes   P 470.00
Wrist Bands   P 1, 200.00
Certificates of Achievement   P 1, 000.00
POL & Gasoline Expenses   P 3, 000.00
Foods For Marshals   P 1, 600.00
Tarpaulin/Banners   P 1, 300.00
Garbage Bags   P 600.00
Rent For PATAFA Race Clock   P 7,000.00
Safety Pins   P 300.00
Finisher’s Medals   P 32, 100.00
Winners’ Medals   P 1, 200.00
TOTAL EXPENSES   P 89, 770.00

In this run, I did not pay for the permit to use the camp and the marshals were not given any fees since the gains for the said race will be used for the training of the members of the Elite Team Bald Runner. All the members of the Elite Team acted as Marshals; Pacers; and Aid Station personnel.

Once again, my sincerest thanks to Jonel & Team Hardcore/FrontRunner Magazine; HINGS Running Club; GHQ & HSC Command; Tintin F aka Timothy; Carrey-Isko-Eugene Group; Reinier Pacific;; and to all the runners for their support to this run.


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