“More Room For Improvement”

1. As the Race Organizer and Director of the 1st RIZAL DAY 32K RUN, I admit that there is still room for improvement in the conduct of a simple road race.

2. Despite my instructions to the leading “PACER” that all the runners must finish 4 loops plus 2/3 of one loop, the leading “PACER” ran directly towards the back of the GHQ Grandstand and towards to the Finish Line after the lead runner had received the 4th “colored wristband”. Weeks and days before race day, I personally ran the course and the following were the results from my GF 305:

1st loop (from the Grandstand) up to the Gen Aguinaldo Monument—-7 kilometers

2nd loop (from Gen Aguinaldo’s Monument and back)—-6.85 kilometers

3rd loop (from Gen Aguinaldo’s Monument and back)—-6.85 kilometers

4th loop (from Gen Aguinaldo’s Monument and back)—-6.85 kilometers

5th loop (from Gen Aguinaldo’s Monument–Daza Park–LogCom Driving Range–Flagpole–Finish Line—-5.05 kilometers

Total Distance—-32.60 kilometers

3. I should have made an arrangement for the Fire Trucks of the GHQ’s Fire Department/Station to make a water shower to runners during their 3rd up to the last loop. Lots of water for drinking on the Aid Stations were wasted as some runners stopped to pour a lot of drinking water to their faces, heads, and backs.

4. For those who finished the race and were not able to receive their medals, they will get them during the 2010 PSE Bull Run on January 17th at The Fort. Runners are advised to bring their (used) Race Bibs and IDs for confirmation.

5. Did I hear somebody suggesting that the next RIZAL DAY RUN will be a 35-K Run since Dr Jose Rizal died at the age of 35?

6. Thanks to our donors, friends of BR, BR’s Events staff, and the running community for their support to make this race a success.

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