FREE Corporate Running Clinic Is Back!

2:00 PM February 19, 2010 @ 2GO Office, Old Domestic Airport, Pasay City

Last May 2009, I was invited by Jerome Sese, HR Executive of Aboitiz, Inc as one of the guest speakers in their corporate’s 3K Fun Run at the La Mesa Dam. I delivered a brief speech and suggested to the employees to conduct a running clinic for all the officers, staff & employees of the company in the near future for them to appreciate and learn the scientific approach to running.

After 6 months, I received an invitation from Jerome Sese to pursue the conduct of a running lecture & clinic to all the officers. staff and employees of Aboitiz, Inc as soon as possible. Jerome explained to me that he was assigned outside the Metro Manila area (Mindanao) after the 3K Fun Run last May 2009 and that was the reason why he was not able to make a follow-up on the conduct of running clinic last year.

The first phase of the running clinic was conducted among the personnel of 2GO whose office is located in one of the hangars-turned offices at the old Domestic Airport. The running lecture & clinic started at 2:00 PM with Jerome introducing me to the 36 participants.

Jerome Sese of Aboitiz Inc During The Introduction

My lecture featured the “basics” and principles in training and running. Phases and Tips of Training for a running distance event were explained. However, what is important in this introductory lecture in running is my emphasis on the development and enhancement of good values to each of every participant if they want to engage in a sports called “running”. In essence, I want everybody to set the example to their family, relatives and friends and a source of inspiration if they decide to be serious in running.

36 Participants Attended The Lecture/Clinic

After 1 1/2 hours of lecture, the practical demonstration on the warm-up, stretching exercises, and technical information about running was led by Coach Saturnino Salazar and the members of the Elite Team Bald Runner. All the participants were requested to stand-up and follow the demonstrations being displayed by the Team. Due to the intense heat/temperature outside the office, the actual drills and running form demonstrations were done inside the lecture room.

Coach Salazar Took Over the Practical/Demonstration Portion
Stretching Exercises
Running Form & Strides

After the practical demonstrations, an open forum was conducted. The Team BR answered questions about running shoes, running apparel, nutrition, and other cross-training sports related to running. After the lecture, the members of the BR Running Clinic Team were given gifts and certificates for the services rendered to the employees of the 2GO Company.

Group Picture After The Running Clinic

Thanks, Jerome and to the 2GO personnel for the wonderful reception and interest in running! Hope to see you on the next road races in the future.


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