Fourth Day: Mid-Day Run

1. I was not able give my readers a brief description of my run on the 4th day of my adventure run. I was able to post my pictures as “teaser” for what had transpired during the run.

2. I slept late on the 3rd day as I was frustrated to have not reached the boundary of Tarlac and Pangasinan due to the stones/gravel and sand along the sidewalk of the National Highway and finally stopped at Km Post #160, barely 8-9 kilometers to the boundary line. While at the Hotel, there was a 30-minute “brownout” which disturbed my sleep. However, I was able to extend my sleep by waking up late in the morning. I ordered a full breakfast meal and ate it without any hurry.

3. Since I slept in one of the roadside hotels in Carmen, Rosales, I had to be driven back to San Manuel, Tarlac, a 10K-drive, at 9:00 AM. Finally, I started my run from Km Post #160 on or about 9:30 AM. It was already too hot during the day but I was able to endure by incorporating walking breaks during my run. As practiced and done in my previous days, I had to drink water from my Nathan Hydration bottle every 2 kilometers and drink half-bottle of Gatorade every 5 kilometers.

Banana (Lacatan) as The Most Powerful Energy-Boosting Fresh Fruit

4. I was very strong during the morning run because I had a full breakfast with steamed rice, fried eggs, & longganiza (local sausage). After running straight for 12 kilometers, I have to incorporate walking breaks while eating SkyFlakes crackers and Cloud 9 chocolate bites. At 12 noon, I reached the City of Urdaneta and decided to check-in to an apartelle recommended by my friend, Cecil Morella. I had my cold shower and prepared for my lunch. I had my lunch at Matutina’s Restaurant where I ate Pusit Adobo, Fried Bangus Belly, and Pork Barbecue with Rice. After lunch, I was able to sleep at the Apartelle for almost 2 hours.

Be Careful With The Sand & Gravel On The Sidewalks!
Km Post Markings In Pangasinan Are Accurate.

5. At 4:15 PM, I prepared to continue my run from the Apartelle, going towards Urdaneta Poblacion and Binalonan. It was still very hot and the sidewalk was still the same—sand & gravel but I endured the surface of the road and the sound/noise, pollution and traffic of vehicles along the National Highway. Those narrow bridges between Urdaneta and Binalonan are accident-prone areas because the width could exactly accommodate two vehicles abreast with each other. I took extra precaution on crossing these bridges making sure that there was no vehicle crossing on the bridge with me on both traffic. Most of the old bridges don’t have any space for pedestrians on both sides of the road. I really wanted to stop by on those makeshift stores selling boiled corn on the sidewalks of the road between Urdaneta and Binalonan but I was in a hurry to finish my run. The boiled corn being sold there are sweet and fresh. They are produced/harvested locally on those cornfields along the highway. However, I did not miss these boiled corn as I bought some on my way back to Manila. I finally reached Km Post # 192 in Binalonan, Pangasinan at 6:00 PM. I ended my run very early because of a dinner appointment with Rey Jimenez in Urdaneta City.

6. Days before I reached the Province of Pangasinan, Rey Jimenez of Dagupan City contacted and invited me for dinner in Urdaneta through my cellphone and he was a generous host and very persistent to join me on my last leg from Saitan, Rosario, La Union to Baguio City. It was my second time to meet him as he joined the 2010 BDM 50K Test Run from Mariveles to Abucay, Bataan last month even if he did not finish a full marathon distance yet. He is a good runner as he finished the BDM Test Run in 7+hours. During the dinner, Rey showed seriousness in joining me on the next day’s last leg to Baguio City.

7. As scheduled at 6:30 PM, Rey and I met at the Matutina’s Restaurant, the very same restaurant where I had my lunch! Rey ordered the following dishes for the dinner: Inihaw na Bonuan Bangus, Sinigang na Malaga, Lechon Kawali, and Kilawen na Pusit. It was a heavy dinner but it was enough as my food replenishment for the day and “carbo” load for the next day. I told many stories to Rey about my experiences on the road for the past 4 days during our dinner. Rey, thanks for the dinner!

8. At about 9:30 PM, after posting my “teaser” pictures and my day’s evening edition, I immediately went to bed with an intention to wake up early for the last day of my run. I was decided to finish the run on the 5th day in Baguio City.

9. This leg was my shortest run in terms of my daily mileage but it was one of the hardest days because of the heat of the sun and the condition of the sidewalk along the National Highway. I was told that this day was the first day of summer for the year! My total mileage was 32 kilometers. The mileage was short but I was able to conserve my strength and energy for the last leg of my run.

10. On political and campaign posters in Pangasinan, I did not see much posters along the highway. Almost all the barangays along the National Highway from Urdaneta City to the Pangasinan-La Union Boundary has a posted notice from the Barangay Captains that they prohibit the display of campaign posters nailed/stapled on trees and I believe that this notice was strictly implimented. Instead, I’ve seen the following “writings on the walls”:

This Is An Indication of A Problem!
Very Interesting!!!

One thought on “Fourth Day: Mid-Day Run

  1. Lakay BR,

    you will always be welcome here in Pangasinan….Ba guio….

    just like the song SANA MAULIT MULI, I’m sure a lot of runners are looking forward to joining you in your next Adventure Run….

    Persistence (“kakulitan”) pays, ika nga….

    Taray Nga Taray!



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