A Comment From Project Donate A Shoe

The following is a comment I received from my Project Donate A Shoes Page in this blog. I really don’t know what to reply to the sender but I thought of posting his comment in this blog with the hope that my running friends from Souther California could help him.

I have recently been released from state prison for things that I did while under the influence of a drug called meth. Well, I wanna say that for the past 5 years running has been my refuge but when I actually got released I found myself without the funds to purchase running shoes or shorts. I really love what running has done to me physically as well as spiritually it has made me a different person, but without running shoes or shorts I am unable to practice the sport that I go to sleep thinking about and wake up early morning dreaming about.
I hope someone could find it in their heart to maybe help me, Im unemployed and with no hopes of even finding work because being an excon people dont want to give a person a second chance but I cant blame em, every day I’m searching and applying for work but no perspective employers have shown an interest. My living situation is not any different Im practically homeless, but I am determined to change my life. I know this might sound corney but Im trying my best to return to school and thats another problem I have to pay for the books before the financial aid kicks in but who knows maybe something good could develop?
In closing I love running and want to be able to run, hopefully you could help me out in getting some running shoes and shorts so I could return to the sport that I truly love.
Im in southern california near Santa Monica.

Joe Matias of A Runners Circle, Ben Gaetos, Carmela Layson, Rick Gaston, Arthur and those who are regular visitors of this blog, you can send me a Personal Message at Facebook if you are interested to help this guy. I can share to you his e-mail address. Thanks in advance!


7 thoughts on “A Comment From Project Donate A Shoe

  1. run2dmoon

    how about barefoot running? thought it’s the ‘IN’ thing nowadays.
    you cannot run away with your past but you can always run with your feet :p
    sorry for playing devil’s advocate. but nothing can stop anyone from doing what one loves to do…as long as it is legal.

    those who seek shall find. calling all fellow runners with a big heart to share.

    galing talaga ng site ni baldrunner…more power!


  2. nerilim

    Sir J, When I was a 5-10k race director, I received a lot of emails from con artists asking for running outfits. At the end, they all wanted cash, not materials. I will still give, despite my doubts.
    I have few pairs of size 10.5 road and trail shoes with less than 250 miles on it… and so with running shirts and shorts. I can send it to him directly from here if he has a mailing address.
    It’s nice that you care.


  3. birddawg

    I think it is terrible someone would take advantage of a persons kindness in that way. Just to set the record straight I DONT want any cash. I just want to be able to run again but I wear a size 12-13 in shoes, a med-lg in shorts, and a large top.
    But heres the situation I dont actually have a physical address where I could receive packages but what you can do is send them to my mailing address at 11110 W Pico Blvd Los Angeles, Ca 90064. I checked with fed ex and if it is ground delivery I could have it held at the fed ex location where I could pick em up with ID . If its express delivery it can be sent directly to 2139 S Bundy Dr Los Angeles, Ca 90064 in my name Kenneth Johnson. But once it is sent I will need a tracking number Thank you so much. You can email me that. Now if you are using another carrier please let me know so I could check on their policies. Thank you.


  4. Kenneth,

    I spoke to someone at ARC (A Runner’s Circle). They are in LA.

    I’m willing to donate a gift certificate so you can get a pair of shoes that fits. Just make your way over there, hopefully it’s not too far from where you are staying. Let me know and I’ll set that up.



  5. birddawg

    That would be great but I cant get into the store until next week because Im completely outta bus tokens would that be alright before I go though I’ll let you know about the time that Ill be arriving? Its really difficult being unemployed and all.
    Thanks again


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